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TikTok Sale Imminent, CNBC Says, But New Chinese Tech Export Rules Could Be An Obstacle

International Business Times

Chinese-owned video sharing app TikTok has selected a buyer for its U.S., New Zealand and Australian assets and may announce a deal on Tuesday, CNBC reported. However, the Chinese government has created a potential obstacle to efforts by TikTok's parent internet tech firm ByteDance to sell off these assets to overseas buyers. Beijing has asserted it can block any such deal to foreign companies by imposing tighter restrictions on certain technology exports. Specifically, the Chinese Commerce Ministry added speech and text recognition – key elements of TikTok's technology -- to a slew of products that will now need government approval prior to their sale to foreign entities. China had not made any changes to its technology export list since 2008, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a Commerce Ministry statement.

A General Approach to Preprocessing Text Data


Recently we looked at a framework for approaching textual data science tasks. We kept said framework sufficiently general such that it could be useful and applicable to any text mining and/or natural language processing task.