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Agility Prime Researches Electronic Parachute Powered by Machine Learning - Aviation Today


Kentucky-based Aviation Safety Resources is developing ballistic parachutes for use in aircraft ranging from 60 lbs to 12,000 lbs. The Air Force's Agility Prime program awarded a phase I small business technology transfer (STTR) research contract to Jump Aero and Caltech to create an electronic parachute powered by machine learning that would allow the pilot to recalibrate the flight controller in midair in the event of damage, the company announced on April 7. "The electronic parachute is the name for the concept of implementing an adaptive/machine-learned control routine that would be impractical to certify for the traditional controller for use only in an emergency recovery mode -- something that would be switched on by the pilot if there is reason to believe that the baseline flight controller is not properly controlling the aircraft (if, for example, the aircraft has been damaged in midair)," Carl Dietrich, founder and president of Jump Aero Incorporated, told Avionics International. This technology was previously difficult to certify because of the need for deterministic proof of safety within these complex systems. The research was sparked when the Federal Aviation Administration certified an autonomous landing function for use in emergency situations which created a path for the possible certification of electronic parachute technology, according to Jump Aero. The machine-learned neural network can be trained with non-linear behaviors that occur in an aircraft in the presence of substantial failures such those generated by a bird strike, Dietrich said.

Kentucky officials use robot deer to catch man accused of poaching

FOX News

The man confessed to tampering and harassment, and was found to have been illegally hunting using bait. Illegal hunting is never fair game. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (DFW) recently deployed a robotic deer to catch a man accused of poaching in the Bluegrass State. A Campbellsville, Ky., man was arrested after authorities caught him shining a spotlight on a deer from his SUV. James Malone was arrested on Sunday night after authorities caught him shining a spotlight on a deer from his SUV, WDRB reports.

The Strange Story Behind the Best Game of 2020


Certain things blur the boundaries of reality. Like a phone that can only connect to one number. Like the number that phone dials, which is also listed as the phone number on the TripAdvisor page for Echo River in Kentucky's Mammoth Cave National Park. Like the prerecorded message that plays when you dial that number, which says, "If you don't remember dialing this number at all, press 5," before launching into facts that all sound like thinly veiled urban legends. Like a retrospective for an artist who seems to have never existed, or a community television broadcast that seems to end with a ghost in the machine. This web of ephemera, which extends from the world we live in to the one on the other side of the screen, would seem to be the work of a major company, like the alternate reality game that accompanied the release of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight and sent 11 million people all over the world in search of the Joker.

Researchers Use AI to Automate Video Game Genre Classification


Genre classification is the sort of thing that any platform or marketplace that is trying to show users any kind of content would need to work on because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing users to have an easier time coming upon something or the other that they might be interested in at any given point in time. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that while music, film and TV shows tend to be easy to classify using some kind of an algorithm this is not true for games due to the reason that they have a lot more detail to them that can make them difficult to classify into genres automatically. A team of researchers from Western Kentucky University have ended up creating an AI model that would be able to accurately analyze video games and sort them based on genre. This AI uses a variety of different data sets, including the cover of the game, the title, any description that it may have been given as well as genre classifications that already exist for the game. This has made it easier for them to sort games into genres, something that could have a widespread impact on the industry.

This AI Model Can Figure Out Video Games By Its Cover


Recently, researchers from the Western Kentucky University proposed a multi-modal deep learning framework that has the capability to classify genres of video games based on the cover and textual description. The researchers claimed that this research is the first-ever attempt on automatic genre classification using a deep learning approach. Videos games have been one of the most widespread, profitable, and prominent forms of entertainment around the globe. Also, genre and its classification systems play a significant role in the development of video games. According to the researchers, video game covers and textual descriptions are usually the very first impression to its consumers, and they often convey important information about the video games.

Walmart Ditches Major Robot Contract: So What Does This Mean For The Industry?


BEGIN ARTICLE PREVIEW: Wal-Mart Stores Inc. signage is displayed outside of a store in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S., on … [+] Friday, May 15, 2015. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is expected to release first-quarter earnings results before the opening of U.S. financial markets on May 19. Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg © 2015 Bloomberg Finance LP Walmart has been investing heavily in robots, such as for cleaning floors. But the company’s efforts have not been without their challenges.  This week Walmart terminated its engagement with Bossa Nova Robotics, which is a developer of robots to track inventory in store aisles. This decision came after testing and using the technology for the past five years (about 500 robots had been in operation). So then why did Walmart do this? Well, it appears that a major reason was the ROI (Return on Investment). For the most part, humans could do the job more effectively than robots.  “Workers can perfo

How to parent without perpetuating gender stereotypes


You've heard the lines on the playground as a kid: "Only boys play with trucks; only girls like dolls." You've seen all the pink and blue in the baby section of every store. When it comes to parenting, one thing is clear: The gender binary is hard to avoid. But that's not helping anyone, Dr. Christia S. Brown, a developmental psychology professor at the University of Kentucky and the author of Parenting Beyond Blue and Pink, says. She notes the gender binary, the division of gender into only two, opposing categories (masculine or feminine) rather than acknowledging the broad spectrum of gender identities, hurts all kids: The gender binary gives kids who don't fit neatly into it "the implicit and explicit message...that who they are is flawed or wrong," which Brown calls damaging.

Kentucky Diabetes Patients: Can Artificial Intelligence Tool Optimize Care?


Artificial intelligence is the key to healthcare breakthroughs. AI tools assist rather than replace healthcare professionals by providing shared decision making and improving personalized, patient-centered care. GlucosePATH equips physicians with various treatment options for patients with type 2 diabetes by curating their particular needs and integrating the medication cost into the treatment decision-making process. This project demonstrates how to reach therapeutic goals by integrating GlucosePATH software into your practice. An opportunity to act will be provided at the end of this series.

016 - Guest: Roman Yampolskiy, Professor of AI Safety


This and all episodes at: .   What does it look like to be on the front lines of academic research into making future AI safe? It looks like Roman Yampolskiy, professor at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, director of their Cyber Security lab and key contributor to the field of AI Safety. With over 100 papers and books on AI, Roman is recognized as an AI expert the world over. In this first part of our interview, we talk about his latest paper, a comprehensive analysis of the Control Problem, the central issue of AI safety: How do we ensure future AI remains under our control? All this and our usual look at today's AI headlines. Transcript and URLs referenced at HumanCusp Blog.  

Annapurna Interactive is releasing a PS4 box set with eight games


Annapurna Interactive hasn't been around that long and it has already published many memorable games, including Outer Wilds, Donut County, What Remains of Edith Finch and Sayonara Wild Hearts (my favorite game of 2019). To celebrate its first five years as an indie powerhouse, AI has teamed up with iam8bit to release physical PS4 box sets containing eight titles. They'll include those previously mentioned games, along with Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition and Wattam. Telling Lies and Gorogoa are also included in the box sets, which'll mark the first physical PS4 release for both of those games. The $179.99 Annapurna Interactive Ultimate PS4 Collection includes exclusive cover sheets.