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Collision course: pedestrian deaths are rising โ€“ and driverless cars aren't likely to change that

The Guardian

In 2010, the small community of specialists who pay attention to US road safety statistics picked up the first signs of a troubling trend: more and more pedestrians were being killed on American roads. That year, 4,302 American pedestrians died, an increase of almost 5% from 2009. The tally has increased almost every year since, with particularly sharp spikes in 2015 and 2016. Last year, 41% more US pedestrians were killed than in 2008. During this same period, overall non-pedestrian road fatalities moved in the opposite direction, decreasing by more than 7%. For drivers, roads are as safe as they have ever been; for people on foot, roads keep getting deadlier. Through the 90s and 00s, the pedestrian death count had declined almost every year. No one would have confused the US for a walkers' paradise โ€“ at least part of the reason fewer pedestrians died in this period was that people were driving more and walking less, which meant that there were fewer opportunities to be struck. But at least the death toll was shrinking. The fact that, globally, pedestrian fatalities were much more common in poorer countries made it possible to view pedestrian death as part of an unfortunate, but temporary, stage of development: growing pains on the road to modernity, destined to decrease eventually as a matter of course.

Report: Driver in autonomous Uber was watching 'The Voice' moments before fatal Tempe crash

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Tempe police released photographs from the pedestrian death involving an Uber self-driving car. The detailed report of more than 300 pages was released by Tempe police Thursday night, along with video and photos from the scene of the March 18 collision. Also released was the 911 call made by the driver, Rafaela Vasquez, 44, after the crash. The Mill Avenue collision, which killed 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg as she walked across the street midblock, was the first fatal crash ever to involve a self-driving car.

Uber's Flying Cars, Tesla's Troubles, and More Car News This Week


Transportation is a world full of visionaries: big ideas gone even bigger. It attracts world shakers (and breakers) like Grimes' Boyfriend, Travis Kalanick, and Mark Moore, a 30-year NASA veteran who decamped last year for Uber's new flying car project. There are lots of fanciful renderings and prototypes, lots of pulled-off covers and pointing of spotlights. Plans that run out of money, petering out and puttering toward death. Cars that crash and kill.

UK self-driving car trials to continue despite US pedestrian death

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Self-driving car trials are to continue in the UK despite mounting concerns over safety after an Uber autonomous vehicle struck and killed a US pedestrian in Arizona this week. The country's biggest carmaker, Jaguar Land Rover, pushed ahead with trials of its autonomous vehicles in the Midlands yesterday despite warnings that the public are being treated like'human guinea pigs' during driverless car tests. The trial, launched less than 48 hours after the fatal accident on Sunday, is believed to be the first time a self-driving car has been used on open, public roads. The firm is expected to demonstrate more of the cars' features, including an emergency braking system, on urban streets in further tests this week. Britain's biggest carmaker, Jaguar Land Rover, pushed ahead with trials of its autonomous vehicles (file photo) in the Midlands yesterday despite warnings that the public are being treated like'human guinea pigs' during driverless car tests A self-driving Range Rover Sport drove itself through the centre of Milton Keyes on Tuesday before parking and driving off again, as part of a government-backed trial.

Uber Suspends Driverless-Car Program After Pedestrian Death WSJD - Technology

In response, Uber on Monday temporarily pulled its self-driving cars off the roads where it has been testing them in four cities. An Uber spokeswoman said the company is investigating the incident and cooperating with authorities. Police in Tempe, Ariz., said the Uber vehicle was in autonomous mode with a human safety operator at the wheel when it hit 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg on Sunday night while she was walking her bicycle outside of a crosswalk. The woman later died from her injuries, according to a police statement. While it isn't clear yet whether Uber's vehicle was at fault in the accident, the fatality confirmed the fears of those who have warned for several years that someone would eventually die from driverless cars.

Uber Car Kills Woman In First Pedestrian Death By Self-Driving Vehicle

International Business Times

An Arizona woman was killed by a self-driving Uber vehicle Monday morning, ABC-15 in Phoenix reported. The woman died at the hospital after the car struck her while walking through an intersection in Tempe, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. The car was in its autonomous driving mode at the time of the accident, though a human was also behind the wheel. According to the Guardian, this was the first known pedestrian death by a self-driving car. As a result, the ride-sharing company halted its autonomous driving in Toronto, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Phoenix until further notice.

Uber Crash in Arizona Kills Woman in First Pedestrian Death Caused by a Self-Driving Car


Future Tense is a partnership of Slate, New America, and Arizona State University that examines emerging technologies, public policy, and society. A self-driving Uber car struck and killed a pedestrian early Monday morning in Tempe, Arizona, marking the first pedestrian fatality of the self-driving car era in the United States. The woman, 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg, died at the hospital of her injuries. The vehicle was in autonomous mode, Tempe police told a local ABC affiliate, and an operator--capable of taking control of the car at any moment--was behind the wheel. "Our hearts go out to the victim's family," Uber said in a statement.

Uber Suspends Self-Driving Car Tests After Pedestrian Death

U.S. News

A self-driving Uber vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian in a Phoenix suburb in the first fatality involving a fully autonomous test vehicle, prompting the ride-hailing company Monday to suspend all road-testing of such autos in the U.S. and Canada.