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How artificial intelligence is used for job interviews - Texas News Today


More job seekers, including some professionals, will soon accept an impersonal online interview without talking to other people, or a behind-the-scenes artificial intelligence system will influence hiring decisions You need to know if you are there. Demand for online recruitment services to interview job seekers remotely via laptops and phones has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic and remains high as the economy recovers and labor shortages are perceived.

Enzolytics Announces A Comprehensive Therapeutic Protocol For Production Of Monoclonal Antibodies To Address Ongoing And Future Pandemics


COLLEGE STATION, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 7, 2021 / Enzolytics, Inc. (OTC PINK:ENZC) ( has announced a coherent protocol that it intends to execute to meet the Company's objective of producing a therapeutic cure for HIV as well as a planned protocol to address existing and future pandemics. This protocol has been defined as a result of the Company's collaboration with Intel Corporation in the field of applying computer analysis (Artificial Intelligence - A.I.) to accelerate health care discoveries and development. This collaboration includes exploring the interaction of monoclonal antibodies with viruses in 3-dimensional matrices. This opens new innovative pathways for drug discovery and development. The Company is actively exploring biotech partnerships, in the same way the Company is working with Intel Corporation, to advance and provide effective therapies and cures for existing and new viral illnesses. In combination with the Company's patented and clinically tested anti-HIV peptide ITV-1, the Company proposes a collaboration to fully implement the following protocol for developing and deploying therapeutics to address existing and future pandemics.

Dr. Ronny Jackson calls on Biden to immediately undergo cognitive test to assess 'mental impairment'

FOX News

Former White House physician explains why the president needs a cognitive test on'Hannity' Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician, called on President Biden to immediately undergo a cognitive test so the commander-in-chief can prove to the American public sound mental capabilities. "We can't sit on this any longer," Jackson told "Hannity" Thursday night, citing Biden's "embarrassing" performance overseas this week with world leaders. "He's not physically or cognitively fit to be our president right now," Jackson added. The freshman Texas congressman and 13 other GOP members of Congress sent a letter to Biden Thursday expressing "concern" with his cognitive state and cited several examples of potential memory lapses, including apparently forgetting the name of his Defense Secretary, telling an Amtrak story with a timeline that didn't add up and seemingly blanking on the often-quoted first line of the Declaration of Independence. "Unfortunately, your mental decline and forgetfulness have become more apparent over the past 18 months," Jackson and the GOP reps wrote in a letter to Biden, the White House physician and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Communication Algorithm-Architecture Co-Design for Distributed Deep Learning


Abstract--Large-scale distributed deep learning training has enabled developments of more complex deep neural network models to learn from larger datasets for sophisticated tasks. In particular, distributed stochastic gradient descent intensively invokes all-reduce operations for gradient update, which dominates communication time during iterative training epochs. In this work, we identify the inefficiency in widely used allreduce algorithms, and the opportunity of algorithm-architecture co-design. We propose MULTITREE all-reduce algorithm with topology and resource utilization awareness for efficient and scalable all-reduce operations, which is applicable to different interconnect topologies. Moreover, we co-design the network interface to schedule and coordinate the all-reduce messages for contention-free communications, working in synergy with the algorithm. The flow control is also simplified to exploit the bulk data transfer of big gradient exchange. We evaluate the co-design using different all-reduce data sizes for synthetic study, demonstrating its effectiveness on various interconnection network topologies, in addition to state-of-the-art deep neural networks for real workload experiments. The results show that MULTITREE achieves 2.3 and 1.56 communication speedup, as well as up to 81% and 30% training time reduction compared to ring all-reduce and state-of-the-art approaches, respectively.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Programs Starting in June 2021


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have grown rapidly over the last few years. With an increase in popularity, the demand for AI and Machine Learning professionals has also increased. Learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from world-renowned universities taught by industry experts. Great Learning offers the best artificial intelligence and machine learning courses. It gives you the opportunity to earn a certificate from top global universities in collaboration with Great Lakes Executive Learning. Without further ado, here are the top artificial intelligence courses starting from June 2021.

What Artificial Intelligence Can Do for Stroke Patients


Baylor St. Luke's Is First in Houston To Adopt Artificial Intelligence for Stroke Care As one of the leaders in stroke care in Houston and the surrounding areas, Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center continues on its promise to leverage the most advanced innovations to provide the best care to its patients. Baylor St. Luke's invested in artificial intelligence technology to service the stroke care team in diagnosing stroke and providing efficient and reliable treatment. technology allows for rapid detection and notification of suspected large vessel occlusion (LVO) strokes. Chethan P Venkatasubba Rao, Medical Director of the Neuroscience ICU at Baylor St. Luke's With Stroke, Timing Is Everything During a stroke, timing is the most important factor for minimizing brain damage. Knowing the signs of a stroke will allow for F.A.S.T. action in the event of an emergency.

Engineers Apply Physics-informed Machine Learning To Solar Cell Production - AI Summary


Despite the recent advances in the power conversion efficiency of organic solar cells, insights into the processing-driven thermo-mechanical stability of bulk heterojunction active layers are helping to advance the field. Lehigh University engineer Ganesh Balasubramanian, like many others, wondered if there were ways to improve the design of solar cells to make them more efficient? Balasubramanian, an associate professor of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, studies the basic physics of the materials at the heart of solar energy conversion – the organic polymers passing electrons from molecule to molecule so they can be stored and harnessed – as well as the manufacturing processes that produce commercial solar cells. Using the Frontera supercomputer at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) – one of the most powerful on the planet – Balasubramanian and his graduate student Joydeep Munshi have been running molecular models of organic solar cell production processes, and designing a framework to determine the optimal engineering choices. "When engineers make solar cells, they mix two organic molecules in a solvent and evaporate the solvent to create a mixture which helps with the exciton conversion and electron transport," Balasubramanian said.

Artificial intelligence company, Aiotics, establishes headquarters in McKinney


McKinney, Texas — Aiotics, an artificial intelligence startup focused on the rapid expansion in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning …

Texas proving grounds to test AI in the real world


How do you test out how AI will interact with physical systems in a real-world environment? If you're SparkCognition, an infrastructure-focused artificial intelligence (AI) company, you build a physical laboratory and testbed and let your engineers go wild. The company announced the opening of what it's calling HyperWerx, an autonomy facility that will help showcase the potential of AI integrated with physical systems and a proving grounds where SparkCognition and partners can throw some high tech spaghetti at the wall. These types of test beds have a long lineage in robotics labs like Willow Garage and with engineering playgrounds like Bell Labs. In a sector that's often thought of as software-first, this kind of embodied testing is an important step in bringing AI to the real world.

Aurora Expands Autonomous Trucking Tests in Texas


Autonomous vehicle technology developer Aurora Innovation Inc. said it plans to expand testing throughout Texas as it works toward commercializing self-driving trucks. In a May 27 blog post, the company said that it is expanding its relationships with shippers and motor carriers as it works to refine its autonomous Aurora Driver technology to fit their needs and handle highway traffic. To safely deploy a self-driving truck that can handle the complexities of highway driving, Aurora is developing and refining key capabilities such as complicated lane changes and merges, and entering and exiting the freeway. The goal is to create an autonomous freight system that is "safer, faster, more reliable and more efficient," the company said. Take a closer look at how we're preparing the Aurora Driver to move goods for key logistics companies on middle-mile routes in Texas Aurora said it takes about three days to deliver goods from Dallas to Los Angeles with humans at the wheel.