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10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Education


In the past, a collection of hardware, software and online tutoring services have managed to bring transformation in classrooms and learning methods. But the real disruption of education is yet to arrive in the form of Artificial intelligence.

Apache Spark Online Course How To Learn Online


This online course is designed to introduce you to the Spark platform and train you to use all the APIs it offers. This course is split into 8 interactive modules which cover over 7 Apache Spark topics with a Project at the end of the course – receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Learn Artificial Intelligence with these best selling courses


We have put together a list of highly rated and most enrolled online courses on Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning. The list will keep on increasing as and when we find more resources. Consider bookmarking this page and come back often to see newly added courses.

Data visualisation & machine learning courses among most valued today - Times of India


BENGALURU: The humongous amount of digital data being generated, and companies' need to glean insights and make predictions from them have made skills in data visualisation, data science, and machine learning among the most valued for technology recruiters today. This is reflected in the number of working professionals signing up for specialised courses in these spaces. Candidates who complete the courses tend to get between 20% and 50% increase in salaries. Kashyap Dalal, chief business officer at online learning platform Simplilearn, says that big data and analytics courses were the big growth drivers in the past three years. While data science continues to remain popular, accounting for 30% of all learners, courses on visualisation tools and machine learning have become very attractive over the past six months, he said. Almost 25% of Simplilearn's applicants have opted for machine learning. Machine learning reduces the need for human intervention and speeds up analysis, and with ...

Vievu and Veritone to Bring Artificial Intelligence to LE Audio and Video Data


The Safariland Group ("Safariland"), the parent company of Vievu, and Veritone, a leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions, have announced their intent to enter into an agreement to integrate their product offerings to apply artificial intelligence to uniquely extract and process crucial data from police body-worn camera footage. The Veritone Platform will be available to Safariland's law enforcement agency customers as a complement to Vievu's body-worn cameras, accessories and software, later this year.

Mobile Learning Trends eLearning, Mobile Learning Solutions and Platform


Educational, training institutions and eLearning content publishers must adapt themselves to the new technological landscape in order to keep their courses and learning materials relevant to today's learners.

Another startup promises self-driving taxis 'soon'


Popular online learning service Udacity already trains engineers for work in the fast-growing autonomous vehicles field, but now the company is ready to harness all that talent and launch its own self-driving taxi company. Led by CEO (and former Udacity Vice President) Oliver Cameron, the new spin-off company will be called Voyage and has given itself the goal of getting autonomous taxis to "real users" in less than five years.