Corporate Training

The Rise of the Machines


Imagine a scenario where every employee in the world has access to personalized learning and that learning helps them build knowledge and skills they need throughout their careers. But now with machine learning a personalized learning experience is possible. In corporate education, machine learning can personalize an employee's learning experience by: Machine learning organizes and recommends learning content based on who you are and what it understands you are interested in. "I get a lot of feedback from people thinking that machine learning is about building better recommendation systems when in fact the ultimate goal is to understand why we are recommending a given piece of content," he said.

4 Ways Augmented Reality Could Change Corporate Training Forever


Lastly, corporate benefits of augmented reality training aren't dependent on the next generation of hardware. The new ARKit from Apple turns today's hardware into powerful AR training tools. Just as the smartphone was adopted by employees long before corporate training apps were created, millions of workers are engaging with augmented reality on their phones and tablets today. Properly configured, today's digital reality and machine learning tools have the power to improve safety, productivity, and reduce cost.

Not Your Grandfather's Corporate Training: 5 Trends Changing Workforce Learning (EdSurge News)


The teams usually responsible for corporate learning within companies, human resources, are also undergoing a period of change as they identify areas where they need to come up to speed to deliver the most tangible results for their companies. Although there has been an increase in the use of video technology within corporate learning, from 5 percent to 15 percent over the space of a year, there are still a significant proportion of organizations that struggle with outdated platforms and static learning approaches, according to Deloitte's Global Human Capital Trends study carried out this year. In the Deloitte research, just 8 percent of the companies involved were found to currently have dedicated CPD programs for their human resources employees although learning & development was rated as the 5th most important growth area with 84 percent of respondents characterising it as important or very important. In the Deloitte survey respondents identified a variety of learning tools that they felt can contribute to their development within their company, these included external certificates at 32 percent, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) at 18 percent and external, self-directed learning powered by social media at 14 percent.