Budweiser beer could be shipped by Tesla Semi trucks starting in 2019


Tesla's Semi has a famous new customer: Budweiser. SEE ALSO: Tesla switches on the world's largest lithium ion battery Anheuser-Busch, which makes the über patriotic lager, just announced it had reserved 40 of Elon Musk's all-electric big rigs. So it looks like the company's famous Clydesdales will have to make some extra room in the stables for the all-electric trucks. The company claims the order is one of the largest placed for the trucks since reservations were opened on Nov. 17, when Musk unveiled the design. The all-electric fleet is meant to help Anheuser-Busch in its efforts to cut its carbon footprint by 30 percent by 2025.

Coca-Cola Is Embracing AI and Chatbots in Preparation for a Digital-First Future


When David Godsman joined Coca-Cola as chief digital officer nearly a year ago, his remit was to transform the traditionally brick-and-mortar business into a "consumer-centric beverage brand" for the digital era. Godsman--who spent the past several years in digital banking at Bank of America before heading up the company's payments and commerce unit--is the first person in the role for the beverage brand. Coca-Cola is just one of many brands across a variety of industries grappling with how to serve consumers through new digital platforms. Using data, artificial intelligence and connected devices, it's trying to rapidly test and enact new customer experiences and services. "This is a large digital transformation exclusive to the Coca-Cola Company," he said.

How AR, VR And AI Will Affect Native Advertising - MGID blog


Ever since VR's 2016 revival, it seems we can't get away from talk about "futuristic" technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). What do these terms really mean and, more importantly, why should advertisers care? Here's a brief overview of these three developing technologies and how they translate to native advertising. The terminology around AR and VR tech is often confused, and not without reason: Both technologies are used to alter a user's perception of reality, and both are commonly used for entertainment or productivity purposes. But there are some important differences that advertisers should be aware of.

Playing the Beer Game Using Reinforcement Learning


The beer game is a widely used in-class game that is played in supply chain management classes to demonstrate a phenomenon known as the bullwhip effect. The game consists of a serial supply chain network with four players--a retailer, a wholesaler, a distributor, and a manufacturer. In each period of the game, the retailer experiences a random demand from customers. Then the four players each decide how much inventory of "beer" to order. The retailer orders from the wholesaler, the wholesaler orders from the distributor, the distributor from the manufacturer, and the manufacturer orders from an external supplier that is not a player in the game.

Machine Learning: The hot technology keeping products cool Chain Store Age


With retail undergoing a massive transformation, machine learning has become an innovative asset, changing the way organizations deliver customer experiences. As companies adopt advanced technologies that are easily implemented and show worthwhile return on investment, there is a massive opportunity to help customers take and complete this digital journey – not just to innovate, but to scale as a digital business. With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning platforms, organizations' front and back-office processes are evolving. Many food and beverage companies are using AI, machine learning, and automation to revolutionize critical aspects of their businesses. Food and beverage retailers who stand out are leveraging a suite of machine learning platforms to guarantee products are maintained properly.

OracleVoice: This Beer's On Oracle Cloud


When it's time to demo the latest Internet of Things and chatbot technology for a bunch of developers, you might as well have fun. Beer is also a plus. That was the thinking as members of the Oracle Developer Community built interactive cloud experiences for the Developer Lounge at the annual JavaOne conference in San Francisco, California. The experiences demonstrated how Oracle Cloud technology can open up fields such as art and filmmaking to new possibilities and how it can be a catalyst to innovations in robotics and industrial automation. JavaOne attendees enjoy consuming IoT technology by the glass.

OracleVoice: The Machine Learning 'Revolution' And Other Emerging-Tech Takeaways From Oracle OpenWorld


At a recent gathering of startup founders at his home in Silicon Valley, Larry Ellison, Oracle's indefatigable executive chairman, CTO, and cofounder, had some fun with the wacky notion that the cloud platform, service, and infrastructure giant had somehow become a "dinosaur." Ellison told his guests that making Oracle ever-more successful and proving the naysayers wrong are always top of mind, joking that he thought about bidding on the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil exhibit in the American Museum of Natural History and displaying it in the Oracle lobby. But a very dangerous dinosaur," he said. At Oracle OpenWorld this month, Oracle executives, partners, and customers revealed just how dangerous an innovator the company continues to be. They laid out cutting-edge products and services powered by a range of emerging technologies, including machine learning, predictive analytics, blockchain, and the Internet of Things.

Your favorite 'Stranger Things' police officer has inspired a line of beer called Chief Hopper


You know your pop culture faves have gotten really popular when you can drink them. Chief Jim Hopper is Stranger Things' grumpy but incredibly resourceful police chief and now the character has inspired a line of beers. You can't get drunk with Hopper, but you can get drunk with the help of Hopper's hops. SEE ALSO: Here's what critics think of'Stranger Things 2' A photo of the IPA was uploaded by VinnyChuck to Imgur with the caption, "my local brewery gets it!" Short's Brewing Company in Bellaire, Michigan, created Chief Hopper double India pale ale to celebrate everyone's favorite science fiction Netflix show.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos smashes champagne bottle on turbine

Daily Mail

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has'christened' the company's new wind farm by smashing a bottle of champagne while standing on top of a 300ft (90m) turbine. Footage of the stunt, which appears to have been recorded using a drone, gives a sweeping look of the new Texan wind farm which is currently Amazon's largest renewable energy project. The 53-year-old multi-billionaire flaunted the bottle-smashing video on Twitter - further shaping his new macho appearance which is a far cry from his nerdy look when he started Amazon in the mid-90s. Bezos' macho appearance is a far cry from his nerdy look when he started Amazon in the mid-90s. At the time, he was running it from a garage at a house he had rented in Seattle.

Keras Tutorial: Deep Learning in Python


Would you like to take a course on Keras and deep learning in Python? Consider taking DataCamp's Deep Learning in Python course! Also, don't miss our Keras cheat sheet, which shows you the six steps that you need to go through to build neural networks in Python with code examples! Before going deeper into Keras and how you can use it to get started with deep learning in Python, you should probably know a thing or two about neural networks. As you briefly read in the previous section, neural networks found their inspiration and biology, where the term "neural network" can also be used for neurons.