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Weekend Roundup: Tax Havens and Refugee Camps Describe Today's World

Huffington Post

Writing from Amman, Jordan, Daoud Kuttab explains how Jordanian authorities are doing a good job handling terrorism through sophisticated intelligence and close knowledge of the community. Chen Kai, who heads the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, lauds the commitments made at President Obama's Nuclear Security Summit last week and says China will play "an active role in establishing, constructing and upholding this international nuclear security architecture." Former National Security Adviser Ra Jong-Yil writes from Seoul that China's effort to improve ties with South Korea is more about splitting it off from the American-led alliance in Northeast Asia than protecting it from North Korea. Physicist Frank von Hippel and Fumihiko Yoshida worry that, "Today, a number of countries -- including France and Japan -- are separating plutonium from the spent fuel of their reactors and building dangerous stockpiles of this weapon-usable nuclear material with no good economic purpose."