voice ecosystem

6 voicebot challenges and opportunities


Specific iOS apps had memory problems; the UI was too simple; the development platforms were horrid (or nonexistent); there weren't enough solutions for mobile app marketing, acquisition, and attribution; and the competition featured apps alongside thousands of farting, semi-funny, and non-valuable apps. The voice ecosystem is missing essential tools -- available in the mobile apps ecosystem -- to conduct appropriate analytics and measurement, marketing attribution, A/B testing, deep-linking for improved acquisition and re-engagement, and so on. There are development solutions available for basic voice products -- thanks to APIs, frameworks, and AI tools -- but these are basic and, in most cases, only allow you to build a proof of concept without acquiring real users. Build an API allowing users to share amazing skills and developers to easily track them to understand how viral the voice app is.

INFOGRAPHIC: World Voice Landscape


The voice ecosystem is booming! Voice is even disrupting search, with 60% of people using voice search last year. Technology is finally able to create innovative voice first experiences and an increasing number of consumers are adopting voice technology, which is further pushing innovation within the sector! We decided to dive deeper into the voice ecosystem and produce this world voice landscape, so you can know who is who in the world of voice!