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Drone drops water balloons at Division 1 track prelims

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Eric Sondheimer has been covering high school sports for the Los Angeles Times since 1997 and in Southern California since 1976. The Southern Section Division 1 track and field preliminary meet at Trubuco Hills High School on Saturday featured a water balloon attack from a lone drone. Near the start of the meet, around 11:30 a.m., a group of people positioned themselves on the hill above the track and allegedly flew a drone carrying water balloons over the track. Ayres sent out his kids to find the group of people commanding the drone on Friday evening and CIF officials supposedly notified the Orange County Sheriff's Department about the incident Saturday morning.

Machine Learning Skills Among Data Scientists


Data scientists have a variety of different skills that they bring to bear on Big Data projects. While machine learning is a hot skill to possess, a recent study by Evans Data Corp. found that about a third of developers (36%) who are working on Big Data projects employ elements of machine learning. In today's post, I wanted to explore how machine learning skill proficiency varied across different types of data professionals. Specifically, we asked them to indicate their level of proficiency across 25 different data skills (including machine learning), satisfaction with work outcomes of analytics projects and their job role.

8 ingenious innovations helping autistic children communicate


The smooth, silicon instrument helps autistic kids bridge social gaps by letting them harmonize -- literally -- with playmates. Leka plays sounds and music, lights up, vibrates, and even speaks to help engage autistic children in multi-sensory activities. Creators of a new conversation coach for smartwatches want to help decipher nonverbal communication, like facial expressions and gestures, to help children with Asperger's navigate social interactions. While it was designed to facilitate music therapy, the gadget can also help bridge communication gaps between autistic and non-autistic people, giving autistic children a sensory-friendly experience that calms nerves and encourages interaction at the same time.

Brain scans may help diagnose dyslexia

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The study, done with researchers at Boston Children's Hospital, found a correlation between poor pre-reading skills in kindergartners and the size of a brain structure that connects two language-processing areas. Previous studies have shown that in adults with poor reading skills, this structure, known as the arcuate fasciculus, is smaller and less organized than in adults who read normally. When comparing the brain scans and the results of several different types of pre-reading tests, the researchers found a correlation between the size and organization of the arcuate fasciculus and performance on tests of phonological awareness -- the ability to identify and manipulate the sounds of language. The researchers plan to follow three waves of children as they progress to second grade and evaluate whether the brain measures they have identified predict poor reading skills.

Humanoid robot Nao gets emotion chip

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But soccer-playing humanoid robot Nao has been evolving by developing "emotions" under a European project and is now being used in the U.S. in sessions to treat autistic children. It's no surprise that the researchers have also been experimenting with Aibo, including the cyberpup and Nao in a "robot nursery" designed to incubate emotional behaviors. The Feelix Growing project concluded in May, involving eight universities and robotics firms including Aldebaran. "Children with autism spectrum disorder typically feel more comfortable with robots than with other people initially, because robot interactions are simpler and more predictable and the children are in control of the social interaction," CHIP researcher Anjana Bhat was quoted as saying in a release.

Human versus Machine Part 2: Learning skills


Learning to speak a new language brings health benefits and in addition we could be predisposed to speak more than one language, new research suggests. In this spirit multilingualism has shown to have social, psychological and lifestyle advantages as well as direct health benefits like faster recovery from a stroke or delaying dementía. Where AI calculating, a human is imaging. However, the test is still very hard for a human because of its arbitrariness, but impossible for a calculating machine.

Searching for brain regions responsible for kids dyslexia


Author: Piotr Płoński Dyslexia is reading disorder - characterized by trouble with reading despite normal intelligence.

Developing Machine Learning Skills on the Job - DATAVERSITY


Data continues to inhabit every facet of human existence and so the need for competent Data Scientists to help leverage the insights from that data will invariably increase for the foreseeable future. According to a past EMC Data Scientist Study and the 2015 Global IT Report, the amounts of data created by the year 2020 will be upwards to 44 times what they were in 2009. Data Scientists use Machine Learning (ML) skills to develop powerful algorithms to make sense of the avalanche of data. Thus, Data Scientists with superior Machine Learning skills will be the transformative heroes of the digital world.

How to raise a genius: lessons from a 45-year study of super-smart children


On a summer day in 1968, professor Julian Stanley met a brilliant but bored 12-year-old named Joseph Bates. The Baltimore student was so far ahead of his classmates in mathematics that his parents had arranged for him to take a computer-science course at Johns Hopkins University, where Stanley taught.

How to Raise a Genius: Lessons from a 45-Year Study of Supersmart Children


On a summer day in 1968, professor Julian Stanley met a brilliant but bored 12-year-old named Joseph Bates. The Baltimore student was so far ahead of his classmates in mathematics that his parents had arranged for him to take a computer-science course at Johns Hopkins University, where Stanley taught.