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6 voicebot challenges and opportunities


The voicebot ecosystem is growing immensely -- and amazing opportunities abound. Reading a recent post by Alon Bonder, and realizing the main subject of conversation for product managers, startups, and developers is voice-tech, I figured out some points to help you focus on building the right product for what's coming next. Basically, the mobile apps ecosystem we saw growing 10 years ago is making a return, but this time it is all about…voice. In the beginning, before the mobile apps ecosystem rose in popularity, problems weren't as clear as they are today. Specific iOS apps had memory problems; the UI was too simple; the development platforms were horrid (or nonexistent); there weren't enough solutions for mobile app marketing, acquisition, and attribution; and the competition featured apps alongside thousands of farting, semi-funny, and non-valuable apps.

INFOGRAPHIC: World Voice Landscape


The voice ecosystem is booming! In the US alone, it is estimated that there will be 21.4 million smart speakers by 2020. Furthermore, according to Technavio, by 2019 the voice recognition market will be will be worth a huge $601 million. Voice is even disrupting search, with 60% of people using voice search last year. Technology is finally able to create innovative voice first experiences and an increasing number of consumers are adopting voice technology, which is further pushing innovation within the sector!