This craft brewery is using a chatbot to make better beer


For Great Lakes Brewing Company, meeting growing demand means running its processes all day and all night. While Great Lakes had been moving some processes toward automation since Blystone started four years ago, the systems were not connected in a single interface -- and that meant multi-tasking, overworked engineers had to flit from sensor to sensor to check each one, often in the middle of the night. A hackathon with Microsoft and Rockwell came up with the idea to layer analytics and natural language processing on top of the automation process, and in less than two years, Shelby was born. Mike Pantaleano, Rockwell Automation's global business manager, said the firms also have an integration with Microsoft's voice-activated assistant, Cortana, on tap.

Qualitative Research Methods for Data Science?


First, we should remember that two people may buy the same brand for the same reasons (Miller Lite tastes great). However, they may also buy the same brand for different reasons (Miller Lite tastes great versus Miller Lite is less filling), or buy different brands for the same reasons (Miller Lite tastes great versus Bud Light tastes great) or buy different brands for different reasons (Miller Lite is less filling versus Bud Light tastes great). There are many other ways qualitative can help inform quantitative research, but a fuller elaboration would require much more space than I have here. And, of course, we all can be guilty of condemning sweeping generalizations with... sweeping generalizations!

Behold, the true face of Pepsi, Kendall Jenner revealed in sci-fi remix


The outrage and shots being taken at Pepsi and Kendall Jenner for "that" commercial have mostly subsided, but there's still some some venom left in the failed pop culture moment, and it's packed with brand-melting shade. Someone took the Pepsi commercial and mixed it with the famous glasses effect from the 1988 science fiction classic They Live, to reveal the ugly truth behind the now infamous sugar water ad. SEE ALSO: Here are the funniest reactions to Kendall Jenner's terrible'woke' Pepsi ad In They Live, characters use special glasses to reveal hidden consumer advertisement messages and the evil alien robots promoting them from behind false faces. As usual with ugly truths, not everyone's ready for it, and some have to be forced to use the #WokeTech provided by the glasses.

Even Beer Companies Use AI And Machine Learning Technologies


To many, it may seem the use of machines and artificial intelligence technologies is reserved for companies like BlackRock with trillions of dollars under management. For example, Bloomberg profiled a craft brewery called Deschutes Brewery that uses artificial intelligence technologies to keep track of vital aspects of the beer brewing process. The Bloomberg report noted that beer makers join the list of companies who many never assumed would have a need for artificial intelligence technologies. The number of companies offering artificial intelligence technologies continues to grow with some of the biggest names including b Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL),, In fact, competition has helped lower the cost to make the technology accessible to companies like Deschutes Brewery who wouldn't dream of investing $1 million in an early Google system.

Salesforce's Einstein gets glowing reviews from Pacific Crest, Coca Cola and Amazon


Salesforce (CRM) held a small group meeting of less than 60 people at its headquarters in San Francisco last week where it announced that Einstein AI is now available to all its customers across sales, service, marketing, commerce and more, even going so far as to title the presentation, "The Year of Einstein." Salesforce clearly has big ambitions for Einstein AI. During last week's press and customer event, CTO Richard Socher demonstrated how Coca Cola (KO) is using an AI-powered inventory app to improve stocking efficiency. After the demo, Coca-Cola CIO Barry Simpson said, "We have 24 million customers and 16 million coolers powered by AI.

Salesforce captures the limits of AI in a Coca-Cola cooler


Even though it was intended as a bravura demonstration of the business potential of artificial intelligence (AI), Salesforce today perfectly captured the technology's current limitations with the aid of a Coca-Cola cooler cabinet. And the Coca-Cola cooler is a highly standardized cabinet containing a very limited set of product options. Point it at a standardized cabinet with a limited set of products to recognize and it won't take long to learn what it has to do because there aren't that many "custom classifiers" that it has to deal with. It's not so handy when the classification is more complex -- unless it's a specific field where there's already been an opportunity to analyze and learn from lots of existing data, such as IBM Watson's Weather Company service.

How to get Android to tell if your beer is ok. Yes, your beer.


The first thing you notice when you open Vision API home screen is a "drop you image here" section which is cool to test, drop any image you like and be mindblown by the speed in which Google can determine contents, logo, text, etc. Credit Card Costs warning: At this point you have setup your vision dashboard including your credit card information, check the pricings board you avoid unnecessary fees or at least to keep in mind that hitting this endpoint may incur in unexpected expenses in your credit card. Now that you have your Vision API ready to start classifying images, what can you do? The next steps could be adding an array of valid beers brands and having information ready for each brand, or maybe re-training the neural network to learn to recognize an IPA form a Lager and display the properties of each one (hmmm more beers!)

Pongr Computer Vision Used by Pepsi for Photo-Scanning Contest

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Nearly 300 million cases of Pepsi product are being branded with THE X FACTOR promotion, an opportunity to win 56 grand prizes of trips to Los Angeles to see the show broadcast live. Using innovative mobile image recognition technology and easy-to-use social network connections, Pongr invites consumers to use their mobile phone cameras to interact with outdoor billboards, bus stop advertising, products and magazine pages in return for rewards that are messaged back to their phones. Users use Pongr on mobile phone or from computer. "Our X Factor is that we can make static brand logos interactive without using QR codes (barcodes), without requiring any creative modification of the package design and without the need to download any special apps."

With a brewery in Germany, Stone tests the appetite for American craft beers in the land of Oktoberfest

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In June, Stone opened a brewery in Berlin, becoming the first American craft brewery to operate in Germany. Still, most Germans who have tried craft beer have tasted locally produced beers from those local German breweries, Wegner said. San Diego-based White Labs, which manufactures yeast for brewers, opened a production facility last year in Copenhagen to serve its European customers. A key reason to expand was to supply Stone's Berlin brewery, said Chief Executive Chris White.

Watch a Self-Driving Truck Deliver Its First Cargo


As seen in the video above, the company has been working to bring automated driving to the commercial-shipping world. Otto teamed with Anheuser-Busch InBev for a one-off stunt: a semi-truck full of beer made nearly all of a 130-mile trip between Fort Collins, Colorado, to Colorado Springs, Colorado, with an empty driver's seat (an on-board operator is still necessary, particularly for non-freeway driving). It's not clear how Otto's relationship with Anheuser-Busch will proceed, but the experiment intended to offer a future vision for long-haul trucking.