Measuring Intelligence

It's a game changer: recruiters make a play for ideal jobseeker

The Guardian

Welcome aboard the Starship Comet – a virtual spaceship in the smartphone game Cosmic Cadet, which asks players to complete six levels of interstellar challenges in 30 minutes. The game may look and feel like Angry Birds, but it is testing more than your ability to swipe and aim. It is a psychometric assessment, which its creators believe will revolutionise the recruitment industry. Measuring cognitive processes such as resilience and problem-solving, the game collects data on how job candidates instinctively respond to given situations, thereby helping employers gain a better understanding of how they would perform in the role and whether they are a good fit for the company. Cosmic Cadet is one of three games available for iPhone and Android users.

A Program for the Solution of a Class of Geometric-Analogy Intelligence-Test Questions


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