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Five Strategies That Higher Education Leaders Need In 2020


We've seen a number of shifts in the higher education landscape over the past few years. The online environment has grown while postsecondary enrollment has fallen. Funding for higher education has decreased. The students that these institutions serve are increasingly diverse. The higher education landscape is changing, forcing leaders to adopt new strategies to meet new needs.

Master Data Science and Artificial Intelligence


The Master DS&AI is intended for students interested in studying and combining advanced data analysis techniques with AI methods and techniques, in order to understand, use and develop intelligent systems to support and strengthen the human intellect. This Master's program is the first and only engineering program in the Netherlands in which advanced techniques and methods in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are combined. You currently cannot apply for this DS&AI program. Course information will become available as soon as possible, but is not expected before March 2020. Keep an eye on this internet page as new information will appear here.

Sizing the U.S. Student Cohort for Computer Science

Communications of the ACM

Alan Kay, Cathie Norris, Elliot Soloway, and I had an article in the September 2019 issue of Communications called "Computational Thinking Should Just Be Good Thinking" (access the article at Our argument is that "computational thinking" is already here--students use computing every day, and that computing is undoubtedly influencing their thinking. What we really care about is effective, critical, "expanded" thinking, where computing helps us think. To do that, we need better computing. Ken Kahn engaged with our article in the comments section (thank you, Ken!), and he made a provocative comment: There are have been many successful attempts to add programming to games: Rocky's Boots (1982), Robot Odyssey (1984), RoboSport (1991), Minecraft (multiple extensions), and probably many more.

As Esports Take Off, High School Leagues Get In The Game

NPR Technology

Assistant Principal Miles Carey oversees a Rocket League practice at Washington-Liberty High School in Arlington, Va. Assistant Principal Miles Carey oversees a Rocket League practice at Washington-Liberty High School in Arlington, Va. Nowadays, if you're a teenager who's good at video games there's a lot more to be had than just a pot of virtual gold. Today, more than 170 colleges and universities participate. Naturally, high schools have followed suit.

Here's how AI can elevate higher ed - eCampus News


Conversations around artificial intelligence's potential in higher education are growing, and a report outlines some of the ways in which AI could revolutionize higher education. Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education: Current Uses and Future Applications, from The Learning House, casts a critical eye on the immediate and future applications of AI in higher ed, and it also examines implementation challenges. The report also highlights important policy guidance and recommendations that are likely to accelerate AI innovation or, if unrealized, stifle its growth and adoption. Related content: Is your campus ready for AI and other tech trends? For example, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) last updated in 2001, predates many common education technologies including smartphones, tablets, wireless data, MOOCs, and even online education programs in general.

Machine Learning using Python : Learn Hands-On


Learn to use Python, the ideal programming language for Machine Learning, with this comprehensive course from Hands-On System. Python plays a important role in the adoption of Machine Learning (ML) in the business environment. Now a day's Machine Learning is one of the most sought after skills in industry. After completion of this course students will understand and apply the concepts of machine learning and applied statistics for real world problems. The topics we will be covering in this course are: Python libraries for data manipulation and visualization such as numpy, matplotlib and pandas.

VA's AI Tech Sprint yields a tool for matching patients with clinical trials, and more - FedScoop


A group of high school students was one of the top teams to emerge from the recent AI Tech Sprint by the Department of Veterans Affairs, delivering a web application that could help match cancer patients to clinical trials. The three students from Northern Virginia entered their work in a competition that included software companies like Oracle Healthcare and MyCancerDB. Digital consulting company Composite App took the $20,000 first place prize for its solution -- a tool for helping patients stay on track with their care plan -- but the clinical trials team got an honorable mention. The tech sprint was organized by the VA's new AI institute, and it focused on partnering with outside organizations and companies interested in applying artificial intelligence tools and techniques to VA data. The high school team's members -- Shreeja Kikkisetti, Ethan Ocasio and Neeyanth Kopparapu -- met as part of the Northern Virginia-based nonprofit Girls Computing League.