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Here's how scientists are using machine learning to listen to fish


This is an Inside Science story. As the sun rises over the island of American Samoa, a chorus of animal voices drifts upward. They're not the calls of birds, though -- the purrs, clicks and groans are coming from under the water. New research shows how automation can make it increasingly easy to eavesdrop on the fish making the sounds and uncover how their environment impacts them. Jill Munger first heard about fish that make sounds while she was an undergraduate student.

Nike Heightens Its Emphasis on Customer Service With New Supply Chain Transformation


In an effort to serve its consumers more directly, Nike has released a plan of action that details an innovative approach to transforming its supply chain. The company issued a statement listing four key components to help make its goal successful. First, Nike intends to open several regional distribution centers across the US and Europe, in addition to having its own dedicated train – the Nike "Sole Train" – to increase capacity and speed, and help power long term growth. This step would transform the brand's central distribution centers in Memphis, TN, into omni-channel facilities. Second, the brand will leverage technology by using AI and machine learning to deliver products faster and more precisely.

Modern Natural Language Processing in Python


Modern Natural Language Processing course is designed for anyone who wants to grow or start a new career and gain a strong background in NLP. Nowadays, the industry is becoming more and more in need of NLP solutions. Chatbots and online automation, language modeling, event extraction, fraud detection on huge contracts are only a few examples of what is demanded today. Learning NLP is key to bring real solutions to the present and future needs. Throughout this course, we will leverage the huge amount of speech and text data available online, and we will explore the main 3 and most powerful NLP applications, that will give you the power to successfully approach any real-world challenge.

Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas for 2022 - KDnuggets


As a beginner in the data science industry, you must have read countless articles describing the importance of creating data science projects. In fact, I landed my first data science role due to the projects I showcased on my portfolio. However, not every data science project can land you a role in the industry. I have reviewed resumes of data science applicants in the past, most of whom were rejected from entry-level positions without even making it to the interview phase. Some of these candidates did include projects on their resume -- but the projects they showcased were too simple.

Looking for love on campus? Here are the best dating apps for college students.


We love a good party as much as anyone. But the logistics of trying to get to know someone in a packed basement over blaring trap music while someone does body shots in the corner are a bit challenging. Dating apps are the saving grace of college students everywhere. Whether you're serious about finding someone or just looking for a quick hookup, you may not need to look further than the right app. At this point there are dating apps for every niche you can think of; whether you're into gaming, geek culture, getting high, or focusing on your career, there are people seeking the same things you are.

2022's top online electrical engineering master's degrees


Online master's in electrical engineering programs prepare graduates for lucrative roles as electrical and electronic engineers. Many are designed for working professionals looking to advance their careers while earning full-time. Electrical engineering jobs focus on manufacturing and installing electrical power equipment, while electronics engineers design and develop electronic equipment. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median annual salary for electrical engineers of $100,830 and $107,540 for electronics engineers. These professionals can specialize in aerospace, bioengineering, computer hardware, and more.

What AI cannot do


The following is an excerpt adapted from AI 2041 by Kai-Fu Lee and Chen Qiufan. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Artificial intelligence can perform many tasks better than people can, at essentially zero cost. This simple fact is poised to generate tremendous economic value but also to cause unprecedented job displacement -- a wave of disruption that will hit blue- and white-collar workers alike. In the future, AI will be doing everything from underwriting our loans to building our homes, and even hiring and firing us.

New machine learning and data science option offers ECE undergrads in-demand skills - College of Engineering - University of Wisconsin-Madison


In the last couple of decades, technology has become very efficient at collecting information from the physical world, including wearable medical sensors, radar systems integrated into automobiles and satellites monitoring earth's climate--as well as from humans by monitoring the decisions they make. But that massive trove of data is mostly useless on its own; sophisticated computer algorithms are needed to find patterns, extract meaning and make predictions from the data. That's why the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering launched the machine learning and data science option for both undergraduate electrical engineering and computer engineering majors. The option requires 18 elective credits in the 120-hour bachelor's degree consisting of courses focusing on machine learning and data science in engineering. Courses in the option cover coding for data manipulation, analysis, and visualization, and machine learning topics from applied linear algebra and probability through artificial neural networks and deep learning. When students graduate, the option is noted on their transcript, giving them a valuable credential in future employment searches.

Electrical engineering jobs: Electrifying opportunities


Electrical engineers design, build, and maintain electrical equipment for many purposes. The broad discipline leads current and prospective engineering students to a vast career landscape. You can pursue electrical engineering jobs in device and system management, consumer electronics, and research and development, among many other fields. Continue reading to learn more about the electrical engineering profession and exciting postgraduate opportunities. Electrical engineering jobs tend to have similar titles and levels across the industries.

Learning Resources for Machine Learning - Programmathically


Familiarity with basic statistics and mathematical notation is helpful. An Introduction to Statistical Learning is one of the best introductory textbooks on classical machine learning techniques such as linear regression. It was the first machine learning book I've bought and has given me a great foundation. The explanations are held on a high level, so you don't need advanced math skills. Every chapter comes with code examples and labs in R. It is a great book to work through cover-to-cover. Get "An Introduction to Statistical Learning" on Amazon