Machine Learning in Electric Load Forecasting


"How can we apply Machine Learning to estimate electric loads?" Electric Load Forecasting if vital for making informed decisions about how to use energy throughout the day. And thanks to modern computational technology, we will be able to do such work by applying Machine Learning in Electric Load Forecasting. A computer algorithm can learn the past behavior of electric loads, and then make models to predict future behavior. Electric utility companies are investing large amounts of resources into developing these systems to increase their infrastructure.

When WiFi Won't Work, Let Sound Carry Your Data


If you've ever struggled to pair your phone with a Bluetooth speaker or set up a wireless printer, you know that it's often easier to connect to a server halfway around the world than to a gadget across the room. That's a problem as we increasingly use our phones to pay for stuff, unlock doors, and control everything from televisions to thermostats. No one wants to wait for coffee because the cash register can't detect their phone, or shiver in the cold because their watch is trying to connect to their neighbor's door lock instead of their own. Multiple wireless technologies have emerged in recent years to tackle this problem, including Bluetooth, LoRa, and NFC. These technologies are all based on radio frequencies.

Applied AI News

AI Magazine

Microelectronics supplier TRW (Redondo Beach, CA) is using virtual reality (VR) to decontaminate nuclear facilities. Clothing manufacturer Wrangler (Greensboro, NC) has developed a neural network system to improve production planning and forecasting. The system generates forecasts based on consumer-demand data, rather than retail buyers' orders, to drive production planning. Unisys Corp. (Blue Bell, PA), an information-management company, is using an intelligent agent-based system to provide self-service humanresource applications to its 36,000 employees worldwide. The intelligent agents allow employees secure and controlled access to their records through the World Wide Web.

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By David Blanchard Color Tile Inc. (Fort Worth, Tex.), a home improvement retailer, has automated its help desk operations with an expert system. The system has reduced time spent by store personnel on the telephone seeking answers to point-of-sale technical problems, and it allows the help desk analysts to handle a wider range of responsibilities for the company. Traversum AB, a company that specializes in share and stock dealing in the Swedish stock exchange, has developed an intelligent system to advise on how to deal in stocks and shares. The company's "hit rate" of dealing correctly with stocks has reportedly increased from 60% to 90%. IntelliCorp Inc. (Mountain View, Calif.), an expert system vendor, and James Martin & Co. (Reston, Va.), a computer-aided software engineering (CASE) consulting group, have launched a field test program for an object-oriented information engineering environment.

Lack of charging bays is the main obstacle to self-driving car rise, says Axa

The Guardian

A shortage of charging points and strain on energy supplies are now the main stumbling blocks to the rise of driverless electric cars, according to the UK boss of insurer Axa. Amanda Blanc said a lack of rapid charging bays and pressure on the National Grid have overtaken questions about accident liability as the biggest barriers to autonomous vehicles entering the transport mainstream. Blanc, a Tesla driver, said personal experience pointed to problems lying ahead for driverless electric vehicles. There are around 125,000 plug-in electric cars in the UK and 14,000 chargers - 2,620 of them being rapid chargers that can give a car an 80% charge in 30 minutes. Shell has just opened its first charging points for electric vehicles at 10 filling stations, mostly in London and the south-east.

Top 10 artificial intelligence stories of 2017


Artificial intelligence (AI) has continued to gain prominence in 2017 as one of the biggest upcoming technologies. It is beginning to have more of an influence on companies' strategies and is predicted to drive significant change for organisations. Check out the latest findings on how the hype around artificial intelligence could be sowing damaging confusion. Also, read a number of case studies on how enterprises are using AI to help reach business goals around the world. You forgot to provide an Email Address.

Top 10 artificial intelligence stories of 2017


Artificial intelligence (AI) has continued to gain prominence in 2017 as one of the biggest upcoming technologies. It is beginning to have more of an influence on companies' strategies and is predicted to drive significant change for organisations. You forgot to provide an Email Address. This email address doesn't appear to be valid. This email address is already registered.

Artificial Intelligence: What to Expect From Smart Hardware?


By the mid-20th century, both physicists and lyricists were scratching their heads over the issue of artificial intelligence. What would it be like? What kinds of risks would it bear for humanity? Now we know the answer to the first question. Artificial intelligence is a computer program.

School of Engineering welcomes new faculty

MIT News

The School of Engineering has announced the addition of 16 new faculty members to its departments, institutes, labs, and centers during the 2017-18 and 2018-19 academic years. With research and teaching activities ranging from personalization in the microbiome to the application of machine learning to naval architecture, they are poised to make vast contributions in new directions across the school and to a range of labs and centers across the Institute. "I am pleased to welcome our exceptional new faculty. Their presence will enhance the breadth and depth of education and research within the School of Engineering, and strengthen MIT's commitment to making a better world," says Anantha Chandrakasan, dean of the School of Engineering. "I look forward to their contributions in the years to come."

This is the smartest robotics company in the world (and soon to be one of the most important)


Sarcos Robotics, a Salt Lake City-based robotics company, has three new products at market or debuting soon. One is a small robotic snake, useful for industrial tasks such as pipeline inspection or for first responders conducting search & rescue or tactical response operations. Another is a hulking two-armed tele-operated robot that can be used for heavy construction or in nuclear power plants. The third is an exoskeleton suit that allows workers to nimbly perform the functions of a forklift. The technology is cool and worthy of the recent spate of coverage.