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It's up to Trump country to integrate immigrants now

Los Angeles Times

According to an analysis by the Wall Street Journal, the diversity index at least doubled in 244 U.S. counties between 2000 and 2015, and more than half of those counties were in Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota. The Wall Street Journal's analysis reported that Trump won two out of every three voters in counties where the diversity index rose by 150% or more. In earlier frontiers, public and civil society efforts focused on immigrants themselves --facilitating their language acquisition, their education, housing, healthcare and more general comfort. Immigration isn't just a coastal phenomenon: Middle American cities and towns are growing more diverse.

Automated English visa test struggles to understand English


An Irish veterinarian's application for an Australian visa has been rejected after she failed to pass an automated English proficiency test, despite completing it in her native language of... English. Despite acing the reading and writing parts of the test she didn't score highly enough on oral fluency, as it seems the machines couldn't understand her accent. The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic is an automated system that asks applicants a number of questions and records their vocal responses which are analyzed and scored. Speaking to The Guardian, Kennedy -- who is now considering other options for staying in the county -- said: "There's obviously a flaw in their computer software when a person with perfect oral fluency cannot get enough points."

Data Sciences, ISIS and Predictions for 2016


Do you know what is common between San Bernardino's shooting spree and the terrorist attacks in Paris last month? Can we run a simulation or train a deep learning neural network to find out what percentage of people is vulnerable for becoming radicalized? We have found millennials in Europe have 250 friends on average on Facebook, while the people with probability of radicalization have less than 100. First generation immigrants have a lot of ties back home, are connected with their communities, culture, food, and are usually more worried about the country back home than the county they are living in.

Essential California: Trump's mixed message on DACA frustrates 'Dreamers' and foes of illegal immigration

Los Angeles Times

It's Tuesday, July 25, and here's what's happening across California: Ever since Donald Trump was elected, Melody Klingenfuss has known her time in the United States could be limited. A fight for the California Democratic Party: Kimberly Ellis, who narrowly lost the race to lead California's Democratic Party, announced Monday that she planned to appeal a party committee's affirmation of the election results two days ago, a potential precursor to a lawsuit. Durst in court: Robert Durst -- the idiosyncratic real estate tycoon accused of murdering his best friend to silence her -- was in a Los Angeles court Monday to hear more witnesses, including a longtime friend, testify for the prosecution. One lovely day in 1983, after a slide had closed the road, which would take a year to open, Pierce was working his tractor moving earth when a second slide took him and his tractor into the deep blue below.

How Facebook AI-Based Visabot Will Help In Your Green Card Application

International Business Times

Visabot, a Facebook-owned artificial intelligence tech company, has launched a $150 service to help the Facebook Messenger users navigate through the complicated process of applying for a Green Card. What you need to do is answer are you a U.S. citizen other thing you should know and the bot will use this info to generate the whole package for you all you have to do is file it with us immigration services," Visabot COO Andrey Zinoviev announced Tuesday. The service is intended to help people save money while applying for Green Cards, O-1 visas (for exceptional individuals), B-2 visas for tourism or business, H1-B, and L-1 visas for skilled professionals. It uses natural language processing and an artificial intelligence technology, called Fido.AI, to navigate through the application process.

Immigration chat bot now helps you apply for a green card


Visabot, the Facebook Messenger-based AI that helps users navigate the complex visa application process while skipping unnecessary fees, is expanding its assistance portfolio. For a $150 fee, it will walk users through filing for a green card and schedule appointments with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Like its previous system helping users through the visa process, Visabot's green card service walks people through a questionnaire and plugs the answers into appropriate forms. "We created our own immigration AI so our success rate grows as the bot learns," Visabot COO Andrey Zinoviev announced at VentureBeat's MB 2017 show.

Gambia, Afghanistan School Robotics Teams Rejected Visas To Attend US Competition

International Business Times

A school robotics team made up of five students from The Gambia has joined Afghanistan's all-girl robotics team in having their one-week visas rejected by the U.S. in order to attend the First Global Challenge robotics competition in Washington D.C. Director of The Gambia's ministry of higher education, research, science and technology, Moktar Darboe, told Al Jazeera that the students are "very disappointed" they won't be able to attend the competition. "She gave us hope not to give up, and she said they would give us all their support to help us go further," 17-year-old Khadijatou Gassam, a science student and team member told Al Jazeera. According to State Department records for the month of April, the U.S. only gave out 32 of the B1/B2 brand of business travel visas needed by the robotics team from Afghanistan, Forbes reports.

Google has more than 1,000 artificial intelligence projects in the works


The latest Arizona Republic/Morrison/Cronkite News poll of the Arizona county sheriff's race shows Arpaio nearly 15 points behind Democrat Paul Penzone, 45.9 percent to 31.1 percent. The poll found that 30.8 percent of the county's voters strongly disagree with mass deportation, while 41.7 percent disagree. The margin of error on the sheriff's race is plus or minus 5.6 percentage points. The margin of error for the immigration-related questions is plus or minus 5.9 percentage points.

MarkLogic's CEO on and dueling with Oracle


When we talk about integrating all the sources of data-- things like IRS, immigration and credit data on citizens -- that was all part of the Data Services Hub built by MarkLogic and run by the Department of Health Services. It's a very common problem and probably one of the most difficult technology problems customers are facing today -- the need to integrate data from silos created over the last 50 or 60 years, both mainframe and relational-created silos. And then, oh by the way, we have IRS data, immigration data, credit data, personal and private information on residents of the United States -- so security obviously is a requirement. They're getting frustrated trying to integrate silos of data to get a 360-degree view of their customers or to integrate data for something like an operational or transactional system... Relational technology was never designed to solve that problem, so people move on.

Be Inpired By The Future of Fintech - Spare On the Move


According to technologists, the future of Fintech looks like this: we are all going to be paying for goods and services with our thumbs, robots will make sure our pensions don't decrease, AIs will manage hedge funds, online only banks will be available, we'll be able to get cash from our favorite merchant with our cell phones, credit and debit cards will become extinct, global money transfers will be automatic, market place lending will offer a peer-to-peer option, and it will be impossible to launder money. Although, I'm not entirely certain the Justice Department wants to legislate a protected disclosure act for whistleblowers, after the recent and infamous ransom issue and the recent admission that the Justice Department gave the Supreme Court incorrect data in the 2003 immigration case. This is the second time in four years the government has admitted providing incorrect information on immigrant policy that helped it prevail before the Supreme Court. The future of Fintech done right will create more intelligent socially responsible options, cheaper solutions, higher value, increased security, and will provide seamless, more convenient solutions for the financial sector.