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A Tip for Effectively Measuring Your Video Campaign


The user activity on social media is increasing exponentially every day. There are around three billion estimated social media users today, a number that will continue to grow every year. It is a no-brainer to run video ads online, given the quantity of users and their impressionability, especially that many users view a video ad before making their buying decision. How does one measure the success of a video campaign? Is anyone measuring plan to actual performance?

7 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Own 2019


So far, we've seen a continued uptick in augmented reality, video content, and influencer marketing. But now that 2018 is one-third of the way over, you may find yourself wondering: "what does 2019 have in store for us?" We can't be sure yet, but we have a few predictions for the upcoming New Year. We'll discuss our predictions in this article and give you a look at how the ever-changing digital marketing landscape may look in just a few months. This one may be strange to see on a digital marketing trends list, but hear (pun intended) us out.

Consumers prefer online ads to video ads, despite our perceptions


Are customers responding to predicted trends this year, and how is the industry measuring up to initial year-end predictions? Self-service programmatic ad provider Choozle recently conducted a survey of 502 consumers in the US (53 percent female and 47 percent male). It wanted to assess consumer experience with predicted trends across ad platforms, customer behavior, and personal data. Its 2018 Digital Advertising Trends survey explores consumer experience with trends that were predicted to impact the industry in 2018. The results revealed that consumer sentiment has shifted, and now opposes many of these predicted trends -- including the rise of video, voice, and ad blockers.

How Artificial Intelligence enables you to Target the Right Customer


The proliferation of web-enabled devices we experience today enables us to be online all the time via multiple touch-points. Users no longer use a single device to complete a task, but shift from one screen to another throughout the process. Forbes found that 87% of millennials use between two to three tech devices at least once on a daily basis. This constant interaction with online devices means there are more and more'I want-to-do' or'I need-to-fix, watch, and see' decision making moments during which a user is susceptible to advertisements that sway the decision making path. This constitutes a colossal opportunity for brands who understand just how important it is for their ads to be there for the right person, at the right time, every time.

How Machine Learning Powers Personalized Video Ads - Hiring Upwork


Imagine a world where you could sell a product to a consumer who's looking to buy exactly what you sell. If such a world existed, it would represent the holy grail of marketing. Instead of spending money on expensive advertising campaigns, marketers would simply find who needs what they have to sell, and they would sell it to them. Unfortunately, such a world doesn't exist. But there's a marketing technique that has allowed marketers to create better targeted, more effective messages that are very likely to resonate with prospects and customers.

This New AI Chip Could Help Google, Facebook 'See' Videos


Graphcore won't release images of its AI-focused chip, called an IPU, until its first shipments to customers in early 2018. Instead, it's offered images of the'computational graph' that runs on the chip, like the one above.

Hot data meets big data to make real-time, real-world decisions


Download the free report "Data Warehousing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence" from MemSQL for more on how to use data efficiently in a data warehouse. "Hot data" is the most recent snapshot of the real world. Hot data becomes big data when it comes to rest in a data warehouse, and that data warehouse is traditionally where data science happens. Machine learning models are typically trained on batches of big data at rest, but many operational use cases require hot data. If you are serving video ads to mobile gamers, supporting sales people walking into a meeting, or operating an oil drill, using the latest data is crucial for success.

Google is using machine learning to make ads even more personal across platforms - TechRepublic


Google has a new tool to better personalize ads and analyze their success: Machine learning. This technology represents a growing trend for advertisers that will shape successful campaigns into the future, according to a Tuesday blog post by Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google's senior vice president of ads and commerce, published ahead of the Google Marketing Next event in San Francisco. "This technology is critical to helping marketers analyze countless signals in real time and reach consumers with more useful ads at the right moments," Ramaswamy wrote in the post. "Machine learning is also key to measuring the consumer journeys that now span multiple devices and channels across both the digital and physical worlds." Google Attribution is a new product that helps marketers determine if their campaigns are actually working, taking into account data from all devices and channels that a consumer may use.

Google parent Alphabet earnings: What to watch

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Google parent Alphabet reports fourth-quarter earnings after the close on Thursday. SAN FRANCISCO -- Google parent Alphabet is scheduled to announce third-quarter earnings after the market closes Thursday. REVENUE FORECAST: Analysts expect revenue of $25.18 billion, excluding payments to advertising partners, up 18% from the year-ago period. EARNINGS FORECAST: Earnings, excluding some items, are expected to increase to $9.61 a share. MADE BY GOOGLE: Google is not new to hardware but in the fourth quarter it launched a major line-up of devices including the Pixel phone and Google Home, the home speaker.