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Automating Swords & Souls Training -- Part 3


In this article, we will finally put an end to the "Automating Swords & Souls" series (thank God!). We will continue from where we left off in the previous post and solve the last three mini-games, namely the Accuracy, Dodge, and Critical training, all in this one article. The reason for not separating the tutorial into further posts (e.g. one exclusively for Accuracy training, etc.) is the fact that these training are not vital (unlike the previously covered ones), hence not that important to automate. It is only because of the weird fusion of my masochist and perfectionist sides that I even bothered dealing with coding and fine-tuning (at least to a certain degree) these scripts. But hey, all is good when automating is considered, right?

Swiss scientists prove women multi-task better than men

Daily Mail - Science & tech

It has long been claimed that women are better at multi-tasking than men. While some women relish the accolade, others suspect some males use it as an excuse for avoiding work. Now scientists have found strong proof that men are inferior at juggling two activities - at least compared to women under 60. Men asked to carry out complex thinking while walking on a treadmill without handrails were found to stop swinging their right arm while they walk. But women under 60 – described as'pre-menopausal' – were'surprisingly' not affected with both arms swung freely as before.