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3 Technologies To Make 'Digital India' Dream Come True -


As part of the initiative, the telecom governing body will be collaborating with the telcos and internet data providers to set up'pay-as-you-go' public data offices (PDOs) in different parts of the country. As a part of Prime Minister Modi's Digital India initiative, The Indian Railways have partnered with Google to provide Wi-Fi broadband facility to passengers at major railway stations across India. "Increasingly being termed cyber archaeology, the latest Big Data tools can help archaeological agencies capture digital information, collaborate, store, share, as well as display data for public and researchers. All these technologies today are also giving shape to our country's much ambitious initiative- Smart Cities-India took a major step towards building safer, greener and intelligent cities as the government announced its plans to develop 100 smart cities along with a host of urban renewal schemes.

Why India Needs a Strategic Artificial Intelligence Vision


China has been heavily investing in American AI start-ups, alarming the US government enough for it to seriously consider strengthening its existing strategic foreign investment regulatory mechanism – the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). The present trajectory of AI advancement indicates that future economies and national security will be defined by it, making it among a handful of technologies that will shape global politics. The mapping of India's existing AI capabilities with a comprehensive survey of every AI focused establishment in the country would be a good place to start. The development of such a comprehensive vision will help the Indian government optimise the allocation of its considerable research capabilities towards the development of specific AI capabilities that would most benefit the country.

How India's public policy can take maximum advantage of AI


The report titled Artificial Intelligence and Robotics–2017 believes that national initiatives like Make in India, Skill India and Digital India could immensely benefit from AI technologies. AI, for instance, can be applied to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiatives such as the Digital India initiative, Skill India and Make in India; in large-scale public endeavours ranging from crop insurance schemes, tax fraud detection, and detecting subsidy leakage, and to helping hone the country's defence strategy. For example, cloud computing infrastructure, which is capable of storing large amounts of data and facilitating the huge amount of computing power essential for AI applications, is largely located on servers abroad. To encourage the same level of innovation in AI research efforts in India, initiatives to hold events and build user communities in the field of AI will go a long way, the report notes.


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FILE - In this June 2, 2017, file photo Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Trump administration is set to authorize the sale of surveillance drones to India as the two nations' leaders prepare for their first face-to-face meeting on June 26. That's according to a congressional aide and an industry representative speaking to The Associated Press.

Digital Payments, AI and VR will power the Indian economy in future


He said: "Post demonetization, the growth of mobile wallets has surpassed the growth of net banking and other digital payment offerings from banks in India. To figure out how are some of the government initiatives working, as they show where the opportunities will be in the future (more people online, more ecommerce and more digital spend), The Drum spoke to K Yatish Rajawat who is a well known digital strategist and policy analyst based in Delhi. For instance, it has made an open stack (UPI) that allows banks to create applications for mobile phones for digital transactions. We spoke to Arvind Gupta, founder member of AI startup India is moving from a data poor country to a data rich country and AI will play a true role in delivering services self services, bringing about a policy driven state where only exceptions will need to be handled by government staff."

Look Beyond Machine Learning to an AI Future


By leveraging global best practices in smart city development and ICT (Information and Communication Technology), India is in a unique position to leapfrog a few stages of growth to become a global superpower. In 2015, the Indian government announced an ambitious plan to develop 100 smart cities, with a commitment of spending 7.27 billion over the next five years. In this presentation, we will look at the roadmap for Indian smart cities, along with the anticipated challenge of meeting capex requirements and the dire need for devising innovative business models to make "Smart Cities in India" a success story. Tune in for insights on the following: • Learn about the Indian government's 7.3 billion smart city mission aimed at applying smart solutions to improve infrastructure and service delivery in Indian cities.

Oracle begins smart city partnership with Indian state of Maharashtra


Oracle CEO Safra Catz shakes hands with Devendra Fadnavis, the chief minister of Maharashtra, at Oracle OpenWorld 2016. The projects under consideration include a "smart city in a box," a mobile platform for service questions, unified app development for services like drivers license renewals or property tax payments, a digital platform to deliver smart city services across the state, infrastructure services for equipment and IT and resources like analytics to manage transportation logistics. Earlier this year, Oracle announced separate major investments in India, including the construction of a massive campus centered in Bengaluru, 9 incubation centers throughout the country, and an initiative to train more than half a million students each year in computer science. All of its villages will be connected through fiber by December 2018, Devendra Fadnavis, the chief minister of Maharashtra, said on the Oracle OpenWorld stage on Tuesday.

Militants sneak into Indian army base and mow down sleeping soldiers in Kashmir, killing 17

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The four assailants, who also threw grenades that caused tents and temporary shelters to catch fire at the army brigade headquarters at Uri, were killed in a gun battle with security forces that lasted six hours, authorities said. Just last Christmas, Modi visited Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at his home in Pakistan in what was seen as a confidence-building move ahead of negotiations between the country's top diplomats. Bayer buying Monsanto, Uber's self-driving cars, Cup of noodles is changing its recipe, new battle over child vaccination, an Emmys preview, the new Chevy Bolt, Ryan Lochte's "Dancing with the Stars" premiere gets overshadowed by protesters. Bayer buying Monsanto, Uber's self-driving cars, Cup of noodles is changing its recipe, new battle over child vaccination, an Emmys preview, the new Chevy Bolt, Ryan Lochte's "Dancing with the Stars" premiere gets overshadowed by protesters.

Artificial intelligence is now the real thing


A clever tax collection app will help the government detect sophisticated methods of tax evasion while a subsidy app will better target benefits to those who need them the most, helping plug leakages. Outlining the challenges and opportunities of an artificial intelligence-led future, the recent paper by Carnegie India titled "India and Artificial Intelligence Revolution" delves at length into the policy roadmap for India to prepare itself for impending change. Every one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's flagship initiatives -- Make in India, Skill India, Digital India -- will be impacted by the recent advances in artificial intelligence, making it imperative for Indian policymakers to take both an immediate and a long-term view. The government should identify public-sector applications like detecting tax fraud, preventing subsidy leakage, and targeting beneficiaries, where current advances in artificial intelligence could make a significant impact.

Raja-Mandala: India, US and Artificial Intelligence


How the leading powers mobilise and deploy these technologies will shape the balance of economic and military power among them in the coming decades. Carter has been driving the Pentagon to leverage AI to America's strategic advantage over rivals like China and Russia as well as sophisticated terror groups like the Islamic State. Unlike in the earlier military revolutions, India has some capabilities and knowledge in the emerging AI sector. Effective use of these will help India accelerate its own economic growth, address its national security challenges and gain an effective voice in the international regulation of autonomous weapons and robotic warfare.