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Startup Founder's Quest for Cure Leads to Genomics Hackathon at Google Xconomy


Without any ready-made solutions on hand from big drug companies and their established research teams, Faber started to recruit individuals to his cause. Faber's grassroots initiative has led to a signal event this weekend--an AI Genomics Hackathon involving hundreds of artificial intelligence engineers and life sciences researchers, hosted by Google, which is providing $150,000 worth of processing power and a site for the mass collaboration at Google Launchpad in San Francisco. Starting Friday, June 23, the volunteer experts will combine their skills to analyze a dataset that includes a high-quality whole genome sequence of Faber's genome, and the sequence of a tumor he developed as a result of a disorder diagnosed as neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2). Kane leads Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence (SVAI), a self-organized community of AI enthusiasts focused on the use of machine learning and other computational tools in the life sciences.

Learnings for artificial intelligence meets sales Hackathon


We presented a data set of 200 sales opportunities; 150 lost and 50 won opportunities. On top of this, we had a rich data set of "opportunity qualification questions". is there a budget, customer's strategy and objectives, decision making process, decision making criteria, customer's perception of our value add, etc). The task was to use machine learning to help sales team to pick and choose the right sales opportunities early on in the process.

The tips and tricks I used to succeed on Kaggle


I learned machine learning through competing in Kaggle competitions. In my first ever Kaggle competition, the Photo Quality Prediction competition, I ended up in 50th place, and had no idea what the top competitors had done differently from me. What changed the result from the Photo Quality competition to the Algorithmic Trading competition was learning and persistence. Because feature engineering is very problem-specific domain knowledge helps a lot.

In the General AI Challenge, Teams Compete for $5 Million

IEEE Spectrum Robotics Channel

Rosa recently took steps to scale up the research on general AI by founding the AI Roadmap Institute and launching the General AI Challenge. In some rounds, participants will be tasked with designing algorithms and programming AI agents. The Challenge kicked off on 15 February with a six-month "warm-up" round dedicated to building gradually learning AI agents. The tasks were specifically designed to test gradual learning potential, so they can serve as guidance for the developers.

A discussion about AI's conflicts and challenges


"The competition for talent at the moment is absolutely ferocious," agrees Professor Andrew Blake, whose computer vision PhD was obtained in 1983, but who is now, among other things, a scientific advisor to UK-based autonomous vehicle software startup, FiveAI, which is aiming to trial driverless cars on London's roads in 2019. Blake founded Microsoft's computer vision group, and was managing director of Microsoft Research, Cambridge, where he was involved in the development of the Kinect sensor -- which was something of an augur for computer vision's rising star (even if Kinect itself did not achieve the kind of consumer success Microsoft might have hoped). "I was recently trying to find someone to come and consult for a big company -- the big company wants to know about AI, and it wants to find a consultant," he tells TechCrunch. Returning to the question of tech giants dominating AI research he points out that many of these companies are making public toolkits available, such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft have done, to help drive activity across a wider AI ecosystem.

Kinvey Backend as a Service 2Q17 Hackathon Demos


We had teams working on Alexa Skills, cognitive computing, machine learning and many more amazing things. Our engineer Andy started by sharing his no-code Alexa Skills builder. Successful digital experiences are increasingly becoming cognitive-focused and Victor was able to show us how to improve the development process for apps utilizing machine learning. Our hackathons are fun, but they also play a role in prototyping new capabilities that can help our customers deliver exceptional app experiences.

Simulators, e-gamers and robot-cars: the bold new horizons of motor sport Giles Richards

The Guardian

Several weeks ago McLaren announced their World's Fastest Gamer programme – an annual competition in which video gamers will compete to win a job as a simulator driver for the team. Equally this weekend the greatest sports car race in the world, the Le Mans 24 Hours, will also host the final of the third season of the Xbox-based Forza racing championship. "In professional motor sport today there is a lot of emphasis on simulator work and I can absolutely see that in the future more and more professional drivers will emerge from gaming" Mardenborough says. Like Mardenborough another British racer, Graham Carroll, moved into driving sims when the money ran out to pursue his career on the track.

AI bots are learning to team up by wrangling digital swine in Minecraft


This much seems clear from a contest organized by Microsoft researchers to test how artificially intelligent agents could cooperate to solve tricky problems. For the Microsoft contest, AI agents worked together inside Project Malmo, a special version of the open-ended computer game Minecraft. The top teams in the Malmo Collaborative AI Challenge used cutting-edge machine-learning approaches such as deep learning to train their agents to work together. Pedro Domingos, a professor at the University of Washington who studies machine learning and data mining, says training AI software inside simulated environments has its drawbacks.

Kaggle Master (IT Best Kept Secret Is Optimization)


I entered that competition to learn about natural language processing (NLP), a domain entirely unknown to me at the start of the competition. The test set is split into a public test set, and a private test set. Then the test set error of the final chosen model will underestimate the true test error, sometimes substantially. Kaggle public test set plays the role of the validation set, while the Kaggle private test set plays the role of the test set.

How Feature Engineering Can Help You Do Well in a Kaggle Competition – Part I


I found out that a cluster with 1 master and 8 worker nodes of "n1-highmem-4" instance type ( 4 CPU cores and 16 GB RAM) was able to process all competition data in about one hour, including joining large tables, transforming features and storing vectors. Dataproc Spark clusters use Google Cloud Storage (GCS) as distributed file system instead of default HDFS. I implemented an EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) to unveil the largest dataset (page_views.csv My EDA Kernel, showing how to use Python, Spark SQL, and Jupyter notebooks in Dataproc to analyze the competition largest dataset, was shared with other competitors and turned out to be the second most-voted contribution (gold medal). Another popular technique for categorical features with large number of unique values is Feature Hashing, which maps categories to a fixed length vector using hashing functions.