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Google's NotebookLM Aims to Be the Ultimate Writing Assistant


Steven Johnson has written 13 books, on topics ranging from a London cholera outbreak to the value of video games. He's been a television presenter and a podcast host. He's a keynote speaker who doesn't have to call himself that in his LinkedIn profile. And for over a year now, he's been a full-time employee of Google, a status that's clear when he badges me into the search giant's Chelsea offices in New York to show me what his team has been creating. It's called NotebookLM, and the easiest way to think of it is as an AI collaborator with access to all your materials that sits on your metaphorical shoulder to guide you through your project.

'Elvis' director says Hollywood 's AI regulation is 'way behind'

FOX News

AI expert Marva Bailer explains how, even though there are currently laws in place, the average person has more access than ever to create deepfakes of celebrities. "Elvis" director Baz Luhrmann is not afraid of artificial intelligence so much as he worries about the lack of regulation over the technology. In an interview with Sky News, Luhrmann admitted he was not "personally frightened of AI, but having worked with a very, very smart robot named Ai-Da, and having formed a relationship with her, she would tell you, and I would agree, we are way behind in terms of governance of AI." Earlier this year, Luhrmann partnered with Bombay Sapphire on its "Saw This Made This" campaign, which used an AI robot artist, named Ai-Da, to create art pieces live at exhibitions in London and New York inspired by submissions from human creators. Luhrmann also praised the writers and actors strikes that took place over the summer and fall, with the use of AI being a major issue in negotiations. WHAT IS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI)?

Major League Wrestling champ Alex Kane wants Matt Cardona to take him seriously as PPV nears

FOX News

Fox News Flash top sports headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Alex Kane has been on a roll in the second half of the year with Major League Wrestling. The Georgia native became the MLW World Heavyweight Champion in July with a win over Alex Hammerstone at "Never Say Never" and has successfully defended the title three times since the victory with his faction – the Bomaye Fight Club – behind him. Thursday night will be one of Kane's toughest matches yet as he steps into the ring against the "Indy God" Matt Cardona at "One Shot" in New York City.

Wall Street quants see mixed results from chatbots amid AI boom

The Japan Times

Warren Buffett sought a margin of safety. In the long history of markets, trading systems and investment formulas hold an honored place. Yet even the finance legends couldn't have predicted what artificial-intelligence proponents are dreaming up these days, thanks to the computational firepower of language models like ChatGPT. In this new world, there are automated programs that blare out warnings if corporate executives go on unnecessary tangents or jump between subjects -- potential signs of anxiety about the future. Another AI model dissects product blueprints and graphs from business slides in an attempt to forecast stock swings.

DNA nanobots can exponentially self-replicate

New Scientist

Nanoscale "robots" made of DNA that rapidly self-replicate could be harnessed to manufacture drugs or other chemicals inside the body, say researchers. Feng Zhou at New York University and his colleagues created the tiny machines, which are just 100 nanometres across, using four strands of DNA. The nanorobots are held in a solution with these DNA-strand raw materials, which they arrange into copies of themselves one at a time by using their own structure as a scaffold. The team didn't respond to a request for comment, but say in their paper that their nanobots are capable of exponential reproduction. Andrew Surman at King's College London, who wasn't involved in the research, says that the nanobots are a step forward in creating machines from DNA that could manufacture drugs or chemicals, or even act as rudimentary robots or computers.

I asked DALL-E 3 to create a portrait of every US state, and the results were gloriously strange


And yes, we know that the Golden Gate Bridge is in Canada, the Statue of Liberty looks like it is somewhere in Kansas, and the Capitol Building is somewhere in Idaho. See the end of the article for comments on this behavior. While it feels like generative AI has been with us for years, the reality is we've been exploring this new technology for just roughly the last 12 months or so. As such, I'm very curious about the strengths and weaknesses of the technology as it stands today, even as I look forward to where the technology might take us in the coming years. In this article, I'll showcase how I used ChatGPT and DALL-E 3 to create fun educational content about America's 50 individual states.

AI technology could soon save lives at the beach. Here's how.

FOX News

Your trip to the beach could someday be a lot safer, thanks to artificial intelligence. Researchers at the University of California Santa Cruz, led by Professor Alex Pang, are developing potentially life-saving A.I. algorithms geared toward detecting and monitoring potential dangers along the shoreline, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel. The life-saving technology could also alert lifeguards of potential hazards and detect rip currents or riptides, which, according to water rescues and safety expert Gerry Dworkin, account for 80% of ocean lifeguard interventions. WHAT IS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI)? Flags warn that the beach is closed to swimmers at Rockaway Beach in New York as high surf from Hurricane Franklin delivers strong rip tides and large waves to most of the eastern seaboard on August 31, 2023 in New York City.

Geoffrey Hinton: "It's Far Too Late" to Stop Artificial Intelligence

The New Yorker

Sign up to receive our twice-weekly News & Politics newsletter. The American public's increasing fascination with artificial intelligence--its rapid advancement and ability to reshape the future--has put the computer scientist Geoffrey Hinton in an awkward position. He is known as the godfather of A.I. because of his groundbreaking work in neural networks, a branch of computer science that most researchers had given up on, while Hinton's advances eventually led to a revolution. But he is now fearful of what it could unleash. I'm a kind of latecomer to worrying about the risks, " Hinton tells The New Yorker's Joshua Rothman. "Because very recently I came to the conclusion that these digital intelligences might already be as good as us.

Head of Google Bard believes AI can help improve communication and compassion: 'Really remarkable'

FOX News

Kurt "The CyberGuy" Knutsson explains new Google Maps features, powered by AI. Artificial intelligence is influencing nearly all aspects of life in 2023. From education to the workplace to creative endeavors, AI is making its mark on our everyday lives. Google Bard product lead Jack Krawczyk sat down with Fox News Digital for an interview in New York City recently to discuss how generative AI frontrunner Google Bard has developed to accommodate people's lifestyles. As just one example, Krawczyk mentioned that parents can use Google Bard to snap a photo of their craft drawer -- then ask the AI tool what kind of art can be made using the available supplies.

Robot dogs have unnerved and angered the public. So why is this artist teaching them to paint?

The Guardian

The artist is completely focused, a black oil crayon in her hand as she repeatedly draws a small circle on a vibrant teal canvas. She is unbothered by the three people closely observing her every movement, and doesn't seem to register my entrance into this bright white room inside the National Gallery of Victoria. The artist is a robot; more specifically, Basia is a 30kg "Spot" robot dog designed by Boston Dynamics. You've likely seen videos of these dogs opening doors, climbing stairs and decorating Christmas trees, while performing eerily fluid actions that cause people to write comments like, "Can't wait to have a pack of these chase me through a post-apocalyptic urban hellscape!" The robots are designed to perform tasks that are dangerous for humans: they tend to be bought by mining and construction corporations, as well as police and the military.