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Google Black Friday 2017 Deals: Get Google Pixel, Google Home, Chromebooks On Sale

International Business Times

Friday marks one of the best days of the year to score a deal on any of those gadgets you've been to buy. Everything from clothes to kitchen appliances will be on sale for the day after Thanksgiving sale. If you're hoping to get a Google product, you shouldn't have to look very hard to find it at the right price.

10 kitchen gadgets that will help you bake the tastiest treats


Thanks to my discovery of The Great British Baking Show a few months ago and a subsequent trip to Paris, I've become rather obsessed with baking. And I'm not talking chocolate chip cookies and banana bread (though, those are classics). No, I'm talking pâte à choux, mille-feuille, French macarons, and brioche bread--intense, unnecessarily complicated baked goods that require a lot of patience and emphasis on technique. Whether you're trying to conquer obscure European pastries like me or you just want to perfect your favorite cookie recipes, there are several amazing smart products that can help you become a much better baker. You will need these 10 smart items in your kitchen if you're going to be the next Mary Berry.