Elon Musk's robot army revealed in leaked pictures

Daily Mail

Elon Musk has likened future versions of Tesla's Model 3 production line to an'alien dreadnaught' - and now, the first pictures of that vision have emerged.

Facebook Live killings: Why the criticism has been harsh

The Independent

Videos of two murders have been uploaded to Facebook and watched by hundreds of thousands of users over the past two weeks.

Primark shoppers warned about fake £100 vouchers scam circulating on Facebook

The Independent

Primark shoppers have been warned to stay away from a fake £100 discount voucher circulating on Facebook this week.

Windows 10 Creators Update: Microsoft warns users of 'issues'

The Independent

Microsoft has advised Windows 10 users against downloading the Creators Update before their computers become eligible for it.

Amazon's new AI assistant will watch you in your home – but also rate your outfits

The Independent

Amazon has just unveiled the Echo Look, the latest addition to its range of voice-enabled assistants.

Little Nightmares review: A Tim Burton-esque horror game that doesn't rely on jump scares

The Independent

Little Nightmares is a side-scrolling adventure platformer that takes place in a 3D space. You take control of Six, a tiny, yellow raincoat-clad protagonist with an uncertain background as you attempt to escape a series of dire and dingy rooms and head towards the tantalizing bright lights of freedom. It oozes unique style, but also seems strangely familiar at the same time...

Instagram bug means that people haven't been able to leave it for months

The Independent

People who attempt to deactivate their account are instead finding that they have to stay on it – apparently because the app is broken.