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Paraconsistent Intelligent-Based Systems - Programmer Books


This book presents some of the latest applications of new theories based on the concept of paraconsistency and correlated topics in informatics, such as pattern recognition (bioinformatics), robotics, decision-making themes, and sample size. Each chapter is self-contained, and an introductory chapter covering the logic theoretical basis is also included. The aim of the text is twofold: to serve as an introductory text on the theories and applications of new logic, and as a textbook for undergraduate or graduate-level courses in AI. Today AI frequently has to cope with problems of vagueness, incomplete and conflicting (inconsistent) information. One of the most notable formal theories for addressing them is paraconsistent (paracomplete and non-alethic) logic.

10 Best Machine Learning Textbooks that All Data Scientists Should Read


Machine learning is an intimidating topic to tackle for the first time. The term encompasses so many fields, research topics and business use cases, that it can be difficult to even know where to start. To combat this, it's often a good idea to turn to textbooks that will introduce you to the basic principles of your new field of research. This holds true for AI and machine learning, especially if you have a background in statistics or programming. When used alongside more focused online articles like our introduction to training data, they can be an essential part of a powerful toolkit with which to learn and grow.

The Hugo Awards will have a video game category in 2021


For the first time in its storied history, the Hugo Awards will honor a video game. The annual literary award has avoided recognizing the medium for years, but present circumstances being what they are, it will make an exception at the next World Science Fiction Convention in 2021. As you might have guessed, the about-face came out of the coronavirus pandemic, and more specifically the amount of time most in the sci-fi and fantasy communities have spent playing video games in lockdown. In 2021, there's going to be a Hugo Award For Best Video Game. The DisCon III committee has chosen to create this special category for 2021 only, as provided for by the rules of the World Science Fiction Society.#HugoAwards

Briefly Noted Book Reviews

The New Yorker

Philosophers have long debated the nature of consciousness. This probing study takes an evolutionary approach, examining "experience in general" not only in humans but in much of the animal kingdom. Animals, it argues, developed consciousness gradually, through such biological innovations as centralized nervous systems and the ability to distinguish one's actions from external forces, which have given rise to "varieties of subjectivity." The author is crisp on a subject notorious for abstraction, dissecting fuzzy philosophical metaphors and weaving in lively descriptions of the octopuses, whale sharks, and banded shrimp he observes on scuba dives off the coasts of Australia. Born in 1797 in Düsseldorf, then under Napoleonic occupation, Heine remained a committed liberal even as Germany turned inward after the Congress of Vienna.

Machine Learning for Signal Processing: Data Science, Algorithms, and Computational Statistics: Little, Max A.: 9780198714934: Books


"This book provides an excellent pathway for gaining first-class expertise in machine learning. It provides both the technical background that explains why certain approaches, but not others, are best practice in real world problems, and a framework for how to think about and approach new problems. I highly recommend it for people with a signal processing background who are seeking to become an expert in machine learning." With this book, Prof. Little has taken an important step in unifying Âmachine learning and signal processing. As a whole, this book covers many topics, new and old, that are important in their own right and equips the reader with a broader perspective than traditional signal processing textbooks.

Should America Still Police the World?

The New Yorker

In 1939, shortly before the German invasion of Poland, a British emissary, Lord Lothian, visited the White House with an unusual request. The United Kingdom was unable to protect the world from the Nazis, Lothian told President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. "Anglo-Saxon civilization" would thus need a new guardian. The scepter was falling from British hands, Lothian explained, and the United States must "snatch it up." Though informally made, it was an extraordinary entreaty.

Top 25 Best Machine Learning Books You Should Read


"Machine Learning foners Second Edition has been written and designed for absolute beginners. This means plain-English explanations and no coding experience required. Where core algorithms are introduced, clear explanations and visual examples are added to make it easy and engaging to follow along at home. This major new edition features many topics not covered in the First Edition, including Cross Validation, Data Scrubbing and Ensemble Modeling."

The books, movies and music we're gifting this year


There's no better way to spend a mid-winter holiday evening than wrapped up in blankets on the couch, sipping cocoa and watching a fun, wholesome film with the family -- at least it would be if you hadn't already been locked in the same house with these same mouth-breathers under COVID quarantine for the last nine months. So this year, while the fam is off-key singing their way through Frozen 2 for the bazillionth time since March, give yourself an early gift. Put on some Kamasi Washington and curl up with one of these phenomenal titles. It's sometimes said that traveling back in time is only a fantasy for the privileged. In Octavia Butler's seminal story -- here adapted into graphic-novel form -- a young, black, 20th century woman time-travels to a plantation in the antebellum South.

Top 10 Best Statistics Books to Get Started With Statistics


This book also has well-managed content. It comes with the 15 chapters that cover almost every topics of statistics. With the help of this book, you will learn how to use the professional calculator with perfection. It also helps you to do some practices with the 5 full-length exams. Don't worry about the answers, the author has given the answers of this question papers.

The Smart Wife, book review: A feminist take on smart home tech


"Every woman needs a wife," Gloria Steinem said sometime around 1970, inspiring Judy Brady Syfers to write a fabulous essay explaining why and concluding, "My God, who wouldn't want a wife?" The people in charge at Amazon, Google, and Apple probably aren't great readers of 1970s feminist writing, but, as Yolande Strengers and Jenny Kennedy write in The Smart Wife, they have certainly imbibed the stereotypes. In particular, Strengers and Kennedy trace the origins of a lot of our ideas about domestic robots to the beloved Rosie, in the 1962-63 US TV series The Jetsons, a counterpart to The Flintstones set in outer space. It's become commonplace to observe that algorithmic decision-making systems display the biases that have been incorporated into their historical training data. Strengers and Kennedy show how much further embedding societal prejudices into supposedly modern technology can go.