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Data visualization gets artificial intelligence boost with $5 million NSF grant


Researchers at University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Virginia Tech were awarded a $5 million National Science Foundation grant to synergize two complementary technologies -- large-scale data visualization and artificial intelligence -- to create the Smart Amplified Group Environment (SAGE3) open-source software. SAGE, soon to be on its third iteration as SAGE3, is the most widely used big-data visualization and collaboration software in the world. SAGE and SAGE2 are software to enable data-rich collaboration on high-resolution display walls. SAGE2 moved SAGE into cloud computing and SAGE3 ushers in the inclusion of artificial intelligence. Principal investigator Jason Leigh is a computer and information science professor at University of Hawai'i at Mānoa and the inventor of SAGE.

This is why self-driving cars suck at making unprotected left turns


Cruise, the self-driving car company backed by General Motors, put out a video Thursday showing its self-driving electric Bolts making left turns all over San Francisco's busy streets. The company says it makes 1,400 unprotected left turns every 24 hours. For an autonomous car company it seems like this shouldn't be hailed as such an achievement, but it is. Waymo, the Google self-driving car spinoff company, notoriously struggled in Phoenix to turn left during testing on public roads. Its Chrysler Pacifica minivans were just too timid to make it through the oncoming traffic.

'Supergirl': Chyler Leigh, Floriana Lima Talk Impact Of Alex And Maggie's Relationship On Viewers

International Business Times

"Supergirl" stars Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima revealed that they were pleasantly surprised by how significant Alex and Maggie's relationship has become to viewers who are struggling with their sexuality. "There was no way we would have known the impact that this would have had," Leigh told People at the 28th GLAAD Media Awards ceremony, where "Supergirl" was nominated for best dramatic TV show for its story featuring the lesbian relationship of Alex and Maggie. "We definitely wanted [Alex and Maggie's relationship] to be a strong representation, and that's why we've thought so hard about it and wanted it to be beautifully done," Leigh continued. "So I'm just really happy with the writers of'Supergirl,' who have really brought this to life." READ: Is there a James-centric "Supergirl" episode coming up? "We're just really humbled by it, very proud of it," added Lima who attended the awards night with Leigh.