Fake news: you ain't seen nothing yet


Normally, computers generate speech by linking lots of short recorded speech fragments to create a sentence. By trying to fool the adversary, the generative software would learn to create images that look real, but are not. In the past five years, software powered by similar algorithms has reduced error rates in classifying photos from 25% to just a few percent. Mr Goodfellow now works for Google Brain, the search giant's in-house AI research division (he spoke to The Economist while at OpenAI, a non-profit research organisation).

Facebook's beefing up its huge army of Messenger bots as Google and Amazon catch up


Many bots already offer Yes/No response buttons or other next steps, such as viewing a full news story in your browser. Bots can now send GIFs, audio clips, and video clips in their responses, as well as regular files. Audio and video clips will play inside Messenger. Taking the concept of customer service a step further, some bots will let you link your Facebook account with your customer account.