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Google might take on Amazon with its own version of the Echo Dot


The company is working on a new, smaller version of its Google Home speaker that will launch later this year, alongside two new Pixel phones and a new Pixel-branded Chromebook, Android Police reports. In addition to the new speaker, Android Police reports Google is also preparing a new Chromebook that will carry the Pixel name. Importantly, the report notes the new notebook will almost certainly run Chrome OS, not the long-rumored Chrome OS and Android mashup that's been whispered about for so long. Though some reports said Google once had plans to merge Android and Chrome, the company has publicly said it has no plans to retire Chrome OS.

AllAnalytics - Ariella Brown - Hiring Trend: ...


As described in a recent Wall Street Journal article, Unilever's recruiting in the past had centered primarily around eight college campuses and the usual resume collection. According to Unilever, The Wall Street Journal reports, according to Unilever, that "Eighty percent of applicants who make it to the final round now get job offers, and a similar number accepts." They were not, however, all represented in the actual hires, which amounted to about 200 positions for the US and Canada, according to the figures in the Wall Street Journal report. The Wall Street Journal reports that other organizations including Goldman Sachs Group and Walmart Stores' are using similar digital tools in recruitment.

Free Amazon Echo Dot: Apparent Promo Gives Away Alexa Devices

International Business Times

Amazon's Echo Dot was made available for free through The apparent promo appeared to shut down around 4 p.m. EDT, with some users showing notifications that the product was no longer available. There is no listing of the promotion, which is applied at checkout and is listed as an "Audible Promo," presumably in reference to Amazon's audiobook service Audible. It is unclear if the deal or apparently giveaway was intended solely for Amazon Prime customers, but customers without Prime were also able to order the product for free as of Friday afternoon. Amazon message that Echo Dot is no longer available.

What makes a great chatbot? Laser focus on customers


At a time when software is driving unprecedented levels of automation, companies are using chatbots to help customers order anything from food to office supplies to additional computing capacity. Perhaps no one is better equipped to answer these questions than Conversable CEO Ben Lamm, whose company has built chatbots for the likes of TGI Fridays, Whole Foods, Budweiser, and, most recently, Shake Shack. Others, echoing Lamm's comment about "boiling the ocean," try to apply automation technologies to as many things as possible right out of the gate. A laser focus on the customer experience may offer enterprises the best recipe for a successful chatbot, the technology must be expertly built.

Google and Vogue Are Bringing Voice-Activated Content From the Magazine to Home Devices


Google and Vogue inked a partnership that brings the magazine's September issue to the voice-activated Home devices by prompting consumers to ask a handful of questions about the issue's celebrity coverage, hinting that Google Home is starting to open up to marketers and publishers. Vogue and Google Home have created voice content with the magazine's writers about the stories they wrote for the issue. For example, saying, "OK Google, ask Vogue to tell me more about Jennifer Lawrence," prompts Jason Gay, who wrote Vogue's cover story about Lawrence, to talk about interviewing the actress. In addition to the digital content, Google Home purchased print ads in Vogue to promote the partnership.

You can now watch tech bring food to your door with a few taps of your smartphone


DoorDash and Marble joined forces with Jack in the Box to test an innovative new service in our city streets: autonomous robot food delivery. Their objective is to make delivery more efficient in urban areas, where machines can navigate the city more quickly than a car. "We believe robot delivery challenges conventions of food service, and we are thrilled to team up with DoorDash and Marble on this forward looking idea." The robot is equipped with a custom software that allows it to navigate autonomously, safely, and efficiently from the restaurant to its delivery destination.

Chatbots for Restaurants - A Better Customer Experience


They can be built in any live chat interface, such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, messaging apps or text messages. Last year, the popular pizza chain Domino's introduced'Dom the Pizza Bot' to enable its customers to order directly via Facebook messenger. It takes their orders, answers their questions, organizes group office orders, gives menu recommendations and handles transactions. So, next time, customers order the food through the chatbot, the process is even simpler and quicker, making them happy with the efficient handling of their orders.

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Brand Grow


Consider IBM, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Lenovo, Coca Cola, Adidas, Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, and Uber. Here come AI personal shop assistants and chatbots that replace human beings in the communication chain. AR has already become an inherent part of our lives, and virtual reality (VR) glasses, virtual desktops, Google's Tilt brush, and many more tools and toys are selling themselves on the net. Likewise, AI technology in website design has boosted Cosabella's sales by 35.6 percent.

Amazon Echo Show: The future of Alexa should be worth the wait

The Independent

Some people find ebook readers useful, others say they can't compare to a regular, paper book. And the reason behind that business model is we don't want to make profits when customers just buy the devices and put them in a drawer. At about the same time, Amazon launched its Fire Phone, which did not do well. The latest Echo gadget, the Echo Show, which has a display on it, hasn't yet gone on sale in the UK.

Find out how much money you could be getting for your place on Airbnb


Thinking of renting out your spare room on Airbnb to strangers to earn some sweet, sweet cash? For this reason, data scientists at Silicon Valley start-up Eliot & Me have launched an AI-powered calculator that takes into account more specific details to determine the most accurate renting price for your Airbnb listings. After crunching the data, Eliot will churn out the average daily and weekly renting prices for the past year. Eliot also offers separate rates for each month by taking into account busiest dates, specific weeks of high demand, and historical trends.