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Expensive car owners will rush to buy self-driving cars, says Volvo chief

The Guardian

About one in four owners of premium cars would buy a self-driving vehicle, according to Volvo's chief executive, who has vowed to make the technology affordable.

Web Crawling & Analytics Case Study - Database Vs Self Hosted Message Queuing Vs Cloud Message Queuing


To overcome the above mentioned problems and to achieve the ability to scale we moved to a new architecture using Rabbitmq. In the new architecture crawlers and parsers were Amazon EC2 micro instances. We used Fabric to push commands to the scripts running in the instances. The crawling instance would pull the used car dealer website from the website queue, crawl the relevant pages and push output the data to a crawled pages queue.The parsing instance would pull the data from the crawled pages queue, parse them and push data into parsed data queue and a data base insertion script would transfer that data into postgres.