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The Biggest Challenges for Big Data Analytics in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


It's been a huge decade for big data and artificial intelligence (AI), two of the biggest tech trends we've seen this century. From data-driven manufacturing to self-driving cars, we've witnessed dozens of jaw-dropping, previously unimaginable feats, all thanks to advances in big data analytics and AI.

HBR: The Next Analytics Age: Artificial Intelligence


Stephen Hawking has said, "Every aspect of our lives will be transformed [by AI]," and it could be "the biggest event in the history of our civilization."

HBR: The Next Analytics Age: Machine Learning


There's a lot of buzz going around about the ability of machines to learn and the promise of AI, but robots aren't going to take your desk job quite yet. That doesn't mean, however, that machine learning isn't something to focus on for the future. In fact, building upon the BI revolution of past years, machine learning will soon make it easier to find patterns in data and automate value extraction.

The Simple Economics of Machine Intelligence


The year 1995 was heralded as the beginning of the "New Economy." Digital communication was set to upend markets and change everything. It wasn't that we didn't recognize that something changed. It was that we recognized that the old economics lens remained useful for looking at the changes taking place. The economics of the "New Economy" could be described at a high level: Digital technology would cause a reduction in the cost of search and communication.