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Colonial Beach Teen Tops in State With Rubik's Cube

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The son of Paul Christie and Sonya Stagnoli, Ben and his sister Bella are home-schooled students who also take college courses. He'll graduate with an associate's degree from Germanna Community College next spring, at about the same time that he receives his high school diploma. She takes classes at Rappahannock Community College.

Technology, The Change Agent For Education…


Within the last 10 years, there has been a rapid growth of new jobs and industries that have never existed, and jobs that are going by the wayside due to technology. The advancement in technology has transformed our way of life in how we communicate, do business, work, travel, buy, sell, bank, in transportation, and in our careers. Technology has touched almost every area of our lives and it will be what transforms our education system. Technology is driving these rapid changes in our society, however the education system has not felt the full effects of how technology will transform the system that has been in place for decades. The system is worried more about test scores and how these test scores reflect a school, a district, a city, and the state.