Machine Learning Goes Viral In Oil Patch


Using historical data from compressors with maintenance problems, the software pinpointed patterns and put online a system to inform the operator when there would be problems, Beck said. The technology has been used by a large oil and gas company to gain insight about the drillbit downhole. That's where column analytics--software tools that meld predictive models with collected data--come into play. Looking at the investor presentation slide decks of some of industry's large independents and integrated oil companies, Beck said companies are talking about how they are using data analytics to improve efficiency in the oil field, including in the Permian Basin.

Some Image and Video Processing: Motion Estimation with Block-Matching in Videos, Noisy and Motion-blurred Image Restoration with Inverse Filter in Python and OpenCV


The following figure shows how the quality of the transformed image decreases when compared to the original image, when an nxn LPF is applied and how the quality (measured in terms of PSNR) degrades as n (LPF kernel width) increases. As we go on increasing the kernel size, the quality fo the final image obtained by down/up sampling the original image decreases as n increases, as shown in the following figure. The first one is the video of some students working on a university corridor, as shown below (obtained from youtube), extract some consecutive frames, mark a face in one image and use that image to mark all thew faces om the remaining frames that are consecutive to each other, thereby mark the entire video and estimate the motion using the simple block matching technique only. The following figure shows the frame with the face marked, now we shall use this image and block matching technique to estimate the motion of the student in the video, by marking his face in all the consecutive frames and reconstructing the video, as shown below.. As can be seen from the following figure, the optimal median filter size is 5 5, which generates the highest quality output, when compared to the original image.

How to build a highly effective AI team


"In our experience, we found that an AI group needs at least three distinct roles: a data engineer to organize the data, a data scientist to investigate the data and a software engineer to implement applications." "In our approach to AI, we currently see three parts: generating information, interpreting information and making judgment about that information," says Martin Fiore, EY Americas tax talent leader. In the past year, EY has hired over 20 professionals focused on automation and AI. "In my view, AI is the new UI," explains Elliott Yama, assistant vice president of machine learning at software provider Apttus.

IoT, AI and drones in the future of enterprise asset management


David Widegren, Head of Asset & Maintenance Management at CERN, which manages the life cycle of each of the organization's millions of components and devices, explains that operational insight and data from each component is critical, in what is effectively a self-contained IoT: This combination of asset management with connected equipment, and the data we capture from the assets, is really the way forward. Smart Cities monitor the conditions of all critical infrastructure, including bridges, streets, water, and electric systems, and more. To qualify as a Smart City, a city must adopt five of the eight smart principles -- smart energy, smart building, smart mobility, smart healthcare, smart infrastructure, smart technology, smart governance and smart education/smart citizen. Some of these vantage points include large production structures, like oil refineries and offshore oil drilling platforms, railroad beds and bridges, and airplanes and cargo ships.

BP invests $20m into AI startup Beyond Limits to transform oil and gas exploration ZDNet


Developed in the labs of NASA's Caltech deep space program, Beyond Limits' AI software is 20 years in the making. "Whereas many popularized cognitive computing solutions in the marketplace are focused on deep machine learning applied to sensor fusion and computer vision, our cognitive computing focuses on human thinking and automates human decision processes," Abdallat said. Abdallat said the new funding will be used to hire cognitive scientists, data scientists, software engineers, and sales staff to keep pace with the market demand. While the Predix platform did receive some criticism from research firm Lux Research, which said the platform had yet to live up to its potential and faced stiff competition from the likes of Cisco's Jasper, C3 IoT, and Aeris, GE Digital CEO Bill Ruh told ZDNet last year that the Predix developer community, as well as its customers and partners, serve as "proof points" of its success.

33 unusual problems that can be solved with data science


Automated translation, including translating one programming language into another one (for instance, SQL to Python - the converse is not possible) Spell checks, especially for people writing in multiple languages - lot's of progress to be made here, including automatically recognizing the language when you type, and stop trying to correct the same word every single time (some browsers have tried to change Ning to Nong hundreds of times, and I have no idea why after 50 failures they continue to try - I call this machine unlearning) Detection of earth-like planets - focus on planetary systems with many planets to increase odds of finding inhabitable planets, rather than stars and planets matching our Sun and Earth Distinguishing between noise and signal on millions of NASA pictures or videos, to identify patterns Automated piloting (drones, cars without pilots) Customized, patient-specific medications and diets Predicting and legally manipulating elections Predicting oil demand, oil ...

Hawaii expedition lets scientists study 'living fossils'

Daily Mail

Among the many remarkable creatures observed during the mission, researchers with the NOAA's Okeanos Explorer witnessed the moment a snail appeared to be munching on the feces of a'sea lily' (pictured) The expedition kicked off on April 27, in effort to collect new data on the deep-water areas of the Pacific, beginning near the American Samoa capital Pago Pago, and ending near Honolulu, Hawaii. Over 23 days, researchers conducted remotely operated vehicle (ROV) dives in American Samoa, the high seas, and the Jarvis Island, Kingman Reef, and Palmyra Atoll Units of Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. During the dive, which began near American Samoa capital Pago Pago, and ended near Honolulu, Hawaii, the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) spotted snails crawling about crinoids, also known as sea lilies. Over the course of 23 days, researchers conducted remotely operated vehicle (ROV) dives in American Samoa, the high seas, and the Jarvis Island, Kingman Reef, and Palmyra Atoll Units of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument (PRIMNM).

Making decisions with data – the role for machine learning in analytics


Classification algorithms aim to divide data into distinct categories, while regression techniques are applied where data is in one continuous set. To deliver results for business users with Machine Learning, IT teams can't be the central organisation carrying out the analytics and then providing results. For example, a business user might want to look at overall sales compared with local marketing analytics and external market data. Automating the data preparation process can help business users see the value of Machine Learning and pattern recognition.

Why we need to create A.I.s that think in ways that we can't even imagine


The superbrain that predicts the weather will be in a different kingdom of mind from the intelligence woven into your clothes. The superbrain that predicts the weather accurately will be in a completely different kingdom of mind from the intelligence woven into your clothes. The types of artificial minds we are making now and will make in the coming century will be designed to perform specialized tasks, usually tasks beyond what we can do. Our most important thinking machines will not be machines that can think what we think faster, better, but those that think what we can't think.

This week in apps: Instagram face filters, Medium audio stories, Google Assistant on iOS and more


Reading all the news from Google I/O may have kept you too busy to keep up with this week's app news. Each week we round up the most important app news along with some of the coolest new and updated apps to help you stay in the loop with everything you need on your phone.Here's what caught our eye this week. After a months long feature by feature cloning of Snapchat, Instagram's finally gets Snapchat's most iconic feature - the lenses, or as Instagram calls them "face filters." There's also a new bottom bar for Home, Calls, Camera, People and Games.