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Introductory Textbook on Artificial Intelligence

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To ensure that readers fully understand the topic and its applications, the authors provide motivating examples throughout. AI in Practice boxes appear in each chapter, demonstrating real-world uses of artificial intelligence by NASA, General Motors Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, and other companies. LISP Implementation appendices are found at the end of most chapters, providing fully-documented implementations of important algorithms. Plus, the text features summaries, exercises, and background sections describing related work at the end of each chapter.

Recommender Systems: New Comprehensive Textbook by Charu Aggarwal


This book covers the topic of recommender systems comprehensively, starting with the fundamentals and then exploring the advanced topics.

Spark Tutorial, Spark Online Tutorial Intellipaat.com


Apache Spark continues to gain momentum in today's big data analytics landscape. Although a relatively newer entry to the realm, Apache Spark has earned immense popularity among enterprises and data Analysts within a short period. Apache Spark is one of the most active open source big data projects. The reason behind is its versatility and diversity of use.