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Amazon's newest Echo Dot is smaller than ever--but just as powerful

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Amazon has its own lineup of smart home devices, including a plethora of Alexa-enabled speakers that not only bring music into your home but can easily run all of your smart gadgets, too. We took a close look at the smallest of the bunch, the budget-friendly Echo Dot, which has a lot to offer despite its petite size. The Echo Dot is small, compact, and easily fits into your decor. The Echo Dot is the smaller sibling of Amazon's popular midrange smart speaker, the Echo. This third-generation model still rocks the circa-2017 design upgrade that's slightly more rotund than the model that came before, but it still won't take up a ton of room.

As more people opt for smart speakers, concern about data grows


Whether you use an Amazon, Google or Apple smart speaker, concerns about what these devices are sending back to the mothership are becoming more widespread. Consumer Reports takes a look at just how concerned you should be, and what you can do to control your digital privacy with these connected devices. They enjoyed their first digital assistant so much they decided that one wasn't enough. "I believe we have five," Rhee said. But when it comes to how these connected devices work, Eric has some concerns -- especially when it comes to the privacy of his two young daughters.

3 Strategies in Conversational AI - Blog


For most companies, the prevailing Conversational AI strategy has been to focus on relatively narrow use cases addressing customer experience and internal efficiency through voice-based virtual agents, chatbots and digital assistants. This thinking can certainly yield positive results, such as the development of best practices and plans to further operationalize, scale and accelerate these solutions across the organization. Businesses are realizing even greater results when conversational AI is deployed, not as a discrete, stand-alone system but instead applied with other powerful technology approaches, such as RPA, IoT and the emerging area of evolutionary computation. At present, most companies that have deployed Conversational AI solutions are satisfied with their results. Leaders across industries are seeking the same goals, whether they're focusing on web,contact center, mobile apps, smart speakers, messaging or, increasingly, all of the above.

Alexa, hurry up! Amazon now lets you change the talking speed of the smart speaker

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Amazon customers can now adjust the speed of Alexa's voice to make the virtual assistant speak quicker or slower. Beginning today, customers in the US can ask the voice-activated smart speaker to converse slower or faster, depending on their needs. Bosses at the online company have created seven different settings – the standard speaking rate, four faster options and two slower modes. Users can simply simply say'Alexa, speak slower,' or'Alexa, speak faster' to adjust these. They can also reset it by asking it to respond at the default rate.

The 5 best Amazon deals you can get this Thursday

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Thursday is a great day for big savings. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. However, our picks and opinions are independent from USA Today's newsroom and any business incentives. Looking to save money this Thursday and scope out the best deals happening online? Everyone knows that when it comes to savings, Amazon is one of the most popular sites around that offers great sales on popular products, including robot vacuums, common household appliances, and more.

Cutting the cord with Vizio's new V436 TV

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When it comes to pure, cutting the cord TVs, Amazon's Fire TV Edition paved new ground in 2018. It was low-priced and aimed at folks who were happy ditching cable, plugging in an antenna and using the set to watch Internet programming. Vizio's new V436-61, just out, goes even further. It does all of that, and more. Instead of just being able to use voice commands via the Amazon Alexa assistant, Vizio lets you use Apple's Siri and the Google Assistant as well.

The Role of AI and IoT in Future of Insurance Industry 7wData


IoT is often viewed as the new enormous modern upset after the Internet. Notwithstanding connecting machines with machines and with individuals, it is likewise promoting an upgraded feeling of attention to our environment. From washing machines to coffee makers, everything would now be able to be connected and controlled. It doesn't come as unexpected that spending on IoT around the world across business sectors is anticipated to ascend from $737 billion of 2016 to an incredible $1.29 trillion by 2020. Machine learning matched with complex AI algorithms hold the capacity to totally change the intents and purposes of any industry.

The best Alexa-compatible Prime Day deals of 2019

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Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo or Echo Dot can be used to control smart home products such as the Ring Alarm Kit. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. Our picks and opinions are independent from USA TODAY's newsroom and any business incentives. Prime Day is a great opportunity to find money-saving deals on smart home products that can be controlled using Amazon Alexa on your Echo device. From smart doorbells to pressure cookers, here are the best Alexa-compatible Prime Day deals of 2019.

Google workers are eavesdropping on your private conversations via its smart speakers

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Not all voice assistants can handle the same requests. We put Siri, Alexa and Google to the test. As privacy concerns loom large over smart speakers, a new investigation has found that Google's smart speakers might infringe on individual privacy more than buyers realize. Even when Google Home smart speakers aren't activated, the speakers are eavesdropping closely, often to private, intimate conversations, a report by Dutch broadcaster VRT has uncovered. Recordings found by VRT contain startling content: Couples' quarrels that may have potentially resulted in domestic violence, explicit conversations in the bedroom, men searching for pornography, confidential business calls, and talks with children.

These high-tech home upgrades are smarter so you don't have to work harder

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If you own a home, there's a good chance you're working on some kind of fix-up project right about now. Americans spend more than $400 billion a year on residential renovations and repairs, according to a recent report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University -- and June is one of the busiest times of the year for upgrades. Whether you're fed up with a leaky washing machine, or trying to figure out which neighbor's dog is using your lawn as a personal porta-potty, here are a handful of impressive, new AI-powered gadgets that can do most of the thinking -- and even some of the heavy lifting -- for you. Amazon Prime Day 2019: How to prepare for this year's big sale Whirlpool Smart Front Load Laundry Pair uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically manage both laundry soap and fabric softener for up to 40 loads on a single fill-up. Short of hiring a maid to do your laundry -- we can always dream! -- Whirlpool's Smart Front Load Laundry Pair (starting at $1,499 for each) is like a stain-fighting magical genie.