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EpiSys Wins US Navy Drone Artificial Intelligence Competition


The Office of Naval Research recently concluded a competition to develop open-source software algorithms that could work in various drones.

How I became an ML hackathon Grandmaster


HSBC's Akash Gupta has won over 45 machine learning hackathons to date. The MachineHack Grandmaster has come second thrice in a row and is currently ranked sixth on the platform. "I've always been fascinated by numbers and patterns. I got very curious about algorithms – how they are made, how they work, and what we can do with them– after I took Andrew Ng's machine learning course," said Akash Gupta. The data scientist spoke about his MachineHack journey in an exclusive interview with Analytics India Magazine.

How to Win a Kaggle Competition with Hyper Parameter Optimization


In this blog post we highlight some of the key takeaways from David Austin's presentation on how to supercharge a 1st place Kaggle solution to higher performance. David Austin is a Senior Principal Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Intel working on industrial applications within the Internet of Things space. In his spare time, he spends, in his own words, way too much time participating in Kaggle competitions and has since 2018 held the title of grandmaster. In the presentation David Austin walks though the Iceberg Classifier Challenge, where the participants are asked to classify radar images into either icebergs or ships to improve safety at sea. At the time of the Iceberg Classifier Challenge it was the computer vision challenge with the most participants ever on Kaggle.

Jack in the Box turns to robots to solve staffing challenges


Greg Nichols covers robotics, AI, and AR/VR for ZDNet. A full-time journalist and author, he writes about tech, travel, crime, and the economy for global media outlets and reports from across the U. Flippy 2.0 prepares curly fries for Jack in the Box. A few weeks back my kids went bananas for a robotic server at a local California Pizza Kitchen. For my next feat of parenting magic, I just might stop by Jack in the Box. There are some things that machines are simply better at doing than humans, but humans still have plenty going for them.

Top 8 Essential Skills to Ace an Artificial Intelligence Hackathon


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the wave of the future, with enormous potential to change corporations, economies, and civilizations. It's no surprise that AI is one of the most in-demand abilities in a field that has touched practically every industry, from automotive, manufacturing, and medicine to cybersecurity, software, and the Internet of Things. Organizations are increasingly implementing AI to create valuable, cutting-edge apps and services that may improve people's lives, streamline company operations, and decrease complications. In the end, demand for AI will continue to rise. The worldwide Artificial intelligence market is expected to reach $190.61 billion by 2025, according to SEMrush.

In-person robotics competition returns to Windsor


For the first time in three years, the Windsor-Essex Great Lakes District Competition saw high school students from across Ontario put their robots to the test – as 17 teams battled it out Saturday at the St. Denis Centre to showcase their design and engineering skills. It marks the first district competition for robotics students in Windsor-Essex since 2019. Competitions in 2020 and 2021 were shut down due to COVID-19. That means for a student who joined their school's robotics team after Grade 9, this would be their only district competition before high school graduation. "I've wanted to join robotics for about three years now. But in Grade 10, I didn't because everything was getting shut down around springtime," said Sandwich Secondary student Alma Piche.

How AI is making real contributions (right now) to business models


We are excited to bring Transform 2022 back in-person July 19 and virtually July 20 - August 3. Join AI and data leaders for insightful talks and exciting networking opportunities. Stories of how AI will benefit the enterprise are a dime-a-dozen these days. Applications in sales, marketing, payroll and a host of other areas are legion. But as of yet, there is precious little talk about how, exactly, organizations are faring with their AI projects. Are they really delivering on these promises, and might there be some concrete examples of AI at work that can be emulated elsewhere?

NYUAD Hackathon for Social Good in the Arab World: Focusing on Quantum Computing


… Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Security and also to a network of renowned experts in this field,” Odeh emphasized.

Swiss Re launches Machine Learning Hackathon to predict Accident Risk Score for unique postcodes


Swiss Re, the world's leading reinsurance organisation, in collaboration with MachineHack, is set to launch a Machine Learning Hackathon from March 11th to 28th to predict accident risk scores for unique postcodes. The top three winners stand a chance to win prizes worth INR 1.5 lakh. Swiss Re applies fresh perspectives, knowledge and capital to anticipate and manage risk to create smarter solutions. Swiss Re's Global Business Solutions Center (BSC) in Bangalore has more than 1,300 professionals leveraging experience, expertise and out-of-the-box thinking to create new business opportunities. Click here to participate in the hackathon.

What is Kaggle - The best platform for Machine Learning in 2022


Artificial intelligence has taken off with a speed that few could have predicted five years ago. With companies like Google and Facebook investing billions of dollars every year into AI research, we're able to see self-driving cars and virtual assistants that can recognize our voices while responding almost instantaneously to our commands after only a couple of iterations. In this post, I'll go into more depth about how Kaggle works, what types of competitions are available, and then give details about how one would solve the challenge at hand using machine learning. If you'd like to learn more about what Kaggle is, how it works, and why 600 000 people use their platform, read on below! Kaggle is a platform where data scientists can compete in machine learning challenges.