Career Readiness

How Are We Preparing Students for the Artificial Intelligence New Normal?


As I gaze into the palantir afforded me as a co-host of "The EdTech Situation Room" each week with Jason Neiffer (@techsavvyteach), this is part of the future I see for our students, our society, and ourselves in the coming decades. This 98 second video, which I titled "EdTech Situation Room Promo Trailer," is the result of my thinking about this question tonight. This question of what an emerging "artificial intelligence first" rather than "mobile first" worldview (which Google announced at Google IO 2017) should mean for schools is something I discussed on The EdTech Situation Room back on May 17, 2017, with Jason Neiffer (@techsavvyteach) and Ben Wilkoff (@bhwilkoff). Check out the "Narrated Slideshow – Screencast" and "Digital Storytelling" pages of for additional resources and examples related to these media project types.

Redefining Career Readiness for an Uncertain Future


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are ushering in the rise of smart machines that will be able to carry out many of the complex cognitive tasks that once seemed exclusive to middle class work in the knowledge economy. Already, doctors are using deeper learning to help diagnose illnesses, entry-level lawyers are finding themselves out-analyzed by machines that can harvest case history faster than any human, artificial intelligence is writing news stories and robots are staffing restaurants. This is just the beginning: one Oxford University study suggests that as many as 47% of current middle-class American jobs could get displaced or change significantly over the next two decades due to automation.