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Showbox back online but free movie and TV streaming app could endanger people who try to use it

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Showbox, a mysterious app that allows people to watch new films and TV shows for free, is back after a strange outage. But the circumstances around that return is largely unknown, and anyone trying to use the popular app might be endangering themselves and their computer. Showbox is a hugely popular app that allows for a Netflix-like experience but includes apparently torrented versions of new movies and TV shows. More specifically, there appears to be a number of versions of the app, all of which present themselves as the legitimate app. The service stopped working recently, prompting concerns that the service might have been taken down entirely – but it seems to have emerged once again.

O2 down compensation: Free credit and airtime package revealed for users after day without service

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O2 has revealed the compensation package it will offer to customers hit by its data outage. Both pay monthly and pay as you go customers will receive free time after they were left entirely without data for a whole day. Pay monthly customers will be given two free days on their contract. And pay as you go customers will get 10 per cent of their credit for free. "We're very sorry about yesterday's data issue," an O2 spokesperson said.

O2 down compensation scams spread across internet as people try to get money back for 4G outage

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Customers frustrated by the O2 hack are now being tricked into scams as they search for ways to get their money back. Police say that scammers are taking advantage of angry users in an attempt to dupe them into getting themselves in trouble. It comes as false rumours spread across the web about the vast sums of money people might be able to claim. All the same, O2 really is offering compensation. But it is vastly less than the scams suggest.

Apple Watch heart features finally arrive, allowing people to take ECGs on their wrist

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The Apple Watch's long promised heart features have finally arrived on people's watches. When the Series 4 was announced in September, the company said that it would let people take ECGs and see if their heartbeat is irregular. But it would not be available straight away because it had to be approved by regulators, it said at the time. Now the features have been given clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration and so will finally be available, arriving through a software update. The ECG and atrial fibrillation features are not yet available outside the US, including in the UK.

O2 4G working again: Here's what to do about complaints and compensation if you were affected

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O2's 4G is finally working again, after people were left for almost a full day without internet. Plenty of people are using their newly restored internet connections to vent about the outage, and to try and secure some compensation for the day spent without any data at all. The outage caused issues not only for people rushing to catch up on social networks. Many rely on their data connections for important healthcare or other uses, and the lack of data even meant that bus timetables and other important infrastructure stopped working properly. Amid that frustration, many have asked whether it will be possible to claim compensation or at least some form of redress for the problems, to make up for the frustration.

KT and SK Telecom to end WiBro service within the year


South Korean telecommunications carrier KT and SK Telecom will end their respective WiBro services within the year, they announced. KT's use of the spectrum for WiBro ends next year in March. The company said it will sequentially end its WiBro services on December 16, starting with Seoul. Consumers still using WiBro will not be charged for their use after the date but will need to change to LTE starting next month if they want to continue using their handsets. SK Telecom will also end all its WiBro services by the end of the year, the company said, and will offer LTE transfer programs for users.

O2 down: 4G still not working and company does not know when it will come back online amid data chaos

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O2's data network has been offline for more than 12 hours and nobody appears to have any idea when it will come back online. Both the network itself as well as Ericsson – whose software appears to be to blame for the problems – has repeatedly committed to bring the data service back online as soon as they can. But neither has offered a specific timeline for when the fix will be in place, or any real detail of whether it is close to fixing it. The network's chief executive, Mark Evans, gave the latest statement on the ongoing outage. But he failed to give any detail on the problem itself.

When will O2 4G be back online? Network finally provides update on when internet will work again

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O2's 3G mobile data network should have returned to full functionality on Thursday night following an all-day outage, the company has said. But continuing problems with faster 4G connections apparently remained into Friday morning. O2 and its parent company Telefonica had said they were "aiming" to have the problems fixed by Friday morning, but O2 later updated the timescale. It said 3G service should have resumed at 9.30pm UK time, adding that "our technical teams will continue working hard with Ericsson engineers to restore 4G which will bring us back to full network service". Shortly after midnight on Friday morning a spokeswoman added: "Our technical teams have started to return our 4G service to our network. We anticipate this will be restored by 3am this morning meaning all our services will be fully restored. "We'll continue to monitor the service and share any further updates on our website.

O2 down: Data and 4G still not working as outage also hits GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile

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O2's internet service is down, leaving customers of the network unable to get online. The problems mean those companies that share its network – such as GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile – are also being hit by the problems. Calls can still be made by customers despite 4G data connections are broken, O2 said. Affected phones, which may be every single device registered to the network, simply fail to show any kind of data connection and will not connect even when turned off and back on or when other workarounds are tried, according to users experiencing the problems. Some users also suggested SMS messaging was not working, leaving them unable to send texts.

O2 4G still down as transport networks and millions of outraged customers unable to get internet data

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O2's internet network is suffering an outage. And O2's customers are outraged. The carrier's 4G problems have hit the networks 25 million customers, as well as those using networks that rely on its infrastructure, like GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile. But it is also causing problems in places that rely on O2's network coverage for other important services. Transport for London's live timetables, for instance – which allow people to see accurately when a bus is about to turn up at any given stop – appears to have broken and is showing that no buses are arriving.