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Will robots eventually replace most of your mortgage and real estate jobs?


And this appears especially true for many mortgage and real estate jobs. "Most people want and need the reassurance and expertise of a professional human," said Jeff Johnston, a North Texas real estate agent at eXp Realty. "I don't see how they can handle inspections, repair negotiations, appraisal negotiations, etc. Here's what it says about real estate agents: Here's what it says about appraisers: Here's what is says about loan officers:

Deep Learning Course TensorFlow Course AI Training Edureka


Towards the end of the course, you will be working on a live project. We will emphasize on the concepts learned in the various modules through different case studies.

Machine Learning is Fun! – Adam Geitgey – Medium


Instead of writing code, you feed data to the generic algorithm and it builds its own logic based on the data. To build your app, you feed your training data about each house into your machine learning algorithm. Unfortunately "Machine Figuring out an equation to solve a specific problem based on some example data" isn't really a great name. It would mean that in every case, your function perfectly guessed the price of the house based on the input data.

Why should agents care about chatbots?


According to Structurely's website, "Holmes will instantly follow up with all of your online leads, ask qualifying questions and answer lead questions using relevant MLS data." Riley's concierges qualify leads 24/7 using real people -- exclusively through text messages. Riley's concierges ask qualifying questions and can "shoot the shit a little and empathize with them when necessary," Ahmadizadeh said in an Inman article. With all the tasks real estate agents are responsible for daily, automation can be a welcome addition to any agent's lead generation.

Yard work tools that save time

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Like a Roomba for your lawn, this low-noise mower creates "carpet-like" lawns without anyone breaking a sweat or needing ear plugs. GPS-assisted navigation works with boundaries established by the user, and guide wires keep the mower from going rogue. All a user has to do is connect the mower to a smartphone via the Automower Connect app and give it commands. This particular model mows up to 1.25 acres, but smaller models of Husqvarna's automowers with fewer features start at $1,999.

Zillow: Machine learning and data disrupt real estate ZDNet


From the home buyer perspective, Zillow's Zestimate enables significant transparency around prices and information that historically was available only to brokers. Zillow's market impact on the real estate industry is large, and the company's data is an important influence on many home transactions. Since then, we've gone from 43 million homes to 110 million homes; we put valuations on all 110 million homes. Today, we update the Zestimate every single night and generate somewhere between 7 and 11 million statistical models every single night.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform CRE


Artificial intelligence has already redefined a number of industries, but the commercial real estate sector has yet to fully embrace the technology's potential. Despite these demonstrable benefits, the commercial real estate sector has been slow to develop and adopt AI-based technologies capable of improving the way businesses buy, sell, rent, and lease properties and buildings. This can be attributed, at least in part, to apprehension among CRE professionals regarding automation-driven job loss and the impersonalization AI represents -- concerns that are more or less unfounded. AI presents a distinct competitive advantage for those CRE professionals willing to embrace its potential to augment their abilities.

The Startup Behind NYC's Plan to Replace Phone Booths with 7,500 Connected Kiosks

MIT Technology Review

Both cities are replacing outdated phone booths with Wi-Fi kiosks that have embedded computing tablets, USB charging ports, keypads for making phone calls, and large screens that display relevant information to passersby. New York, which started installing its "LinkNYC" kiosks in 2016, currently has more than 900 activated across all five boroughs and plans to increase that number to 7,500. Eventually, information from Intersection's future sensors could be combined to create real-time data maps that might be useful for emerging technologies such as self-driving cars. Next, Intersection is looking to deploy its digital screens in airports, apartment buildings, and office complexes.

Demystifying the future of artificial intelligence


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6 useful tools to help you build real estate chatbots - RealtyBizNews: Real Estate News


Not all of the chatbots will be useful to real estate pros, but the personal scheduling bot could easily save time for busy agents. The company also offers a simple customer service bot that can deal with inquiries on real estate products. The AI automatically pops up and asks site visitors questions and handles basic customer services. Facebook's Messenger platform provides real estate pros with the opportunity to design and integrate a chatbot for their Facebook page.