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Global Machine Learning Chip Industry Market Research Report, Growth Trends and Competitive Analysis 2021-2026 - KSU


Furthermore, it offers exhaustive elaboration on various aspects of the businesses such as drivers and opportunities which are fueling the growth of Global Machine Learning Chip Industry Market. The report focuses on identifying various market trends, dynamics, growth drivers and factors restraining the market growth. Further, the report provides detailed insights into various growth opportunities and challenges based on various types of products(), applications(), end users(). It also helps to understand the restraints and challenges of market growth. The information provided in the study is collected from reliable sources such as industry websites and journals.

Tauchain Development Update (April 2021)


Lucca has developed an interesting tool that generates logical queries automatically. We use them for testing query containment in TML. He also embarked on a small project comparing three theorem provers (Namely, Z3, Vampire and CVC4) finding out that Z3 outclassed all of them but also compares favourably with TML. We continue to work on the performance improvements for TML but it's currently more comparable with other logical solvers out there. Murisi has worked more on documenting the safe subset of datalog that TML supports implementing additional safety checking and fixing some unsafe code that was generated automatically for the interpreter.

Stock Price Prediction Using Python & Machine Learning


In this tutorial will show you how to write a Python program that predicts the price of stocks using two different Machine Learning Algorithms, one is called a Support Vector Regression (SVR) and the other is Linear Regression. So you can start trading and making money! Actually this program is really simple and I doubt any major profit will be made from this program, but it's slightly better than guessing! In this video will show you how to write a Python program that predicts the price of stocks using two different Machine Learning Algorithms, one is called a Support Vector Regression (SVR) and the other is Linear Regression. So you can start trading and making money!

Digital Identities Unlock Digital Transformation


Digital identities are a key component in the development of digital economies, the digital transformation of government, and the delivery of digital operating technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial automation. By identifying and authenticating people, software, hardware components, and digital services, new capabilities can be introduced rapidly and securely and integrated into ecosystems, delivering new capabilities using digital identities as a key component of integration.

Elystar redefines Public Securities Investment with explainable Artificial Intelligence - Founder, Dr Satya Gautam Vadlamudi – ThePrint


Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 7 (ANI/NewsVoir): Since the dawn of the 2000s, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves through its penetration into various sectors. While AI helps increase efficiency and speed in a system, the lack of feedback when faced with errors has been a glaring concern. Recently developed Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) technology tackles this issue by analyzing data to provide users with explanations for given issues and activities. Utilizing this technology to create investment strategies, Elystar aims to increase net returns by reducing machine/AI-made errors and thereby successfully leveraging the superior insights provided by AI. "Artificial Intelligence in finance is a relatively new concept that is still being explored and experimented upon. While few of the firms experimenting are sparingly using it for short-term trading, we have spent the past 15 months developing models to use it for long-term investments. One simple way to look at this concept is to compare it with Microsoft Excel. While Excel is used in different fields and by different people, it is used in various ways and forms. Similarly, AI has a number of variations in which it can be utilized, so no two approaches may be completely the same. AI not only helps us scale and analyze data rapidly, but the integration of Explainable AI allows us to understand and eliminate unwarranted biases to create a sound investment strategy," said Dr Satya Gautam Vadlamudi, Founder and CEO of Elystar.

Libonomy rating by Coinstelegram.Fund - Coinstelegram


Blockchain technologies are one of the leading directions for the development of our world. The decentralized registry and the capabilities it provides have revolutionized the concept of finance, security, and independence of data operations in just a few years. To date, hundreds of billions of dollars are invested in the development of blockchain projects around the world. Even states appreciated all the advantages of this technology, and began to develop their own cryptocurrencies, or transfer some state institutions to the blockchain. Today we will tell you about a project whose main goal was to create a new generation blockchain.

Match Proves Absence Makes Hearts Grow Fonder WSJD - Technology

A January survey from online travel company trivago showed 38% of Americans would give up sex for a year to travel right now. The other 62% appear to be actively hunting for love online. On Tuesday online dating company Match Group showed the quest for chemistry was a very popular New Year's resolution after many months of solitary confinement. The first quarter looked good from all angles, with revenue and adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization both coming in above Wall Street's expectations. Match's revenue forecast for the second quarter was also better than analysts had expected, though the company did say it will lean into its recent momentum and increase marketing spending relative to the same period last year, weighing slightly on its bottom line.

Nokia adopts blockchain to facilitate trusted sharing of data and AI models


Nokia has announced the launch of its Data Marketplace, a blockchain-based service providing real-time access to massive trusted datasets. "Our customers need secure and trusted access to data for effective business decision making. With Nokia Data Marketplace, enterprises and CSPs can now benefit from richer insights and predictive models to drive digital ways of working and tap into new revenue streams." Nokia Data Marketplace accelerates AI initiatives through federated learning. This approach, combined with orchestration capabilities, facilitates collaborative development of highly accurate machine learning models for analytics use cases.

Understanding Palantir's Potential


Palantir could kick off the adoption of AI and Blockchain across industry, by enabling organizations to create digital twins that these technologies can be deployed on, completely changing the way companies function. I have been eyeing Palantir recently. As with other tech companies, I find that the time that I spend working with different technologies has helped me understand what Palantir is all about very quickly. You see, we hear the tech buzzwords "AI" and "blockchain" a lot, but there are a lot of questions about how these technologies are going to drive the GDP needle. In the remainder of this post, I am going to breakdown how I believe Palantir could very well kick start the generalized adoption of AI and blockchain technologies across industry, resulting in better overall business performance for its customers and ultimately, in a solid business for itself.

What Makes Enterprise AI Different From Any Other AI? - ReadWrite


Has enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) lived up to the hype generated at a decade's worth of industry conferences? Or is it coming up short? Maybe putting the word "enterprise" in front of AI just adds up to a marketing spin. It depends on how individual businesses deploy AI. When companies adopt AI wisely, they do more than shift repeatable tasks and processes from humans to more efficient computers.