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Infosys opens Raleigh hub, brings total American hires in a year to 4,700


Infosys continued to execute its new business strategy by hiring 500 Americans for its technology hub in Raleigh, N.C., bringing its total in just about a year to 4,700 people. US President Donald Trump's onslaught against the H1-B visa, which Indian IT firms procured en masse to execute projects in the US, has certainly been a powerful factor that has forced Indian firms to look at hiring domestic American workers. Also: India threatens'stiff' penalties as net neutrality approved: However, the reality is that, Trump apart, radical structural change was already in the works. IT's old business of infrastructure maintenance and application development, having become thoroughly commoditised, was firmly on its way out, and the new era of cloud, mobile, social, and AI was quickly becoming the core to winning any contract. Even before Trump's war, there had begun a marked slowdown in H1-B applications by the IT majors.