Flamingo raises $5 million in 12 minutes


Two artificial virtual assistants called Rosie and Maggie are set to become more ubiquitous after artificial intelligence start-up Flamingo raised $5.1 million last month to fund their rollout. Chief executive Catriona Wallace, who founded Flamingo in 2014, says she is "super pleased" with the raise after it was opened and closed within 12 minutes with $10 million bid on the book. "We were well oversubscribed," she says. "It was one of the fastest capital raises that [lead investment partner] Bell Potter had ever conducted, which I believe is testament to Australia's growing interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning." Flamingo is headquartered in Sydney but also has offices in the US with 30 staff across the two countries.

These 3 stocks are smart bets on the artificial intelligence revolution


"Artificial intelligence" is a misunderstood term, thanks in part to dystopian views of the technology across pop culture -- from the iconic Terminator to Cylons in Battlestar Galactica to HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey. In reality, most scientists working on artificial intelligence aren't trying to simulate true human intelligence at all. They are simply trying to create practical machines capable of analyzing data and making decisions to achieve a goal. CRM, 1.76% has a valuable artificial intelligence application called Einstein that it provides to clients. This AI engine helps marketing and sales teams by suggesting which customers are the most valuable, and which products they are most likely to buy.

Google's plan to revolutionise cities is a takeover in all but name

The Guardian

Last June Volume, a leading magazine on architecture and design, published an article on the GoogleUrbanism project. Conceived at a renowned design institute in Moscow, the project charts a plausible urban future based on cities acting as important sites for "data extractivism" – the conversion of data harvested from individuals into artificial intelligence technologies, allowing companies such as Alphabet, Google's parent company, to act as providers of sophisticated and comprehensive services. The cities themselves, the project insisted, would get a share of revenue from the data. Cities surely wouldn't mind but what about Alphabet? The company does take cities seriously.

Complex AI Trading Algorithms Are Available Now -


"A multi-layered predicting system Mirocana was designed for stock, currency and crypto-currency markets" reports It is hard to believe that some AI system can help you to generate profits on stock, currency and crypto-currency markets, but now sophisticated investing algorithms and AI-powered trading robots are no longer available to a limited number of market players.On Currency Market, the system can predict 125 currency pairs that are available with OANDA broker.Experts wonder if there is a way to discern valuable information from the volume of all data available.There are three products for stock, currency and crypto-currency markets.

The World's first Minister for Artificial Intelligence Was Just Appointed - In the UAE


The UAE has just appointed Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama as the country's first Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Arabian Business reported.The new minister, who is just 27 years old, was appointed a part of the UAE's mission to be at the forefront of the global technological revolution that, among other things, plans to build homes in Mars by 2117. The decision by the Gulf state comes just days after announcing the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI), a major part of the UAE Centennial 2070 objectives, which set off to improve government performance through investing in AI.The Gulf nation estimates that by 2030, AI will have a global market value of $15.7 trillion, boosting the UAE's GDP by 35 percent and reducing government costs by 50 percent. Sheikh Mohammed said: "The new Government is a Government for the new Emirati percentage. Sheikh Mohammed announced in February last year that the UAE planned to outsource most government tasks to the private sector and cut the number of ministries, forming a single education ministry, abolishing the ministry of higher education, and fusing several other state bodies into related ministries. The decision also comes shortly after Dubai established its own cryptocurrency, called emCash.

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#Open #IoT with #Blockchain #AI and #BigData – Paradigm Interactions


There will be many people who will say it does exist and has working technologies, hardware and software. It is an interesting error in thinking to focus on closed system devices/products as to what Ubiquity (IoT3) is. Devices are used to get across the point of various types of connections and networks being accessed. But more importantly in a full implementation of the concept of Ubiquity (often described as the IoT) devices may not even be owned anymore. The ownership of devices ceases to be important if you can own your digital identity, can verify it and establish your own ecosystem of assets in Blockchain.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Way Companies Do Business


Paypal has a deep learning system that filters out deceptive merchants and cracks down on sales of illegal products. Citibank's Citi Ventures arm recently invested in Feedzai, a machine learning company that identifies and prevents fraudulent transactions before they're completed. A few investment firms, including Aidyia Limited of Hong Kong, have launched funds managed entirely by AI. San Francisco startup Sentient Technologies, which develops AI software, created its own hedge fund based on its deep learning technologies. Swiss AI startup NNSAISENSE and Acatis Investments, a German fund manager, recently launched "Quantenstein," a deep learning software platform that helps investors choose the best stocks and build portfolios.



Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrencies - three terms you need to scatter through your conversation if you want to come across as a tech guru. On Tech Tent this week we examine these trends and ask a futurologist to predict which of them will make rapid progress over the next decade. This week saw another major achievement by Google's Deep Mind, when it showed that a neural network could learn to play Go in just three days, without even looking at how humans play this complex game. AlphaGo Zero took on the previous version of the program, developed with human expertise, and beat it by 100 games to nil. The company now hopes to use this technique in other areas such as drug development.

The stock market's robot revolution is here


The long-awaited rise of the machines is here, at least in the stock market. A new artificial intelligence-powered exchange-traded fund launched on October 18. Called the AI Powered Equity ETF (ticker: AIEQ), it uses IBM's Watson supercomputing technology to analyze more data than humanly possible, all in the pursuit of building the perfect portfolio of 30 to 70 stocks. The ETF ranks investments based on their "probability of benefiting from current economic conditions, trends, and world- and company-specific events" and picks those with the best chance at outperformance, according to a recent release. And the technology enables it to do that while constantly analyzing information for 6,000 US-listed companies. The top three positions as of Friday were CIT Group, Penumbra and Genworth Financial.