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Could AI Every Fully Replace Human Financial Traders?


AI was once seen as a futuristic technology that you would only see in Sci-Fi films, but huge developments have been made in recent years and it is now being used in all kinds of incredible ways and transforming life. The role of AI in the trading world is becoming increasingly prevalent in certain markets, but the question remains: could AI ever fully replace the human element in the trading markets? AI uses machine learning and is capable of gathering, analysing and interpreting enormous sets of data to reveal patterns and trends and to predict behaviour which would otherwise be very hard to do. This means that this type of technology can be used in many different industries and it has become an important part of life. AI is becoming more prevalent in the trading world because it can accurately predict changes, it is helping many people to make smarter investing decisions with less risk and it is removing human emotion from decisions which is so important to success.