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30 of the best Harvard University courses you can take online for free


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Chegg Embraced AI. ChatGPT Ate Its Lunch Anyway


Investors were surprised when the online education company Chegg last month revealed that ChatGPT was hurting subscriber growth--the company lost half of its market value overnight. But long before Chegg became an index case for the disruptive force of ChatGPT, its top brass had heard plenty of warnings about the threat and opportunity of generative AI. For years, on afternoon walks outside Chegg's Silicon Valley headquarters, former executives say they had discussed someday slashing costs by tapping AI programs to replace an army of instructors that answer student questions and draft flashcards. Matthew Ramirez, a product leader who left Chegg two years ago, says he even advised CEO Dan Rosensweig in 2020 that generative AI would be the bus that ran down Chegg if it didn't prepare itself. And just weeks after OpenAI launched ChatGPT last November, a source familiar with the exchange says, one Chegg executive had the bot write an email to Rosensweig urging him to develop a ChatGPT rival.

10 of the best artificial intelligence courses you can take online for free


These free courses include unlimited access to all the video content, so you can enroll and start learning at your own pace. The only catch is that you miss out on things like a certificate of completion or direct messaging with the instructor, but does that really matter to you? If so, you have the option to upgrade and get your hands on that certificate for your CV. Learn how to make the most of artificial intelligence with Udemy.

The best ChatGPT courses you can take online for free


TL;DR: A wide range of free ChatGPT courses are available on Udemy. Learn how to boost your productivity, earn passive income, and create engaging content with help from artificial intelligence. There are many reasons to fear ChatGPT and the seamingly unstoppable rise of AI, but there are also plenty of reasons to be optimistic. Yes, artificial intelligence could lead to human extinction, but it could also save you time with your daily tasks, so maybe it's worth the risk. If you're looking to get the most out of ChatGPT, you can take a wide range of online courses on this popular chatbot with Udemy.

The best Midjourney courses you can take online for free


TL;DR: You can find free Midjourney courses on Udemy. Learn how to generate stunning images, boost your business, and so much more with help from artificial intelligence. You've probably heard about Midjourney, or maybe you've seen something that the program has produced on your timeline. The results are pretty impressive. Midjourney is a generative artificial intelligence service that produces images from natural language descriptions called prompts.

20 of the best MIT courses you can take online for free


You can learn at your own pace and even receive a verified certificate of completion for a small fee. There's no pressure to pay for a certificate, but it might be nice to stick something on your CV. It is from MIT, after all. Find all the best free online MIT courses on edX.

15 of the best AI and ChatGPT courses you can take for free


TL;DR: You can find a wide range of free AI and ChatGPT courses on Udemy. Learn how to boost your productivity, create engaging content, and so much more with the help of artificial intelligence. Is this the beginning of the end? We can't say for sure whether or not artificial intelligence will end up totally destroying the human race and the last light of consciousness, but we're here for the ride. It's going to be interesting either way.

Apple is working on an AI health coaching service, according to reports


Many people aspire to reach their peak health and wellness, but often struggle to achieve it. As a result, the wellness and health market is booming with fitness trackers, sleep trackers, meditation apps and more. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is working on an AI-powered health coaching service. The service, codenamed Quartz, will use Apple Watch data to create tailored coaching programs that can make suggestions regarding better exercising, sleeping and eating practices, according to the report. Also: Which Apple Watch is right for you?

Apple is reportedly working on an AI health coach


Apple is reportedly working on a health coaching service powered by artificial intelligence. The report, which comes from Bloomberg(opens in a new tab)'s Mark Gurman, would be a big advancement in Apple's efforts to make its devices indispensable through health and wellness features. The service, which is codenamed "Quartz," would be used as a motivational tool for exercise, healthy eating, and sleep quality. AI would be used to make suggestions and design custom health plans based on biometric and behavioral data from Apple Watch. The service, which reportedly involves health, Siri, and AI teams at Apple, would be a standalone app with a subscription-based payment model.

Investment Management with Python and Machine Learning


Founded in 1906, EDHEC is now one of Europe's top 15 business schools . Based in Lille, Nice, Paris, London and Singapore, and counting over 90 nationalities on its campuses, EDHEC is a fully international school directly connected to the business world. With over 40,000 graduates in 120 countries, it trains committed managers capable of dealing with the challenges of a fast-evolving world. Harnessing its core values of excellence, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, EDHEC has developed a strategic model founded on research of true practical use to society, businesses and students, and which is particularly evident in the work of EDHEC-Risk Institute and Scientific Beta. The School functions as a genuine laboratory of ideas and plays a pioneering role in the field of digital education via EDHEC Online, the first fully online degree-level training platform.