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Saudi-led coalition hits Houthi-held areas in renewed air raids

Al Jazeera

Fighter jets belonging to a Saudi-led coalition battling Yemen's Houthi rebels have launched dozens of air raids on several Yemeni provinces, as the kingdom announced the start of a new military operation. The Houthi-run Al Masirah Media Network reported air raids on the capital, Sanaa, as well as Marib, al-Jouf, al-Bayda, Hajjah and Saada provinces throughout Wednesday and into the night. It said an elderly woman and a child were killed and four others wounded in Saada province. In Sanaa, residents described the air raids, which also struck the city's international airport, as "violent". Saudi state television reported earlier on Wednesday that the coalition had begun a military push against the Houthis after the group stepped up cross-border missile and drone attacks on the kingdom.

Chinese state news agency unveils 'the world's first 3D AI anchor'


China's state news agency has revealed its first 3D AI-powered news anchor after replicating the looks and the actions of a human journalist with cutting-edge technologies. The virtual female presenter, branded as the world's first of its kind, can move around smoothly and display complex facial expressions. She can even change her outfits and hairstyles according to different scenarios, a spokesperson said. Beijing's state media has revealed'the world's first 3D AI news anchor' today after'cloning' a human reporter with cutting edge technologies. The virtual female presenter, branded as the world's first of its kind, can move around smoothly and display complex facial expressions The uncanny avatar (pictured), named Xin Xiaowei, was developed by Xinhua along with Sogou, a Chinese technology company specialising in web search.

DuckDuckGo down in India: Private browser mysteriously stops working

The Independent - Tech

Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo has reported that its service is not working in India. "To our users in India: We've received many reports our search engine is unreachable by much of India right now and have confirmed it is not due to us," the company tweeted. "We're actively talking to Internet providers to get to the bottom of it ASAP. It is unclear why DuckDuckGo would be unavailable in the country. It remains online in other countries, including the United Kingdom.

Quantum computers will disrupt multiple businesses, says Honeywell India President


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based analytics solutions require aggregating and analysing data to train them to mimic real-world …

China Won't Win the Race for AI Dominance


Once upon a time, Japan was widely expected to eclipse the United States as the technological leader of the world. In 1988, the New York Times reporter David Sanger described a group of U.S. computer science experts, meeting to discuss Japan's technological progress. When the group assessed the new generation of computers coming out of Japan, Sanger wrote, "any illusions that America had maintained its wide lead evaporated." Replace "computers" with "artificial intelligence," and "Japan" with "China," and the article could have been written today. In AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order, which unsurprisingly became an instant bestseller, former Google China President Kai-Fu Lee argues that China's unparalleled trove of data, culture of copying, and strong government commitment to artificial intelligence give it a major leg up against the United States.

The U.S. Is Catching Up With China in AI Adoption, Kai-Fu Lee Says

TIME - Tech

The U.S. has started to catch up to China on the adoption of Artificial Intelligence technology, says AI expert Kai-Fu Lee. When Lee--the chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures--wrote his book AI Superpowers in 2018, he argued that China was faster in implementing and monetizing AI technology. But the U.S. has started to close the gap on adopting and using AI day-to-day Lee said at Wednesday's TIME100 Talks event. "China was way ahead in things like mobile payments, food delivery, robotics for delivery, things like that, but we also saw recently, in the U.S., very quickly peoples' habits were forming about ordering food from home, about use of robotics in various places, in using more mobile technologies, mobile payments," said Lee, who has been at the forefront of AI innovation for over three decades at Apple, Microsoft, Google and today as an investor in Chinese tech startups. The Chinese Communist Party has placed a huge focus in recent years on technological advancement to drive its economic growth.

Will the unrest in Libya and NATO's schism drag US back into conflict?

FOX News

It is nearly nine years since the death of Muammar al-Gaddafi, splintering Libya into a protracted conflict of contested rulers and warring militias. For more than a year now, Libya's U.N.-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) in the capital of Tripoli has been under attack by forces loyal to the rogue General Khalifa Haftar, who heads his own Libyan National Army (LNA) which controls swaths in the east of the country, including the city of Benghazi. While the GNA is supported by the United Nations, Turkey and – at least initially – the United States, the LNA gets its military might from Russia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and, more quietly, France. On June 3, GNA-linked troops squeezed the LNA out of Tripoli's International Airport and proceeded to take back nearby cities, including Tarhouna and oilfields in Sharara, after months of Haftar-led occupation. The fighting has since progressed to Sirte, Gaddafi's hometown and onetime home base for ISIS in the region.

Saudi-led coalition says it destroyed missile targeting Najran

Al Jazeera

The Saudi-led military coalition, which has been battling the Houthi rebels in Yemen, said on Saturday it had intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile targeting the Saudi Arabian border city of Najran. In a statement issued via the Saudi state news agency SPA, coalition spokesman Turki al-Malki said the missile was fired from the Yemeni city of Saada, and some people were slightly injured by fragments of the weapon when it was destroyed. The missile had targeted civilian facilities in the southwestern Saudi city of Najran near the border with Yemen, the coalition said. The Houthis, who have controlled the capital, Sanaa, and areas in the country's north since 2014, did not confirm the attack. The rebel group has launched dozens of drone attacks on Saudi Arabia in the past in what they call retaliation to the Saudi intervention in Yemen.

Indian military tests eye-tracking tech to help pilots control planes

New Scientist

Pilots in India are testing aircraft display systems that work by tracking and responding to eye movements and could let military pilots keep their hands on the plane's controls more often while flying.

Zoom shuts down Tiananmen Square activist's account after orders from Chinese government

The Independent - Tech

Video conferencing software maker Zoom shut down the account of Chinese activist Zhou Fengsuo at the behest of the Chinese government. The account was closed because Zhou, and other activists, held a digital event commemorating the Tienanmen Square Massacre. The Tienanmen Square protests were a student movement for democratic rights in the country set against mass privatisation and neoliberal globalism enacted by Deng Xiaoping, according to historian and participant in the 1989 protest Wang Hui. Thousands of people were killed and wounded when, in what came to be known as the Tienanmen Square Massacre. Zhou had paid for a Zoom account associated with the U.S. nonprofit Humanitarian China.