AMAX.AI Unveils [SMART]Rack Machine Learning Cluster - insideHPC


Today AMAX.AI launched the [SMART]Rack AI Machine Learning cluster, an all-inclusive rackscale platform is maximized for performance featuring up to 96x NVIDIA Tesla P40, P100 or V100 GPU cards, providing well over 1 PetaFLOP of compute power per rack. The [SMART]Rack AI is revolutionary to Deep Learning data centers," said Dr. Rene Meyer, VP of Technology, AMAX. Solution components include: an All-Flash storage appliance for an ultra-fast in-rack data repository; 25G high-speed network; [SMART]DC HPC-optimized DCIM to remotely monitor, manage and orchestrate GPU-based Machine Learning hardware where real-time temperature, power and system health monitoring are critical for uninterrupted operation; and an in-rack battery for graceful shutdowns in the event of a power loss scenario. AMAX AI is a division of AMAX Information Technologies, Inc., specializing in award-winning high-performance platforms for AI and Deep Learning development.