Even Beer Companies Use AI And Machine Learning Technologies


BlackRock, Inc. (NYSE: BLK), the world's largest asset manager, is turning to machines to help pick stocks. To many, it may seem the use of machines and artificial intelligence technologies is reserved for companies like BlackRock with trillions of dollars under management. The reality is companies of all sizes are turning toward machines to improve their business.

Salesforce's Einstein gets glowing reviews from Pacific Crest, Coca Cola and Amazon


Salesforce (CRM) held a small group meeting of less than 60 people at its headquarters in San Francisco last week where it announced that Einstein AI is now available to all its customers across sales, service, marketing, commerce and more, even going so far as to title the presentation, "The Year of Einstein." Salesforce also announced a strategic partnership with IBM to combine the power of Einstein and IBM's Watson to provide more insightful analytics for businesses.

Salesforce captures the limits of AI in a Coca-Cola cooler


Even though it was intended as a bravura demonstration of the business potential of artificial intelligence (AI), Salesforce today perfectly captured the technology's current limitations with the aid of a Coca-Cola cooler cabinet.

How to get Android to tell if your beer is ok. Yes, your beer.


So I started this as a journey to learn how to get an Android App to tell me the brand of the beer I was having, which would be a cool base idea to develop an app such as "Vivino" that does precisely this but with wine. Wouldn't it be nice to have app such as "Vivino" but for beer?…

Pongr Computer Vision Used by Pepsi for Photo-Scanning Contest

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Pongr engineers excel in image-recognition technology. Pongr's computer vision platform is being used by Pepsi to power a fan photo-scanning contest to promote Simon Cowell's THE X FACTOR. Nearly 300 million cases of Pepsi product are being branded with THE X FACTOR promotion, an opportunity to win 56 grand prizes of trips to Los Angeles to see the show broadcast live.

With a brewery in Germany, Stone tests the appetite for American craft beers in the land of Oktoberfest

Los Angeles Times

When Stone Brewing released in 1997 its well-known Arrogant Bastard Ale, it was a hoppy revolt against an American beer market defined by bland corporate lagers. Now, thanks to craft brewers like Stone, it's easy to find once obscure beers, from India pale ales to smoked porters, in dive bars and supermarket shelves alike.

Watch a Self-Driving Truck Deliver Its First Cargo


As seen in the video above, the company has been working to bring automated driving to the commercial-shipping world. Otto teamed with Anheuser-Busch InBev for a one-off stunt: a semi-truck full of beer made nearly all of a 130-mile trip between Fort Collins, Colorado, to Colorado Springs, Colorado, with an empty driver's seat (an on-board operator is still necessary, particularly for non-freeway driving). It's not clear how Otto's relationship with Anheuser-Busch will proceed, but the experiment intended to offer a future vision for long-haul trucking.

Uber's self-driving truck delivered 50,000 cans of Budweiser

Washington Post

If you drank a cold beer in Colorado Springs this weekend, it may have been delivered by a self-driving truck.

'We give the brewer superhuman skills': Using artificial intelligence in brewing


Are we set to enter an era where robots brew beer and artificial intelligence takes over from brewers? BeverageDaily talks to IntelligentX Brewing Co, which has launched the'world's first beer brewed by artificial intelligence.'

The Pongbot makes beer pong actually challenging


The Pongbot isn't the first time someone's had the idea to put beer pong in motion. In fact, this year's it's been pretty trendy to stick a bunch of drink cups on top of a Roomba and make a game out of it. But creators Alan Dorfman and Jayson Esterow aren't just following a trend -- they've been working on the Pongbot for two years. Their solution is a lot simpler than a Roomba, too, not to mention a hell of a lot cheaper.