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Years Lived Alone And / Or Serial Break-UPS Strongly Linked to Inflammation in Men - Neuroscience News


Summary: Men who spend several years living alone or experience serial relationship breakups are at increased risk of inflammation, a new study reports. Living alone for several years and/or experiencing serial relationship break-ups are strongly linked to raised levels of inflammatory markers in the blood–but only in men–finds a large population study published online in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health. Although the inflammation was classified as low grade, it was persistent, and most likely indicates a heightened risk of age-related ill health and death, suggest the researchers. Divorce and committed relationship break-ups, which are often followed by a potentially lengthy period of living alone, have been associated with a heightened risk of poor physical and mental health, lowered immunity, and death. But most previously published studies have focused on the impact of one partnership dissolution, and then usually only on marital break-ups.