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Iran officials find wreckage of deadly plane crash

Al Jazeera

Iran has located the wreckage of a passenger plane that went down in a mountainous part of the country earlier this week, killing all 65 people on board. A military drone was used to locate the crash site, and two helicopters were then dispatched to the snow-covered scene, Iranian Revolutionary Gua...

'AI will lead to another industrial revolution'


Dubai: Artificial intelligence (AI) will lead to another industrial revolution to benefit humankind, delegates attending the sixth World Government Summit were told on Monday. During a series of special sessions, AI experts shared the latest scientific discoveries on an issue that is on everyone's ...

Israel Launches Attack In Syria After Shooting Down Iranian Drone

International Business Times

Tensions escalated when the Israeli military shot down an Iranian drone who they suspect infiltrated Israel early Saturday before launching an attack on dozens of Iranian targets in Syria, Reuters reported. Israel, upon discovering the drone hovering over their territory, shot it down and sent warp...

The Latest: Israel Says Iran Drone Use 'Playing With Fire'

U.S. News

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the first round targeted in the central desert area where Syrian troops and their Iranian-backed allies including Hezbollah are known to maintain bases. It cited unconfirmed reports of casualties among Syrian government forces and allied militiamen.

Israel Downs Iranian Drone and Strikes Syria, F-16 Crashes

U.S. News

Israel has long complained about the involvement of archenemy Iran, and Iranian proxy Hezbollah, in the Syria war. The Shiite allies have sent forces to back Syrian President Bashar Assad, who appears headed toward victory after years of fighting. Israel has said it will not accept a permanent military presence by Iran and its Shiite allies in Syria, especially near the Israeli border.

Syria war: Israeli fighter jet crashes under Syria fire, military says

BBC News

An Israeli fighter jet has crashed amid Syrian anti-aircraft fire after an offensive against Iranian targets in Syria, the Israeli military says. The two pilots ejected and parachuted to safety after the crash in northern Israel. They were taken to hospital. Israel said its aircraft, an F-16 jet, was carrying out strikes in response to the launch of an Iranian drone into Israel. The drone was intercepted. Syria opened fire after an Israeli act of "aggression", state media said. In a statement, the Israeli military said "a combat helicopter successfully intercepted an Iranian UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle] that was launched from Syria and infiltrated Israel". It said the drone was identified quickly and was "under surveillance until the interception". IDF has targeted the Iranian control systems in Syria that sent the #UAV into Israeli airspace. Massive Syrian Anti-Air fire, one F16 crashed in Israel, pilots safe. #Iran is responsible for this severe violation of Israeli sovereignty. Event ongoing, more to follow. The drone went down on Israeli territory and was "in our possession", Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Brig Gen Ronen Manelis said. The military said that in response the IDF "targeted Iranian targets in Syria", adding that the mission was successfully completed. Red alert sirens sounded in areas of northern Israel and the Golan Heights due to Syrian anti-aircraft fire. Residents reported hearing a number of explosions and heavy aerial activity in the area near Israel's borders with Jordan and Syria. Syrian state media quoted a military source as saying that the country's air defences opened fire in response to an Israeli act of "aggression" against a military base on Saturday, hitting "more than one plane". Iran - together with Russia - is a key supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whose troops have been fighting rebel groups since 2011. Last November, a Western intelligence source told the BBC that Tehran was establishing a permanent military base inside Syria. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that "Israel will not let that happen". Iran has faced accusations that it is seeking to establish not just an arc of influence but a logistical land supply line from Iran through to the Shia Hezbollah movement in Lebanon. Israeli strikes in Syria are not unusual, the BBC's Middle East correspondent Tom Bateman says. But he adds that the downing of an Israeli fighter jet marks one of the most serious escalations yet.

Israel says it shot down Iranian drone over Syria

Al Jazeera

Israel's military says it has targeted what it calls Iranian sites within Syrian territory after intercepting an Iranian-made drone. Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, Israeli military spokesman, said on Twitter on Saturday that the drone entered Israeli occupied Golan Heights. He also said one of Israeli fighter jets was shot down during their Syria operation, but the pilot ejected and landed safely. "IDF [Israel Defence Forces] has targeted the Iranian control systems in Syria that sent the #UAV into Israeli airspace. Massive Syrian Anti-Air fire, one F16 crashed in Israel, pilots safe," said Conricus. Israeli media said the jet crashed in northern Israel. Syria state television later cited a Syrian military official as saying that Israeli "aggression" targeted the Syrian army base in the central region of the country. IDF has targeted the Iranian control systems in Syria that sent the #UAV into Israeli airspace. Massive Syrian Anti-Air fire, one F16 crashed in Israel, pilots safe. #Iran is responsible for this severe violation of Israeli sovereignty. Event ongoing, more to follow.

Airports turn to Artificial Intelligence to find the dangers within


Regional airports are ramping up their internal security measures as they say the most dangerous threats in today's aviation world come from within. Artificial intelligence will play a major role in staff clearance in cities like Dubai and Jeddah in the coming years as it will ensure swift analysis and predictions of potential criminal or terrorist behaviour, a security forum heard on Monday. "The concept of security has completely changed," said Farah Al Ansari, head of airport security at Dubai International Airport. "The threats used to be in restricted areas but now they've moved and affect people and government as they're more spread, like what happened in Brussels and Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, so we're upgrading our systems to be in line with modern technologies." The airport is currently working on staff entrance to ensure greater control by introducing biometrics, more advanced face recognition and artificial intelligence, as opposed to only CCTV cameras and police monitoring now.

Turkish forces take strategic hill near Syria's Afrin amid intense airstrikes as civilian toll reaches at least 51

The Japan Times

KILIS, TURKEY – Turkish troops and allied Syrian fighters captured a strategic hill in northwestern Syria on Sunday as their offensive to root out Kurdish fighters entered a second week. Associated Press reporters in the Turkish border town of Kilis heard constant shelling and clashes as Turkish aircraft flew overhead and plumes of smoke rose in the distance. The Turkey-backed forces have been trying to capture the hill, which separates the Kurdish-held enclave of Afrin from the Turkey-controlled town of Azaz, since the start of their offensive on Jan. 20, but have been met with stiff resistance. The Kurdish militia known as the People's Defense Units, or YPG, said Turkey sent reinforcements to the area following intense airstrikes on Sunday. The Turkish military said in a statement that its soldiers and allied Syrian opposition fighters captured Bursayah hill assisted by airstrikes, attack helicopters, armed drones and howitzers.