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incremental strategy generation

Combining Incremental Strategy Generation and Branch and Bound Search for Computing Maxmin Strategies in Imperfect Recall Games

AAAI Conferences

Extensive-form games with imperfect recall are an important model of dynamic games where the players forget previously known information. Often, imperfect recall games are the result of an abstraction algorithm that simplifies a large game with perfect recall. Unfortunately, solving an imperfect recall game has fundamental problems since a Nash equilibrium does not have to exist. Alternatively, we can seek maxmin strategies that guarantee an expected outcome. The only existing algorithm computing maxmin strategies in imperfect recall games, however, requires approximating a bilinear program that is proportional to the size of the game and thus has a limited scalability. We propose a novel algorithm for computing maxmin strategies that combines this approximate algorithm with an incremental strategy-generation technique designed previously for extensive-form games with perfect recall. Experimental evaluation shows that the novel algorithm builds only a fraction of the game tree and improves the scalability by several orders of magnitude. Finally, we demonstrate that our algorithm can solve an abstracted variant of a large game faster compared to the algorithms operating on the unabstracted perfect-recall variant.