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intel neural compute stick 2

Intel Neural Compute Stick 2


The latest generation of Intel VPUs includes 16 powerful processing cores (called SHAVE cores) and a dedicated deep neural network hardware accelerator for high-performance vision and AI inference applications--all at low power.

A Rockchip RK1808-Based USB Stick for Machine Learning


Over the last six months I've been looking at deep learning on the edge, and investigating the new generation of custom silicon designed to speed up machine learning inferencing on embedded devices. The original accelerator hardware was launched by Intel back in 2017, but since then we've seen more hardware from Intel, Google, NVIDIA, and others. Right now, we're seeing a deluge of new hardware based around the Intel Movidius, and the Gyrfalcon Lightspeeur chips. I'm also expecting to see hardware based around Google's Edge TPU later in the year when their System-on-Module (SoM) is finally available in volume. However, there are other less known players in the accelerator market, one of these is Rockchip with their Neural Processing Unit (NPU).