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Global Big Data Conference


On March 31st the Her Future Summit powered by the Global Startup Ecosystem will take place virtually with 1000 digital delegates. This will be the largest virtual summit for women to date featuring digital stakeholders from over 60 countries. The Her Future Summit aims to identify, train, and empower the next generation of female pioneers. The summit also serves to teach fundamentals of future technology and the leading social impact applications of Artificial Intelligence, among other technologies. Her Future Summit was scheduled to take place in 7 global cities - DC, Silicon Valley, New York, Accra, Port-au-Prince, London, and Dubai - throughout the month of March.

Coronavirus kills one person every 17 minutes in New York

FOX News

New York City hopes to convert several buildings into temporary hospitals to handle an expected surge in coronavirus patients; Fox News correspondent Bryan Llenas reports. Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. For the past two days, New Yorkers have been dying at a rate of one every 17 minutes, according to the latest grim citywide statistics. On both Thursday and Friday, another 84 people died in the city from the coronavirus, as the number of positive cases and of those who are critically ill also climbed. A person walks across 42nd Street on March 22, 2020 in New York City.

ResoluteAI Partners With Fintech Studios to Integrate News Database


ResoluteAI, the Connect to Discover company, announced the addition of a News dataset to their Foundation search platform for scientific content. In partnership with FinTech Studios, the leading AI-based intelligent search and analytics platform for Wall Street, the News database provides ResoluteAI's clients with a robust offering of timely scientific content. Foundation is a multi-source research hub that allows public scientific content to be searched as if it's single-source. ResoluteAI applies the most sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning to unstructured content. This AI-driven solution creates structured metadata and organizes it into datasets that include Companies, Patents, Grants, Clinical Trials, Technology Transfer, and Publications.

Introductory Python


Course Overview This is a class for computer-literate people with no programming background who wish to learn basic Python programming. The course is aimed at those who want to learn data wrangling - manipulating downloaded files to make them amenable to analysis. We concentrate on language basics such as list & string manipulation, control structures, simple data analysis packages, & introduce modules for downloading data from the web. Instructors Tony Schultz Tony Schultz Tony received his Ph.D. in Physics from the City University of New York & has taught at Sarah Lawrence College over the past decade. Tony specializes in developing machine learning & pattern recognition algorithms for processing motion capture data.

New York mayor Bill de Blasio warns half of all New Yorkers will get coronavirus

FOX News

Certified board surgeron Dr. Azadeh Shirazi joins Trace Gallagher to discuss the future of the COVID-19 outbreak. Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Over 4 million New Yorkers -- or 50 percent of the city's population -- will get the coronavirus, Mayor de Blasio warned Wednesday. "It's a fair bet to say that half of all New Yorkers and maybe more than half will end up contracting this disease," de Blasio said at a City Hall press briefing about the outbreak as the Big Apple's positive cases approached 18,000 with nearly 200 deaths. "That's worrisome, very deeply worrisome," he added.

AI legal service uses technology to help users get bill extensions for coronavirus-related hardships

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A company known for its AI-powered legal services wants to use its technology to help people experiencing coronavirus-related financial hardships get extensions on their bills. The new service from DoNotPay is designed to automate the process of producing waivers for rent, credit card, or utility bill payments in the face of financial hardships related to an ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has sidelined many people from their jobs. Specifically, the service automatically identifies bills that are eligible for an extension or late fee waiver and then drafts a'compassionate and polite request' to the relevant party. If the request is denied, DoNotPay say it will send a second correspondence citing relevant stat or local laws that allow for such a request. Among the laws are those enacted by California and New York which prohibit landlords from imposing fees or evicting tenants while the pandemic continues.

AI Is Coming for Your Most Mind-Numbing Office Tasks


In 2018, the New York Foundling, a charity that offers child welfare, adoption, and mental health services, was stuck in cut-and-paste hell. Clinicians and admin staff were spending hours transferring text between different documents and databases to meet varied legal requirements. Arik Hill, the charity's chief information officer, blames the data entry drudgery for an annual staff turnover of 42 percent at the time. "We are not a very glamorous industry," says Hill. "We are really only just moving on from paper clinical records." Since then, the New York Foundling has automated much of this grunt work using what are known as software robots--simple programs hand-crafted to perform dull tasks.

NRF 2020: Retail technology trends and deals InfotechLead


National Retail Federation's annual Big Show and Expo in New York – have announced several retail technology deals, indicating that innovation is the key to improve customer experience. Total e-commerce revenue in 2020 will reach $3.52 trillion, an explosion that will force retailers to find faster and more convenient modes to reach the final mile and yard, according to tech market advisory firm, ABI Research. There is increasing convergence of online and in-store businesses, with brick and mortar positioned as hubs closer to the customer, as well as e-commerce sites directing package delivery to retail outlets. Additive investment will grow in Buy Online Pay in Store (BOPIS) options. Alibaba and have focus on growth through lower-tier cities, chasing fast growing, third place Pinduoduo's rural playbook to reach the next 600 million people.

IBM Invests In AI Hardware


While the IBM hardware business today is limited to POWER and Mainframe chips and systems, the technology giant is quietly building its expertise and capabilities in AI hardware. Where this could end up is anybody's guess, but here are a few thoughts about what IBM is doing and speculation as to why. IBM founded the IBM Research AI Hardware Center in early 2019 to conduct AI Chip research in collaboration with the New York State, the SUNY Polytechnic Institute, and technology companies including Mellanox, Samsung and Synopsys. The center takes a holistic, end-to-end approach to AI hardware, working towards its aggressive goal to deliver a 1000X increase in AI performance over the next 10 years. This starts with the reduced precision techniques we will discuss here.

Deep-learning system detects human presence by harvesting RF signals


Researchers at Syracuse University in New York have recently developed a system that can detect the presence of humans in a given environment by analyzing ambient radio frequency (RF) signals. This new system, presented in a paper pre-published on arXiv, employs a convolutional neural network (CNN) trained on a vast amount of RF data. "Initially, we tried to detect drones in an outdoor environment using passive RF signals through deep learning," Biao Chen, one of the researchers who carried out the study, told TechXplore. "The result was uneven at best--it worked on measurements collected on certain days, but would fail on other days." For some time, Chen and his colleagues tried to develop a system that could sense the presence of drones in outdoor environments.