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Analytics teams eye machine learning use cases to boost business


Technologies that support machine learning and other types of artificial intelligence applications are evolving and gaining more and more users, but many businesses have only just begun to scratch the surface of possible machine learning use cases.

Net neutrality under threat as FCC opens doors to internet barriers

The Independent

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US has announced the first move in its efforts to kill off net neutrality.

Spain Jobless Rate at 18.8 in Q1, Halting Downward Trend

U.S. News

Official figures show that Spain's unemployment rate edged up slightly to 18.8 percent in the first quarter, interrupting an overall downward trend in recent years.

Startup Patents 'Whole Brain' AI Approach


Among the criticisms of current artificial intelligence systems is their inability to handle more than one task such as spatial navigation or object recognition at a time.

DARPA want to hack brains to create superhuman abilities

Daily Mail

The US military is looking into ways to hack the human brain to enhance soldiers' cognitive abilities.

US Coast Guard Plans To Use Voice Recognition To Stop Prank Calls

International Business Times

The U.S. Coast Guard has seen an uptick in the number of fake distress calls it has received in recent months and is looking to counter the problem with voice recognition technology, the Verge reported.

Net neutrality: Internet providers heading for showdown with US government

The Independent

Internet companies are readying for a showdown with telecoms and a Republican-controlled government over a policy near and dear to their hearts: net neutrality.

Lawmakers Say Briton Killed in Drone Strike Was Threat to UK

U.S. News

British lawmakers say a U.K. man killed by a Royal Air Force drone strike in Syria was an Islamic State group attack planner who posed a "very serious threat" to Britain.