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Artificial intelligence packs a punch in Kung Fu training


Think of the ancient art of Kung Fu, and you may not immediately see a link with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Russia adds gun slinging to its humanoid space robot's list of helpful skills


Just in time for the rise in global military tensions, Russian officials have released video that's sure to calm fears all around: a death dealing humanoid robot that shoots handguns.

The Chinese Tech Firms Pushing Boundaries Of Artificial Intelligence - BI News - Business Intelligence


In China's quest to shed its reputation as a land of copycats, the world's second-biggest economy is pouring resources in to the hottest area in technology innovation: artificial intelligence.

China is investing billions into US startups building cutting-edge products that could have military applications


Military delegates arrive at the Great Hall of the People for a meeting ahead of Saturday's opening ceremony of the National People's Congress (NPC), in Beijing, China March 4, 2016.

Yahoo hack: Russia denies involvement after US charges two FSB officers over 'state-sponsored' cyber attack

The Independent

The Russian government says that its agents weren't involved in hacking 500 million Yahoo accounts after the US charged two spies two spies over a "state-sponsored" cyber attack.

How China is Becoming a World Leader in Artificial Intelligence - China Briefing News


On March 5, at the opening meeting of the National People's Congress, China's top legislature's annual session, Premier Li Keqiang announced that China will accelerate research and development (R&D) in new and emerging industries, such as artificial intelligence (AI). It is the first time that China's highest national meeting has included AI in the Government Work Report. The report's singling out of AI indicates Beijing's prioritization of the industry in its economic agenda, and therefore its determination to support its growth.

China calls for AI funding, policies to surpass US


China's government is preparing for a war of sorts with the United States to claim the vantage point to define the technological trend for the next generation.