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Hacks For Designing a Chatbot Personality


Chief Conversologist Jam Mayer talks to Hillary Black about the daily life and challenges of a conversation designer, essential tools, techniques and insights, and even tips on how to get started as one.

AI, Machine Learning Data Give Chatbots Personality


Artificial intelligence has become a source of data for advertisers and their agency partners to identify consumer behavior. The idea is that machines can solve complex problems without having to be taught. Google's artificial intelligence company, DeepMind, and the AI collaboration group of companies like Microsoft and individuals such as Elon Musk, OpenAI, in separate announcements earlier this week said each would make their technology available to researchers and developers or anyone else wishing to use it. The independent moves by DeepMind and Open AI mark the beginning of a trend in the technology industry that will benefit advertising and media, as discussed at the MediaPost Search Insider Summit Friday in Deer Valley, Utah. During the panel on using artificial intelligence to support ecommerce and search, Jacob Loban, senior partner and managing director at MediaCom, said the company's been working with Microsoft to gain insights across applications and agents like Cortana and chatbots to gain insights about consumer behavior.

The Next Phase Of UX: Designing Chatbot Personalities


You may have heard that "conversational interfaces" are the new hotness in digital product design. Why open and close a bunch of apps on your phone to get stuff done when you can invoke a text-message-like window and just say what you want done to a chatbot? Well, here's one reason: what if the bot is annoying or tedious to talk to? In conversational UIs, personality is the new UX. "We want people to enjoy dealing with our software, but now we have a very limited palette with which to design the experience," says Ben Brown, co-founder of Howdy, a "digital coworker" chatbot that runs within the office communication tool Slack and automates things like project-status meetings and taking lunch orders.