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Ring Video Doorbell review

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Like most other smart doorbells, Ring lets you see who's at your door and interact with your guests before letting them in. Since our test home doesn't have built-in doorbell wiring, we chose the wireless installation option. That's partly due to our unique front door situation, and partly due to the Ring's 5-by-2.4-by-1-inch The former was too thin to serve as an adequate base, while the latter were too short to accommodate the Ring's entire length. Our review unit came with the Chime Pro, a $49 chime/Wi-Fi range extender that, once plugged into an outlet, boosts the Ring's network signal and amplifies the sound of the doorbell alerts.

Watch A GE Engineer Chat With A Robotic Power Plant


General Electric has built a digital assistant into its cloud service for managing power plants, jet engines, locomotives, and the other heavy equipment it builds. The machines live virtual lives online, allowing engineers to see how efficiently each is running and if they are wearing down. Suppose one diesel or jet engine is running more efficiently than others. Engineers can even run simulations of, say, what might happen to a gas or steam turbine in a fossil fuel plant if it runs months or years at particular speeds and schedules.

GE's CMO on redefining marketing at the 'pretty damn cool' brand


"As marketers, we have got to rip up the marketing plan because what looks really good on paper – out-of-home, social, earned media and paid media – is not the way people experience media in their lives," states General Electric CMO Linda Boff. Whereas 10 years ago a CMO would create a great message, distribute it across three or four media networks and it would be seen by 40 million people "watching Cheers or Friends", Boff acknowledges today it is a different world. The disruption lab is focused on future technology, platforms and entrepreneurs, while the creative lab covers media, advertising, content, sponsorship and experience. Every effort from the way the team is structured to adopting drone technology and embracing Snapchat is focused on humanising the technology and making the GE story relevant.

General Electric Acquired These 2 Artificial Intelligence Startups


General Electric said on Tuesday it has acquired two tech startups to build its artificial intelligence capability, a move that helps it compete with IBM's Watson product. Berkley, California-based Wise.io has advanced machine learning technology that GE sees "as really well-built for the industrial world," Bill Ruh, chief executive officer of GE Digital, GE's software arm, said in an interview. A branch of artificial intelligence, machine learning allows computers to adapt to new data without new programming. International Business Machines Corp's (IBM) Watson ibm business is among the better known artificial intelligence systems, which enable computers to perform intelligent actions such as recognizing voices and making decisions.

Senior Engineer and Researchers in Machine Learning, Machine Vision and Industrial Control ...


GM Wants IBM's Watson AI To Sell You Stuff While You Drive GM's Infotainment Systems Are About to Get Watson's Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence: Computer Says Yes! Top White House Economist: AI Isn't Going to Steal Jobs Stay up-to-date on the topics you care about. We'll send you an email alert whenever a news article matches your alert term. It's free, and you can add new alerts at any time.

FANUC to Offer New IIoT Platform for Major Automotive Manufacturers ENGINEERING.com


FANUC Corp. is teaming up with Cisco, Rockwell Automation and Preferred Networks (PFN) to develop and deploy the FANUC Intelligent Edge Link and Drive (FIELD) system for major automotive manufacturers. The Allen-Bradley Stratix Ethernet switches from Rockwell Automation will be used to connect FANUC robots to Cisco's ZDT Data Collection software. Cisco and Rockwell Automation will together provide networking, computing and security infrastructure to connect the automation to FIELD applications. FANUC, Rockwell Automation and Preferred Networks collectively developed the initial Application Software, FIELD middleware and infrastructure platform.

Tic-Tac-Toe and Machine Learning for Industry - BVEx


McKinsey analysts recently asked how traditional industries are now using machine learning to gather fresh business insights. With processing power so cheap, chewing through petabytes of data in order for machine learning to happen is no longer an activity restricted to science boffins or the cash-rich. By digitizing the past few seasons' games, it has created predictive models that allow a coach to distinguish between, as CEO Rajiv Maheswaran puts it, "a bad shooter who takes good shots and a good shooter who takes bad shots"--and to adjust his decisions accordingly". Colin Parris, the vice president of software research at GE Software reckons his company will "gain through machine learning the same sharpness of insight into the individual vagaries of a jet engine that Google has into the online behavior of a 24-year-old netizen from West Hollywood".

Artificial Intelligence Research at General Electric

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Further, new application domains such as computer -aided design (CAD), computer- aided manufacturing (CAM), and image understanding based on formal logic require novel concepts in knowledge representation and inference beyond the capabilities of current production rule systems. Fundamental research in artificial intelligence is concentrated at Corporate Research and Development (CR&D), with advanced development and applications pursued in parallel efforts by operating departments. The fundamental research and advanced applications activities are strongly coupled, providing research teams with opportunities for field evaluations of new concepts and systems. This article summarizes current research projects at CR&D and gives an overview of applications within the company.