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How one startup uses AI to optimize the way people and offices work together


From securing the actual locks in the doors, to optimizing conference room usage, the company intends to turn any building into the kind of place Marvel's Tony Stark might work. Smart locks make a lot of sense once you wrap your head around the concept. With 1aim's system, administrators can use a simple app interface to issue digital passes to anyone they want. This could mean sending an email invite with a one-time pass to your poker buddies so you don't have to get up and answer the door. The product is designed for enterprise though, so having the ability to tailor access to specific doors, rooms, and areas without having to manage badges or physical passes is the scaled benefit.

The 10 Top Recommendations for the AI Field in 2017


Let's begin by removing'black box' algorithms from core public agencies Today we released our second annual research report on the state of artificial intelligence. Since last year's report, we've seen early stage AI technologies continue to filter into many everyday systems: from scanning faces at airport security, to recommending to hire someone, to granting someone bail, to denying someone a loan. This report was developed for our annual AI Now Experts' Workshop, which included 100 invited researchers across relevant domains, and it reflects a range of views that were discussed at the event. While AI holds significant promise, we're seeing significant challenges in the rapid push to integrate these systems into high stakes domains. In criminal justice, a team at Propublica, and multiple academics since, have investigated how an algorithm used by courts and law enforcement to predict recidivism in criminal defendants may be introducing significant bias against African Americans.

LogRhythm Deploy AI to Defeat Cyber Attacks


CloudAI uses artificial intelligence to detect advanced threats that employ unknown attacks and unknown methods and provide security teams immediate visibility into emerging and active user-based threats. CloudAI's machine learning-driven approach automates the detection of advanced threats through self-evolving, cloud-based analytics. This approach enables security personnel to efficiently and effectively defeat the rapidly growing volume of threats targeting their organisations daily -- even as attackers rapidly modify their methods and enterprise attack surfaces continue to expand. Ultimately, CloudAI's high-accuracy threat detection is designed to reduce false positives and associated alarm fatigue, enabling security personnel to focus on prioritised risks and drive greater efficiency in the security operations center (SOC).

WiFi mesh networks can detect your breathing


In the world of indoor security systems, motion detection usually relies on cameras or at least dedicated sensors. What's more, this "Time Reversal Machine" technology is essentially just some clever algorithmic work, so it can potentially be added to any existing WiFi mesh routers via a firmware update. In fact, Origin Wireless believes that its Time Reversal Machine can do much more than just home security and vital monitoring. Other potential use cases include more precise intruder detection (by combining motion detection and breathing detection), indoor positioning via handheld WiFi devices, asset tracking, window or door open detection and more.

How AI, IoT and Big Data Will Affect the Security Industry


AI can now be enabled through deep learning -- a new area of machine learning research, which, over the years, has evolved from pattern recognition, the simplest form of learning. This ability makes machines learn and capture decisions on their own, based on parameters which they continually absorb and update as they process more data. Bundling physical security with other systems, like Internet service providers (ISPs) providing home security systems, makes it a highly adoptable product for every home and business; however, this is one industry that is easily disrupted. Recently, technologies like drones and robots equipped with onboard AI and access control systems equipped with super-human facial recognition capabilities have come to market.

Ring Protect is a DIY home security product


I've experienced it first hand, after reviewing Ring's Video Doorbell Pro and the more recent Floodlight Cam. Ring, however, wants to add even more peace of mind to its product lineup with Ring Protect. Naturally, all of Ring's current camera products work with Protect. Instead of having to manually monitor alerts at your home, Ring Protect provides constant live monitoring.

iPhone X has face recognition but this heart-scan authentication goes one better


The Cardiac Scan authentication system uses a Doppler radar to analyze the cardiac motion that's unique to each individual. On a PC, rather than logging in with a password or pressing a finger to a reader, the system passively and continuously scans a user's heart and logs the individual out when he or she leaves the desk. The Cardiac Scan authentication system, developed by researchers at the University at Buffalo, SUNY, and Texas Tech University, uses a Doppler radar to analyze a user's "cardiac motion", which is unique to each individual and measures the dimensions of the heart in its contracted and relaxed states. As the researchers note, cardiac motion is harder to spoof than fingerprint or iris identifiers because it's only present in a person who is alive.

10 gadgets that will prevent everyday problems and make your life easier


Get a Harmony Home Hub on Amazon for $88.99 Remotely open or close your garage door from anywhere. Get a NEXX GARAGE Remote Garage Door Opener on Amazon for $99.99 Get comprehensive parental controls for all your home's devices. Get a Eufy RoboVac 11c smart WiFi-enabled robot vacuum for $299.99 on Amazon No more turning on bright lights when you go to the bathroom at night. Get a Philips Hue Smart Motion Sensor on Amazon for $37.99 and a Philips Hue White Smart Bulb Starter Kit for $69.99 You might not even realize this is a problem, but chances are your home computer's security is pretty lax.

Ezviz Mini Trooper review: Weatherproof and wireless security


The Ezviz Mini Trooper starter kit includes a camera, base station, and an 8GB microSD card for storing security video. It supports motion detection, automatically recording video of triggering events and pushing alerts via the Ezviz companion app, and has a built-in mic to capture ambient audio (but no two-way communication). The Mini Trooper starter kit includes one base station, one camera, and an 8GB card. Thanks to its PIR sensor, the Mini Trooper's motion detection is pretty spot on.

Everybody clam down about artificial intelligence


In the short-term, it's important that AI creators, businesses and consumers already employing AI educate people about the real world applications of AI and how to best secure the data AI pulls from to learn new tasks and respond to human inquiries. Take Amazon's planned fulfillment center on Staten Island that promises to create 2,250 human jobs while using robots to do administrative and physical fulfillment work. Of course, it remains to be seen if Amazon's move is one toward human and robot collaboration or total automation, but I'm confident the center will provide the global industry with an important case study on scaling AI for business. They're looking to the tech community and government leaders to define AI's role in business, in the home and, more broadly, in the future of humanity.