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Amazon's Echo Dot drops to $23 ahead of October Prime Day


With Prime Big Deal Days being a little more than one week away, Amazon has kicked things off early by discounting most of its Echo smart speakers. You can get up to 69 percent off Echo devices and bundles right now, and that goes for any Amazon shopping -- not just Prime members. Of note is the Echo Dot for $23, a record low that matches its July Prime Day price, and the Echo Dot bundled with a Kasa Smart Plug Mini for just about $1 more. Considering the Echo Dot is one of our favorite smart speakers and the Kasa accessory earned a spot on our list of best smart plugs, that bundle is an affordable way to get your smart home started. As part of a big Echo speaker sale, this bundle that includes the Echo Dot and a Kasa smart plug is 67 percent off. The Echo Dot was not one of the many Amazon devices to receive an upgrade last month during Amazon's hardware event, which means you're getting the latest model of the speaker in this sale.

Will AI shades see off the tour guide? Meta and Ray-Ban unveil smart glasses which show the user information on what they are looking at and help translate signs and menus

Daily Mail - Science & tech

They are near the top of most travellers' packing checklists. And now sunglasses could become even more of a holiday essential thanks to a technology which will see them double as an electronic tour guide. Luxury brand Ray-Ban has teamed up with Meta – the firm behind Instagram and Facebook – to incorporate AI technology inside the frames. With cameras, microphones and speakers, the glasses will allow the user to ask for information of what they are seeing, or get help translating signs or menus. Tourists will also be able to share their experiences with friends and family back home by streaming videos live on social media, or sending photos back instantly. The smart glasses are among the first devices to use Meta's new AI chatbots – technology which aims to mimic human conversation.

A food delivery robot's footage led to a criminal conviction in LA


Footage captured by a food delivery robot in Los Angeles was used to arrest and convict two people after a failed attempt to steal it off the street earlier this year, according to 404 Media. Serve Robotics, which works with Uber Eats for last-mile deliveries in the area, shared videos of the incident with the Los Angeles Police Department both proactively and after a subpoena. Serve previously met with LAPD to "open a line of communication" between the two ahead of any potential troubles, emails obtained by 404 also show. It comes at a time when public wariness around the technology is already high, with concerns about just how much the robots are recording and where that footage ultimately goes. Serve Robotics CEO Ali Kashani boasted about the resulting convictions on social media, tweeting, "Some genius once tried to steal one of our robots… It didn't end well (for them)."

A New Coca-Cola Flavor at the End of the World

The Atlantic - Technology

Coca-Cola often experiments with new flavors, and they're usually flavors you can imagine, having tasted them before: vanilla, cherry, lemon. But the latest is called Y3000, a reference to the far-off year 3000, and one that Coca-Cola says was concocted with the help of, in some way, artificial intelligence. It smells like circus-peanut candies and tastes mostly like Coke. The company says this soda was made to evoke a "positive future," with a label that has "a futuristic feel," due to its color palette of silver, violet, magenta, and cyan. The Coca-Cola logo on the Y3000 bottle is made of "fluid dot clusters that merge to represent the human connections of our future planet."

Prime members can score an Amazon Echo Pop for under $15


"Alexa, please play ABBA while I make dinner. Also, do turtles have eyelids?" If you want to upgrade your smart speaker for less, there's a great deal on Amazon's newest smart speaker series today. Prime members can get an Amazon Echo Pop on sale for just $14.98, which is a discount of $35, or 70%, off the regular price of $49.98. This is its lowest price to date.

Meet Andrew, the average British CEO: Study reveals the typical boss is a 55-year-old white, Cambridge-educated man who earns an annual salary of £4,196,000

Daily Mail - Science & tech

In news that will likely surprise no-one, Britain's average CEO is a 55-year-old privately educated white man who studied Economics at Cambridge and makes £4,196,000 a year. Data from the FTSE100 - a list of the 100 biggest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange - has been used to work out the most common background for a UK CEO. Researchers from People Managing People used artificial intelligence (AI) to combine the LinkedIn profile pictures of Britain's top 100 CEOs. The resulting composite image reveals the face of the average CEO – an oddly familiar man dubbed Andrew. Finn Bartram, Editor of People Managing People, said the uncanny digital portrait shows the'undeniable privileges and gender disparities for the top jobs at some of the biggest companies in the country.'

Waitrose turns to AI to create recipes for successful food products

The Guardian

Under fake pink cherry blossom, guests sipped House of Suntory cocktails and picked at plates of chicken karaage, prawn gyoza and cauliflower tempura from a kaitenzushi-style conveyor belt … This was the London launch of Waitrose's new Japanese range. But without knowing it, and even if you live hundreds of miles away, your food choices may have had a hand in shaping the supermarket's 26-dish Japan Menyū range. That is because it was developed with input from Tastewise, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that analyses menus, social media and online recipes to pinpoint food trends. While many businesses and individuals are concerned that AI is going to eat their lunch rather than set the menu, the technology is becoming more prevalent in the food industry, with its use doubling since 2017, according to McKinsey's 2022 Global Survey on AI. This is probably because it offers under-pressure retailers and food manufacturers an understanding of what fickle shoppers will want to buy in the future. It takes a year to perfect a new food project, but even so most of them miss the mark, and in recent times, companies have instead been forced to play catch-up with trends that have exploded on social media.

The beer of the future? MailOnline tastes one of the world's first beers designed by AI

Daily Mail - Science & tech

It seems the usefulness of ChatGPT knows no bounds as even brewers are using the tool to make new beer. German brand Beck's is one of a number of companies to have turned to the clever AI chatbot to make a futuristic beverage, called Beck's Autonomous. ChatGPT not only came up with the beer's recipe but also its packaging, name, advertising campaign and even a design for the beer's website. Beck's is the first commercial brewery to work with ChatGPT, although other independent brew houses in North America have already done the same. MailOnline gave Beck's Autonomous a try to see how it compares with the brand's flagship lager.

From lollipop-flavored Coke to digitally-made beef stew: The foods and drinks designed by AI on shelves this year- but would YOU try them?

Daily Mail - Science & tech

There is a lot of fear about AI - but it might do wonders for our taste buds. Around the world, major companies such as Mars are scrambling to use artificial intelligence to design better foods, with dozens of products already on sale. From sodas to alcohol and vegan food, firms want hope that AI's vast processing power will help invent recipes that we mere mortals have overlooked. Analyst Mordor Intelligence expects the market for AI in food production to grow to $35 billion worldwide by 2028. The limited edition Y3000 drink boasts that it is'futuristic flavoured' (Coca Cola) Coca Cola has released a new Zero Sugar drink'co-created' by human designers and AI which is designed to taste like a drink from the year 3000.

Amazon Echo Frames (3rd-gen) hands-on: Refined look, better sound, faster Alexa


Amazon's smart glasses have yet to impress us, but the company made big changes for its third-gen Echo Frames that could go along way in changing our minds. First, the company has upgraded the design, slimming down the area around your temples that houses all of the components. Amazon has also changed the look, continuing to make the glasses and sunglasses options look more like something you'd actually want to wear. What's more, it's working with the more fashion-minded Carrera Eyewear on smart glasses with a refined touch -- in addition to its own versions. First, there's the improved sound quality.