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Admissions to AI university courses soar by 400% - Verdict


A record number of students are enrolled in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-related university courses, new figures from the UK Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) have revealed. Today the UK admissions service for higher education published the university and college level application and acceptance figures for the 2020. The figures showed that the "continued popularity of STEM subjects shows no sign of waning" the independent charity said. Between 2011 and 2020, there was a 400% jump in acceptances to artificial intelligence (AI) courses, from just 65 in 2011 to 355 in 2020. Acceptances to computer science courses have also risen by almost 50% and acceptances to engineering courses are up 21%.

Bioinformatics tool accurately tracks synthetic DNA


A Rice University computer science lab challenges -- and beats -- deep learning in a test to see if a new bioinformatics approach effectively tracks the lab of origin of a synthetic genetic sequence.

A Small College Hopes to Claim Artificial Intelligence for the Liberal Arts - EdSurge News


Colby College is carving out space in the liberal arts canon for artificial intelligence. Thanks to a $30 million gift from an alumnus, the small, selective college in Maine is establishing the Davis Institute for Artificial Intelligence, which aims to integrate machine learning, natural language processing and big data into instruction and research across the college. "We want to be sure we're preparing students well for their futures: lives and careers of meaning and purpose," says Margaret McFadden, provost and dean of faculty at Colby. "Well-educated people have to understand AI, what these tools are and how to use them." Artificial intelligence has homes at other U.S. higher ed institutions, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Georgia, Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, and Stanford University.

How to break in Machine Learning jobs? -- Based on 6 years experience in ML


I don't claim to be a mentor/coach nor do I claim myself to having an extraordinary track record. Although, whatever I am putting down in this blogpost is a result of practical experience that I have over interviewing 100 profiles in the ML domain in last 2–3 years. What we are witnessing today is a flurry of courses in Machine Learning and enormous'interest' in undergraduate students in the pursuing a career in ML. I personally have been approached by numerous undergrads and even some experienced person asking for guidance on how to start with a job in Machine Learning. In this blog, I am consolidating the thoughts and surfacing some myths that a general audience has while starting the journey.

'This is bigger than just Timnit': How Google tried to silence a critic and ignited a movement


Timnit Gebru--a giant in the world of AI and then co-lead of Google's AI ethics team--was pushed out of her job in December. Gebru had been fighting with the company over a research paper that she'd coauthored, which explored the risks of the AI models that the search giant uses to power its core products--the models are involved in almost every English query on Google, for instance. The paper called out the potential biases (racial, gender, Western, and more) of these language models, as well as the outsize carbon emissions required to compute them. Google wanted the paper retracted, or any Google-affiliated authors' names taken off; Gebru said she would do so if Google would engage in a conversation about the decision. Instead, her team was told that she had resigned. After the company abruptly announced Gebru's departure, Google AI chief Jeff Dean insinuated that her work was not up to snuff--despite Gebru's credentials and history of groundbreaking research.

Patent IPR Attorneys in India* Patenting PCT Inventions & Brand Trademark Lawyer


Give us Innovative Puzzle and we will solve that puzzle. Intellectual Property Right scenario is to work in holistic view for knowledge exchange and visioning a world to solve massive issues which needs urgent attention to increase GDP of India aka Bharat. Are you looking for Chief Innovation Officier? Are you looking for Invention Harvesting and Invention Management? Doing international patent information researches, Patent Mapping to products to identify infringers, Intellectual Property Rights management for universities, drafting patent specifications, preparing response to notification of reasons for innovation refusal, go to person to facilitate patent licensing and initiating patent infringement proceedings before the Delhi High Court.

Where to find free college courses online


On the arts side of things, you can get a free four-week look (or listen!) to German and/or Italian opera. There's also the ability to study the classic literature of the 19th century. The Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech, is one of the United States' leading research universities, offering a technologically based education to over 25,000 students. You can join those thousands of scholars online through edX's GTx portal. GTx offers a large selection of free technology-based classes and courses that range from five-week courses you can study part-time at home, as well as paid-for options, on topics such as human-computer interaction and an introduction to Python programming, that can lead to a professional qualification, or even a master's degree.

Japan BrandVoice: How Japan Is Using The World's Most Powerful Supercomputer To Accelerate Personalized Medicine


Imagine getting medical checkups, drugs and other therapies tailored to your own genetic makeup. The concept of personalized medicine is based on the idea that medical treatment should not be one size fits all. But this requires analysis of enormous amounts of data, something only a supercomputer can do efficiently. In Japan, scientists are harnessing the world's most powerful supercomputer, Fugaku, to discover new customized treatments and drug therapies. Kamada Mayumi is a researcher in Kyoto University's Graduate School of Medicine.

Advancing More Ethical Artificial Intelligence


A business school takes a multidisciplinary approach to teaching students about the critical role of ethics in the deployment of artificial intelligence. San Francisco has a long history of discovery--from the Gold Rush to the tech revolution. The city also has a history of embracing people-centered social justice. It makes sense, then, that faculty at San Francisco State University (SFSU) would want to combine the two as we explore the implications of one of the next frontiers of discovery: artificial intelligence. I have found that business schools largely discuss AI within other topic areas such as product development or marketing.

Artificial Intelligence In The Corporate Boardroom


Alphabet, the parent company of Google GOOG, is the leading tech company that decided to invest a lot of resources and funding in artificial intelligence. So much so, that the WSJ recently announced that AI is central to Google's future. Not surprisingly, Google has been dealing with different challenges concerning its top AI executives and researchers. Activists shareholders are also showing interest in this. Recently, there is a rise in shareholder proposals calling on boards to ensure proper AI governance.