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U.S. Drone Strike Kills Leader of Pakistan's Jamaat-Ul-Ahrar Militants: Spokesman

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DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan (Reuters) - The leader of Pakistani militant group Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, who planned some of the deadliest suicide bombings in Pakistan in the last year, died on Thursday after being wounded in a U.S. drone strike in Afghanistan, a spokesman said.

Fall of Raqqa no end game for U.S. as Islamic State, other extremist threats persist, spread

The Japan Times

WASHINGTON – The imminent fall of the Islamic State's de facto capital leaves America a multitude of tasks to restore stability in the Middle East, starting with pockets of remaining IS resistance in Syria and Iraq. Then there are the more deeply rooted problems, not fixable by guns or bombs, that allowed extremism to rise and flourish: Syria's civil war and Iraq's intractable political, religious and ethnic disputes, which turned violent again this week. The challenge is more than the U.S. can handle alone. It likely will keep some troops in Iraq for years to come to train and advise the army, police and other members of security forces that imploded when IS fighters swept across the Syrian border and captured Mosul in June 2014. The militants also have footholds in Afghanistan and beyond.



Dubai: The UAE Artificial Intelligence strategy was launched to boost government performance, the rate of accomplishing achievements. The strategy will create a highly productive innovative environment by investing in advanced technologies and AI tools that will be implemented in all fields of work. The strategy was launched on Monday by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The UAE AI strategy will seek to invest all capabilities in an ideal way, in addition to utilising resources, human and financial capabilities in a constructive manner that will quicken the execution of future programmes and development projects. Launching the strategy, Shaikh Mohammad said: "The UAE Centennial begins now, with the launch of massive projects such as the AI strategy to set up the basis for the coming phase.

North Korean hackers stole military plans to wipe out Kim regime, South Korean lawmaker says

The Japan Times

SEOUL – A South Korean lawmaker says North Korean hackers may have stolen highly classified military documents that include U.S.-South Korean wartime "decapitation strike" plans against the North Korean leadership, according to South Korean media reports. Rep. Lee Cheol-hee, a lawmaker for the ruling Democratic Party who sits on the National Defense Committee, said defense sources told him that in September 2016 North Korean hackers stole the classified U.S.-South Korean war plans, including parts of Operational Plan 5015, which includes procedures for a decapitation strike on the North's leadership if a crisis breaks out or appears imminent. After an investigation, the Defense Ministry said in May that North Korea was likely behind the hacking of the Defense Integrated Data Center but refused to confirm media speculation that the decapitation strike plan had been compromised. Other stolen data included contingency plans for South Korean special forces and information on military facilities and power plants, he said.

Twin suicide bombers hit Damascus police station, killing 17

The Japan Times

BEIRUT – Two suicide bombers stormed a police station in the Syrian capital on Monday, killing at least 17 civilians and police, state TV reported, while a drone strike in eastern Syria killed 10 Hezbollah fighters who were helping Syrian troops battle the Islamic State group. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a war monitoring group, said the Hezbollah fighters were killed Monday morning when their position came under attack from the sky. It has also been accused of striking Syrian government positions. The Observatory said two days of fighting in the desert area left 120 Syrian troops, Hezbollah fighters and other pro-government gunmen dead.

Give Saudi women a license not just to drive, but to run their own lives

Los Angeles Times

It'll be close, but it looks like women will be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia with some time to spare before the automobile industry converts entirely to self-driving cars. A royal decree announced Tuesday that women would finally be allowed behind the wheel, heralding a preposterously overdue end to the most high-profile and infamous of the repressive kingdom's restrictions on women. Even a woman in prison requires a male guardian to agree to her release, according to the monitoring group Human Rights Watch, which described the guardianship system as the most significant impediment to women's rights in Saudi Arabia -- and even a barrier to the government's own plans to improve the economy. The abolition of the male guardianship system should be the next announcement we hear from the Saudi government.

GPS spoofing makes ships in Russian waters think they're on land


Researchers are calling these "mass GPS interferences" and they appear to be linked to the intentional transmission of false GPS signals to provide incorrect time or location information, possibly to veil certain facilities from attack. Putin has long been rumored to have a lavish secret estate on the Black Sea coast near Gelendzhik, where researchers found one instance of GPS spoofing. The report's authors initially started to examine instances of GPS misdirection after a vessel master in the Black Sea reported his GPS showing him to be at the Gelendzhik airport, in southern Russia, about 25 miles from his real location, said Dana Goward, president of the non-profit Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation. The authors of the report found three specific instances of GPS spoofing in which ships' GPS-based navigation systems told them they were many miles from their location: at Russia's Gelendzhik Airport and Sochi International Airport near the Black Sea and St. Petersburg Airport near the North Sea.

SBI Deploys Payjo AI Based Chatbot To Help Customers - TeleAnalysis


World's largest bank, the State Bank of India (SBI), has deployed a new artificial intelligence (AI) based chatbot to help its customers that include addressing customer queries and help them find right kind of services from the bank. The AI solution, named SBI Intelligent Assistant (SIA), is deployed by Payjo that also offers similar solutions to many other international banks including Yes Bank. The SIA, Payjo said addresses customer enquiries instantly and helps them with everyday banking tasks just like a bank representative. The chatbot firm said setting up the AI platform for State Bank of India, the world's largest bank with 420 Million customers is nothing short of an engineering marvel.

Putin reveals fears that robots will one day 'eat us'

Daily Mail

The Russian president was speaking to Arkady Volozh, chief of internet firm Yandex, during a tour of the company's Moscow headquarters. The Russian president was speaking to Arkady Volozh, chief of internet firm Yandex, during a tour at the company's Moscow headquarters. At the beginning of this month, Putin said that AI is'the future, not only for Russia, but for all humankind'. At the beginning of this month, Putin said that AI is'the future, not only for Russia, but for all humankind' He added: 'Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world.'

India Wakes Up To Economic Transformation Through Artificial Intelligence


Indian government has constituted a task force on artificial intelligence (AI) to digitize big industries of the country. Task force comprises of experts, academics, researchers including state owned defense research institution DRDO and industry leaders. Driven by the power of big data, high computing capacity, artificial intelligence and analytics, Industry 4.0 aims to digitize the manufacturing sector," Nirmala Sitharaman, India's Minister of Commerce & Industry said. However, the Indian government seems to have taken cue from China which has invested in AI in a big way in the last few years.