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Hi-tech ski helmet that allows skiers to video call friends on trial

Daily Mail

A high-tech augmented reality ski helmet which includes GPS, a speedometer and the ability video call friends on the slopes is being tested in Austria. Former Israeli Air Force pilot Alon Getz helped design the new cutting-edge technology as part of his start-up company RideOn. He said: 'I'm a software engineer, doing a lot of computer-vision and Artificial Intelligence. I was working in the defence industry leading Augmented Reality projects for the military. 'I'm also a snowboarder who goes snowboarding almost every year in the Alps.

Elon Musk shows off prototype of Mars-bound rocket but says SpaceX to shed 10% of workforce

The Japan Times

WASHINGTON/LOS ANGELES - SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has unveiled the first pictures of a retro-looking rocket that may one day carry people to the moon and Mars. Musk posted pictures on Twitter late Thursday of the Starship Hopper prototype, which awaits its first flight test in Texas in the coming weeks. "Starship test flight rocket just finished assembly at the @SpaceX Texas launch site. This is an actual picture, not a rendering," he wrote. The prototype built in Boca Chica, along the Gulf Coast of Texas, is 9 yards (8 meters) in diameter but is shorter than the future rocket will be.

China releases first footage of its stealth spy drone

Daily Mail

China has unveiled its first stealth spy drone that is invisible to radar and can fly 40 hours without refuelling. The'Sky Hawk' warplane is capable of taking a clear picture of a car's number plate while flying at the altitude of 3,000 metres (9,800 feet), according to its developer. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been kept as a top secret by Beijing, and this is the first time any footage of it has been released. Footage of China's first stealth spy drone'Sky Hawk' has been released by its manufacturer The video, uploaded on New Year's Day, shows the plane taking off at an unspecified location The'Sky Hawk', or Tianying in Chinese, is the brainchild of Sea Hawke General Aviation Equipment Company Ltd, which was set up in 2012 by state-run China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation to develop and manufacture military drones. The plane is capable of avoiding radar detection and penetrating key enemy targets in a'highly threatening battling environment', says Sea Hawke in a post on Chinese social media on New Year's Day.

Bloodhound SSC: 1,000mph car secures funding for world record bid

The Independent

The Bloodhound SSC world record bid is back on after the 1,000mph land speed record car received the investment needed to push forward with its attempt. A shortage of funds had forced the Bristol-based project to go into administration in October, with the company saying it needed around £15 million to continue with the project and break the current record. Earlier this month, administrators of Bloodhound Programme, the company behind Project Bloodhound, announced that efforts to secure the funding had not been successful. Following the announcement, the company said Yorkshire-based entrepreneur Ian Warhurst came forward and agreed to buy the business and its assets for an undisclosed amount. "We have been overwhelmed by the passion that clearly exists for Bloodhound and are thrilled that we have been able to secure a buyer who is able to give this inspiring project a future," Andrew Sheridan, a joint administrator of Bloodhound Programme, said in a statement on Monday.

China steps up drone race with stealth aircraft

Daily Mail

China is rolling out stealth drones and pilot-less aircraft fitted with deadly weapons, such as AK-47 rifles, onto world markets. Combat drones were among the jet fighters, missiles and other military hardware shown off this week at Airshow China, the country's biggest aerospace industry exhibition. China's automated warplanes are already flying in the Middle East, and the newly unveiled unmanned jets signal Beijing's determination in catching up and eventually rivaling with the United States in the global military drone market. Visitors to the Airshow China take pictures of CH-7, China's newest stealth combat drone Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are in discussions to acquire the Chinese-made Blowfish A2 (pictured). A director from Ziyan, the manufacturer of the helicopter drone, said they could add'whatever' weapons required by clients to the unmanned aircraft One of the most eye-catching drones displayed at the exhibition in Zhuhai was CH-7, or Rainbow-7, China's newest stealth combat drone.

China steps up drone race with stealth aircraft, AK-47-toting chopper drones

The Japan Times

ZHUHAI, CHINA – China is unleashing stealth drones and pilotless aircraft fitted with AK-47 rifles onto world markets, racing to catch up to U.S. technology and adding to a fleet that has already seen combat action in the Middle East. Combat drones were among the jet fighters, missiles and other military hardware shown off this past week at Airshow China, the country's biggest aerospace industry exhibition. A delta-winged stealth drone received much attention, highlighting China's growing production of sophisticated unmanned aerial vehicles seeking to compete with the U.S. military's massive fleet. The CH-7 -- a charcoal-gray UAV unveiled at the air show -- is as long as a tennis court and has a 22-meter (72-feet) wingspan. It can fly at more than 800 kph (500 mph) and at an altitude of 13,000 meters (42,650 feet).

China releases propaganda video of its 'most powerful drone bomber'

Daily Mail

China has released a new propaganda video of its deadly unmanned fighter jet, which shows the aircraft striking still and moving targets. CH-5, also known as Rainbow-5, was unveiled in 2016 and is said to be China's largest and most powerful drone bomber. The aircraft can carry 16 missiles and strike targets while flying at an altitude of 6,000 metres (19,685 feet), Chinese media have claimed. It can fly up to 60 hours without refuelling with a maximum flight altitude of 8,000 metres (26,246 feet) and a maximum range of 10,000 kilometres (6,213 miles). CH-5, also known as Rainbow-5, is on display during the 11th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in 2016.

New hope for humans in an A.I. world Louis Rosenberg TEDxKC


Imagine a global "Hive Mind" that can tap the knowledge, wisdom, insights, and intuitions of millions of people, and produce a super-intelligence that is much smarter than any individual person. A new technology called Artificial Swarm Intelligence is making this possible and it could be our best defense against the emerging dangers of AI. Louis Rosenberg, PhD is a researcher, entrepreneur, and writer. He is currently Founder & CEO of Unanimous AI, an artificial intelligence company that amplifies human intelligence by building "hive minds" modeled after biological swarms. A prolific inventor, Rosenberg has been awarded over 350 patents worldwide for his work in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Human-Computer Interaction. Rosenberg was also the creator of the Virtual Fixtures system for the U.S. Air Force in the early 90's, the first immersive Augmented Reality system.

Thousands of people reported missing after Hurricane Michael; death toll at 17

FOX News

This compilation highlights the power of the storm and what residents face in the weeks ahead. Days after powerful Hurricane Michael made landfall Wednesday just north of Mexico Beach, Florida, thousands of people have been reported missing to local authorities. Emergency crews made it their mission Friday to search for people after the Category 4 storm barreled into the Florida Panhandle before making its way to southwest Georgia and South Carolina – while also lashing North Carolina and Virginia. At least 17 people have been killed. Emergency officials said they received thousands of calls asking about missing people, but with cellphone service out across a wide area, they found it impossible to know who among those unaccounted for was safe but just unable to dial out to friends or family.

Amazon Web Services, C3 expand go-to-market pact


Amazon Web Services and C3 IoT are building on their existing partnership with a wide-ranging go-to-market strategy. The companies said on Wednesday that they plan to increase investments in existing customer deployments, joint sales, technology integrations, a global event series, and training on joint solutions for sales and delivery personnel. The aim is to drive AI adoption among commercial and public sector organizations, the companies said. To date the C3 platform on AWS has been deployed at more than 30 organizations, including John Deere, Engel, Engie, ConEd, 3M and US Air Force. Related: C3 IoT raises $100 million, eyes global expansion 3M taps C3 IoT as Internet of Things, AI platform C3 IoT's Tom Siebel: CEO, boards driving IoT, digital transformation deals Founded by Thomas Siebel, C3 has been expanding rapidly, targeting multiple industries with an IoT analytics platform and close cloud ties to Amazon.