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Here's how to use AI to make America great again


Last October, Uber had one of its self- driving trucks make a beer run, traveling 200 kilometers down the interstate to deliver a cargo of Budweiser from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. A person rode in the truck but spent most of the trip in the sleeper berth, monitoring the automated system. (Th...

New machine learning algorithm uncovers time-delayed interactions in cells


Biologists have long understood the various parts within the cell. But how these parts interact with and respond to each other is largely unknown. "We want to understand how cells make decisions, so we can control the decisions they make," said Northwestern University's Neda Bagheri. "A cell might ...

Is Deep Learning Going to be Illegal in Europe?


In a matter of months, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become a law throughout Europe, deeming a complete overhaul in the way artificial intelligence techniques are used in business settings. By May 25, the GDPR will become fully enforceable throughout the European Union, states the E...