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[P] Call for paper for workshop on AI education at AAAI 2021


Researchers at Riiid are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for a virtual Workshop on AI Education to be held at AAAI 2021 in early February 2021. COVID-19 has brought upon us the inevitable transformation towards virtual education. The ensuing need for scalable, personalized learning systems has led to an unprecedented demand for understanding large-scale educational data. In this workshop, we will call for papers related to important Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIEd) topics that can help us imagine what new education will look like post COVID-19. Submissions of papers including Kaggle competition technical papers, shared task technical papers and general submissions should follow the AAAI format and can be up to 8 pages excluding references and appendices.

Top 5 Essential Machine Learning Algorithms Data Scientists Should Learn


Hello guys, you may know that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have become more and more important in this increasingly digital world. They are now providing a competitive edge to businesses like NetFlix's Movie recommendations. If you have just started in this field and looking for what to learn then I am going to share 5 essential Machine learning algorithms you can learn as a beginner. These essential algorithms form the basis of most common Machine learning projects and having a good knowledge of them will not only help you to understand the project and model quickly but also to change them as per your need. Machine learning by a simple word is the science or the field of making the computer learn like a human by feeding it with the data and without being programmed and it separate into two categories the first one is classification problems which the machine needs to classify between two objects or more like between human and animal and the second is regression problems which the machine need to produce an output based on a previous data.

The Complete Neural Networks Bootcamp: Theory, Applications


Online Courses Udemy - The Complete Neural Networks Bootcamp: Theory, Applications, Master Deep Learning and Neural Networks Theory and Applications with Python and PyTorch! Including NLP and Transformers Created by Fawaz Sammani | English [Auto] Preview this course GET COUPON CODE Free Coupon Discount Udemy Courses

Data analysts: Learn how to use Python, R, deep learning, more in these online courses


You don't need to work in the marketing department of Facebook or Google to understand the importance of large-scale data analytics when it comes to driving the modern economy. As the primary force behind everything from targeted advertising campaigns to self-driving cars, data analysis stands at the heart of today's most important and exciting technologies and innovations. The Deep Learning & Data Analysis Certification Bundle will help you take your analytical skills to the next level so you can land the best and most lucrative positions in your field, and it's available today for over 95% off at just $39.99. With eight courses and 30 hours of instruction led by the renowned data scientist Minerva Singh, this bundle will get you up to speed with the latest platforms and methodologies in the interconnected worlds of data analysis, visualization, statistics, deep learning, and more. Through easy-to-follow lessons that utilize real-world examples, the training courses will walk you through the fundamentals and more advanced elements of YouTube analytics and Google Ads, R programming in the context of machine learning, algorithms that can help you break down data frameworks, statistical models that will allow you to predict future trends, and more.

IBM Machine Learning


Offered by IBM. Machine Learning is one of the most in-demand skills for jobs related to modern AI applications, a field in which hiring has grown 74% annually for the last four years (LinkedIn). This Professional Certificate from IBM is intended for anyone interested in developing skills and experience to pursue a career in Machine Learning and leverage the main types of Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning, Supervised Learning, Deep Learning, and Reinforcement Learning. It also complements your learning with special topics, including Time Series Analysis and Survival Analysis. This program consists of 6 courses providing you with solid theoretical understanding and considerable practice of the main algorithms, uses, and best practices related to Machine Learning . You will follow along and code your own projects using some of the most relevant open source frameworks and libraries. Although it is recommended that you have some background in Python programming, statistics, and linear algebra, this intermediate series is suitable for anyone who has some computer skills, interest in leveraging data, and a passion for self-learning. We start small, provide a solid theoretical background and code-along labs and demos, and build up to more complex topics. In addition to earning a Professional Certificate from Coursera, you will also receive a digital Badge from IBM recognizing your proficiency in Machine Learning.

Machine Learning Algorithms: Deepen your Python ML knowledge


This article is part of "AI education", a series of posts that review and explore educational content on data science and machine learning. Teaching yourself Python machine learning can be a daunting task if you don't know where to start. Fortunately, there are plenty of good introductory books and online courses that teach you the basics. It is the advanced books, however, that teach you the skills you need to decide which algorithm better solves a problem and which direction to take when tuning hyperparameters. A while ago, I was introduced to Machine Learning Algorithms, Second Edition by Giuseppe Bonaccorso, a book that almost falls into the latter category. While the title sounds like another introductory book on machine learning algorithms, the content is anything but.

5 ways in which Artificial Intelligence is transforming education system


The face of the education system has undergone a sea change in recent years. The present-day educational structure is competitive, challenging, and needs to be capable of meeting international benchmarks. The emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, are changing our lives as they are being put to different purposes. And just like other areas, AI is disrupting and creating an impact on the education system as well. AI is making long strides in the academic world, turning the traditional methods of imparting knowledge into a comprehensive system of learning with the use of simulation and augmented reality tools.

We Are Underestimating Artificial Intelligence and BCI


We all know that AI is already in place in our daily lives. It enables the processing of very large data sets, learns from daily life, helps us to both create and identify "deepfakes" and promises to replace millions of jobs in the coming few years. Of course, there are prototype autonomous cars -- even self-driving buses operating on some university campuses. In the sphere of learning, artificial intelligence drives adaptive learning models today that can personalize the learning experience. This is not a trivial advancement.

Data Science Course 2021: Complete Machine Learning Training


Created by Data-Driven Science Preview this Udemy Course - GET COUPON CODE " We will shift from a mobile first to an AI first world." AI will transform every industry similar to electricity over 100 years ago and have a huge impact on how humans live and work in the future. Moving into Data Science is an amazing career choice. There's high demand for Data Scientists across the globe and people working in the field enjoy high salaries and rewarding careers. For instance, average annual salaries are around $125,000 in America and ₹14 lacs in India.