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Learn Data Science for free in 2021 - KDnuggets


I will discuss all these fields and the best online courses to get started. A good data Scientist is well versed in programming, especially in Python or R as these languages are top data science languages. Google Trends: Blue is Python, Red is R. We can see that there is a great worldwide interest in the Python programming language as compared to R, so I would advise a beginner to start learning and getting a good grip on Python. You should start by learning the basics of Python via the Sentdex YouTube channel. He has a great series for beginners.

Featurespace Launches Automated Deep Behavioral Networks


Today, Featurespace introduces Automated Deep Behavioral Networks for the card and payments industry, providing a deeper layer of defense to protect consumers from scams, account takeover, card and payments fraud, which cost an estimated $42 billion in 2020. "The significance of this development goes beyond the scope of addressing enterprise financial crime. "The significance of this development goes beyond the scope of addressing enterprise financial crime. It's truly the next generation of machine learning," said Dave Excell, founder of Featurespace. A breakthrough in deep learning technology, this invention required an entirely new way to architect and engineer machine learning platforms. Automated Deep Behavioral Networks is a new architecture based on Recurrent Neural Networks that is only available through the latest version of the ARIC Risk Hub. Deep learning technology has various applications, such as in natural language processing for the prediction of the next word in a sentence, however its use in preventing fraud in card and payments fraud detection has not been optimized to protect companies and consumers from card and payments fraud. With this invention, that challenge is solved. Transactions are intermittent, making contextual understanding of time critical to predicting behavior. Previously, building effective machine learning models for fraud prevention required data scientists to have deep domain expertise to identify and select appropriate data features – a laborious, yet vital step. Featurespace Research developed Automated Deep Behavioral Networks to automate feature discovery and introduce memory cells with native understanding of the significance of time in transaction flows, improving upon the market-leading performance of the company's Adaptive Behavioral Analytics. Detecting fraud before the victim's money leaves the account is the best line of defense against scams, account takeover, card and payment fraud attacks. Excell continued, "As real-time payments, digital transformation and consumer demand require the instantaneous movement of money, our role is to ensure the industry has the best tools for protecting their organizations and consumers from financial crime.

Step by step guide to a blazing career in AI and DataScience


Step by Step Guide to a Blazing Career in AI and Data Science, Includes free and paid courses with comparisons, companies and job sites, CV ... If you are inclined to make AI/DataScience your career, look no further. Each is a 1 hour section addressed to fulfill all the queries that you have about the topics. From a strong basic foundation for AI/DataScience and related subjects, you will wade through applications and future trends. Then you will move on to jobs and get a good idea about the opportunities that match your requirement. Finally, we will also explore the breadth of the courses that can bridge a gap or begin a new inning.

Building AI that Comprehends the Online Education Problem


Education is complex – really complex. We humans struggle with both the scale and the granularity of educational options, which result from huge variation in learning content, learning targets, individual skills and learning styles, as well as other factors in the learning environment. Experienced human teachers in physical classrooms, or those teaching small groups over the Internet, can address this complexity well in the subject areas where they have experience. But this solution does not scale well to online education, which is a growing imperative. There is an explosion of excellent (and not so good) online education content, but getting the right content to the right people, in the right way and at the right time, is an extremely challenging problem.

Adaptive Learning: The driver for the schools of the future


As teachers and administrators strive to improve student performance and graduation rates, they're increasingly leveraging new Educational Technology (EdTech) to deliver a higher quality learning experience. To gain a competitive advantage, EdTech market players are integrating advanced technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and Blockchain that are set to be the largest revenue contributors to the education sector in the coming years. In the UAE, 1.2 million school and university students started their e-learning journey a year ago with the onset of the pandemic, which has fueled the surge of EdTech startups. The EdTech sector has been gaining significant momentum, leading to an acceleration of investments in 2020. For instance, the regional EdTech companies raised almost $4m in March last year.

Full stack web development and AI with Python (Django)


This full stack web development, Django and AI combination course leads you through a complete range of software skills and languages, skilling you up to be an incredibly on-demand developer. The combination of being able to create full-stack websites AND machine learning and AI models is very rare - something referred to as a unAIcorn. This is exactly what you will be able to do by the end of this course. Whether you're looking to get into a high paying job in tech, aspiring to build a portfolio so that you can land remote contracts and work from the beach, or you're looking to grow your own tech start-up, this course will be essential to set you up with the skills and knowledge to develop you into a unAIcorn. This course will fill all the gaps in between.

Top 5 Online Courses to build Chatbots using Python and DialogFlow in 2021


Do you want to learn how to build chatbots? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best Data Science and Machine Learning Courses and in this article, I am going to share the best Chatbot courses for beginners. I have helped many of my readers who wanted to build chatbots but didn't know where to start? I think joining an online course is a good idea, and if you are looking for some online courses, then you will find some good ones here, but before that, let's talk about chatbots.

Udacity Machine Learning vs. Simplilearn Machine Learning - for your ML Career


You will receive 58 hours of applied instructor-led training. To earn the certification, you should attend a full batch of online training and submit a completed project for the flexi-pass learners or complete at least 85% of the course and submit one completed project for the self-paced learners. The machine learning certification course by Simplilearn is designed for learners with intermediate-level machine learning knowledge and skills in various roles, including business analysis, data analysis, information architecture, data science, machine learning, and others. To take this course, you need a college-level understanding of statistics and mathematics as well as Python programming knowledge. Simplilearn offers a blended learning approach that gives learners access to both live instructor-led training and recorded-videos.